Monday, December 21, 2009

We Need a Little Pink-mas!

hey y'all!

against my better judgment, i went out into the wild world of holy holiday hell, also known as The Mall. okay, it really wasn't all that bad because we (the FAGs) were there to see a movie ... after a little treasure hunting at the temple GW bargain barn (let me add here that it's an honest-to-goodness building with heating. not an actual barn like some of the others).

anyways, we all left the barn with trinkets, treasures and geegaws galore in our arms, happy but hungry. so after a not-so-quick discussion (!!) about where to eat, factoring in the time before the movie started, we finally landed ourselves at fuddruckers, inside The Mall.

eat. eat. eat. as i said earlier, we were hungry. hamburgers and fries around the table, except for tara (honorary FAG for the day) who ordered a healthy (!!) grilled chicken salad. hmmmph.

got to the movie in plenty o' time. that means early enough to have our choice of seats. now let me explain something. when we go to the movies, it's quite the ordeal. it's imperative that we arrive early so as to procure the "rail seats". and by rail seats i mean the ones on the front row of the upper section which have the rails in front of them. that way, we have something on which to prop our feet.

i mean, do you know how uncomfy it is not to prop your legs up during the movie?? and have you noticed how the people in front of you get real touchy if you use the back of their seats?! sheesh.

so we walk in (okay, with some slightly contraband snacks stashed away in our satchels ... shhh!!!) and to our surprise, this theater has no. rail. seats!! that's The Mall for you.

anyway, we adapt because we are the FAGs and settle in for the show.

an hour and a half later, i wake up and it's time to go home. heh heh. nah, not really. the movie was cute. honestly. but i was mighty tired after rummaging through the bargain barn bins and then eating a big ol' bacon cheeseburger with fries. oh, and a white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie. and sweet iced tea. for the uninitiated, this is also known as fuddruckers world's greatest deal meal.

as a going-home treat, we drove through mickey d's and ordered small milkshakes for the four of us. it was, as always, a special time of sharing laughs, tears and love among good friends. good times ... good times. a very special future christmas memory for me. thanks, girls.

love and hugs,
terry lee
tara and jannetta at fuddruckers

bonnie and tara ... the light was too bright for bonnie. heh heh

The Mall's cmas tree and santa area. looks like loads of fun.

boop boop de boop! betty reigns supreme over the soda fountain at fuddruckers

the official FAG ring photo. FAGs RULE!

okay, here are my GW barn treasure finds ... first up, a sweeeeet pink blingy necklace for a whopping 50 cents!

gorgeous rose-trimmed plates!

four killer melmac saucers with pink roses on them. oh. my. gawd.

this sweet thing smells heavenly!! a cake candle that i got for 50 cents (this was found at a yard sale about a month ago)

but this lil lovely was at the barn, for a quarter. lovely blingy votive holder

okay, hang on tight 'cause i'm switching gears now. wanted to share a couple of my recent projects. y'all remember this old thing? ugh. found it at a yard sale for $1. i knew it had potential. it's very heavy and ornate. hated hated hated that icky red velvet center piece.

ta da! here's the re-do. painted the frame antique white, decoupaged victorian-esque pics on the background, covered the red velvet with some pink material and then blinged it all up. i rather like it now.

a close up of one of the small frames

i ditched the lil picture in this frame (didn't like it) and used this one instead (found on the interwebs).

i made this lil collage for my daughter tara. she really does dream in pink! :-)

she loved it.


Dana said...

What a great treasure-filled day for you!!

vintagesue said...

i am sooo proud of you for making that fabu collage!!!!!!! it looks amazing!!
your stories are so funny. i haven't been to a movie in forever. last one i went to, i think i breastfed zoey the entire time so she would sit still. i old is she? i won't do that now. she really is too old to boppy in public. we still save it for a rainy day sometimes, but those days are gone for the most part.
what am i rambling about?
shut up sue.
have a merry christmas. i haven't blogged in a million years. i'm making everyone in my family something homemade for christmas. they will laugh and roll their eyes i am sure.
take care

Tara said...

I enjoyed being with y'all on our special FAG day...the barn was very cool...treasures at a low low looooow price...very good times...for the most part...(Gilly...uh-huh....Gilly...sorry!) ;-) ;-), haha! Thank you for being there for me, loving me, and comforting me in my times of need and heartache...I am so blessed, and I couldn't ask for a better, sweeter, or more giving Mom than you...I thank God for you! And yes, that pinky Cinderella collage is simply gorgeous, I will treasure it always! I love you...and thank you to the special FAG ladies if y'all read this too...y'all are so sweet! :-)

Michele said...

OMG...I love all the treasures you found...and that collage is awesome!

I love Fuddruckers...we have one here, cept it's a ways away. Glad you had fun at the show!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas...