Saturday, January 30, 2010

Memories in Pink

hey y'all,

i don't typically jump on band wagons of any sorts, but if i don't, i won't have much to post about this weekend.

my foot has been giving me the devil this week. my plantar fasciitis has been acting up (from an old football injury ... heh heh) and if any of you have had this lovely condition, you know how painful it can be. it's all but incapacitated me for several days now.

so as much as i'd love to go out junking (yes, even in this freezing, icky weather this weekend), i'm stuck at home, icing and heating my offending foot.

i guess this is the price i pay for over-junking. wait. is that really possible?! hard to believe one can over-junk. but ax my hubby and he'll have a different opinion.

anyways, back to the band wagon. i've noticed that a lot of my blogging buddies participate in a pink saturday, where you post some of your favorite pink things around the house. well! i'm all for pink! and since i have a plethora of pink pretties, i'm perfectly qualified to participate in this pleasant pasttime.(alliterative, much?) :-)

my apologies to the originator of pink saturday. if i knew who you were, i'd link to you. but you know who you are (prolly not even a reader of this blog) and that's all that counts, right?

after walking (okay, limping) around my house, taking pics of all things pink, i realized that there is no way in heck i could share it all in one post. so yes, virginia, there will be more pink posts to peruse. each item is special to me (or i wouldn't have it displayed in my home) and holds special memories for one reason or another. so i'm calling this post my memories in pink. hope y'all enjoy.

sweet old watering can from sue's cc booth. i think she said it's from belgium. love it

pink lovelies on my end table

love this lamp and lampshade. bought it while with The Girls

gorgeous crocheted doily. i keep it on the back of my loveseat. it's huge. and oh so yummy

one of many rose cups that i collect. show me a pink rose and i can't resist.

this beautiful lil set belongs to my daughter. she inherited it from her paternal grandmother. i get to enjoy it until she has a place of her own.

bought this piece a few years ago from sue's booth. one of my favorites of her creations. pink, paris-themed ... can it get any better?

pretties sitting pretty on my vintage secretary

i remember finding this eiffel tower ... already pink! the sweet lil girl clock came from f'burg trade days last year. she's adorable.

found this vintage rocker (already painted white and upholstered pink) at the antique store on the square in burnet, tx. bonnie spotted it first and pointed me to it. the pillow was a gift from jannetta. perfect!!

my lil bottle collection. the shelf is a sue creation.

sweet kit-kat clock i found at an estate sale. her eyes tick-tock, but not her clock. still. she's adorable.

the gorgeous box was a gift from bonnie. love it! i put an old picture of a woman and a rose in it, just for kicks. love these colors.

and here's miss vogue again. you've seen her recently if you visit my blog regularly. got her while shopping with The Girls in round rock/austin a couple of weekends ago. she's also on my right sidebar. i love the look of this lady!

some candlesticks and a vintage hat (from sue's booth)

a sweet pink rose sits among my vintage dinnerware

to die for black sugar bowl with pink rose! from a vintagesue treasure box! yummy!!

a cup from my mama's homer laughlin virginia rose set.

a sweet sassy pink ornie hanging on the eiffel tower ... where else?

a bouquet of pink roses ... background, a vintage tissue holder with pink roses painted on it.

pm/ps: (post-mortem/post-script) ... i got my lazy arse in gear, googled pink saturday and found the lady who is responsible for this nonsense. apparently you have to sign up to participate and there's a deadline (i screwed the pooch). though it's probably breaching all manner of bloggity blog etiquette, maybe i'll just host my own pink blog party and call it, er, terry lee's pinka-palooza. or pink pink, you stink! maybe think pink, y'all! okay. i'll work on that while i'm icing my foot.

love and hugs,
terry lee

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shake, Baby, Shake!

hey y'all!

if you've been reading my blog, you already know that when the girls get together for a junkin' saturday, we usually stir things up. and by stir things up, i mean something always happens ... an altercation (okay, that may be too strong of a word), an unfortunate incident (meaning, it's never our fault) or just simply an encounter with your regular run-of-the-mill yard sale seller or shopper that drives me to the brink of insanity or homicide.

you know, that sort of thing.

however, the saturday sale goddess smiled down upon us this weekend. our general plan was to head east to belton and temple for some estate and yard sale listings i'd gleaned off craigslist.

our very first stop was at a belton house listed as an estate sale. as you probably know, we prioritize our list, hitting estate sales first, then yard sales, then thrift shops if there's time.

but i digress.

we've been doing this for so long that we can usually tell from the car if it's going to be a good sale or not. our spidey senses were tingling on this one and we were not disappointed.

the gentleman running the sale greeted us immediately and warmly. he was johnny-on-the-spot too with any questions we had. best of all, he had some great junk with great prices to match. our kinda sale!

all of us loaded up on stuff we couldn't live without (including some killer LPs for $0.50 each!!) while we chatted up (or was it the other way around?!) the seller. his name was jerry and as it happens, he's a pianist/musician/singer/former 60s band member/songwriter/you-name-it (click on his name for more info about him).

he invited us inside to see his piano and to hear him play and sing. i played a little ditty first, while he was tending to some other customers (sheesh), then he joined us and took the stage.

first song: desperado by the eagles. one of the albums i'd bought from him was the eagles so maybe that's why he sang it for us. then he ripped into jerry lee lewis' "whole lotta shakin' goin' on".

well! you would've thought we were teenaged girls the way we started dancing and shakin' to the music. what frickin' fun! afterward, he whipped out his trumpet and played something bluesy for us. wow! a very talented singer/pianist/musician!

jerry walked us out to the car and we thanked him for the personal performance in his living room. geeez. who would've thought something like that could happen while junkin'?! what can i say? we are the FAGs!! woohoo!

as we drove away, we knew it'd be downhill after that. in fact, somebody (who shall remain nameless) stated the obvious ... that we'd "shot our wad" at the first sale. so crude. so unladylike. so true.

but we still had a great time junkin', laughing and being together the rest of the day.

when i got home, i had a package from vintagesue in the mail! my friend dana ordered some goodies from sue ... beautiful and sweet little heart shaped cake tins that she embellished with vintage buttons. love love love them!! thanks again, dana. and to sue for the special touches and love she puts into her boxes. go check out her site if you haven't!

not a bad weekend! hope y'all had a good one too.

love and hugs,
terry lee

look at these two babies! gosh they were young. bookends!! from jerry's sale

here's another sale where i found several cool vintage things

sweet vintage bowls for $0.25 each at the GW bargain barn

purse with cool old flowers ... this is sooo sweet!

love these old cards and pics!

i couldn't resist this baby doll's head. i don't normally do this sort of thing, but she was so cute and i felt bad for her. so i brought her home. and the clock is an avon collectible piece. got them both for $0.50. total!!

found this adorable lil lamp (far left) at the barn. love its roses!

a basket of lovely vintage ornies!!! snagged them ALL for $1.00!

also couldn't resist this lil lady. it's actually a page from an old magazine that someone framed. not thrilled with the frame, but the pic was definitely worth the $2 i paid for her.

okay, this find nearly threw me into v-tach. i could NOT believe some crafty person didn't snatch these up before i got to the barn on friday!! a bowl full of glass prisms (26 of 'em total!!). all for ... are you ready ... you're not gonna believe it ... $0.50!!!! as y'all know, they sell for 10 times that, each! score!!!

vintage slip for $0.25. so lacy and lovely!!

official FAG ring photo

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Playoffs vs. Posting

hey y'all,

greetings and salutations! i'm writing this as dear hubby (and the rest of texas) watches the cowboys' playoff game. i can hear the announcers (blahblahdiddyblahblah) on TV and the crowd cheering like fools. ack!!!

i may have to finish this post later in the day when it's a little more quiet in the house. geeeez. oh gawd. something must've just happened because now the announcer is yelling.


okay, i refuse to let this post be a play by play of the game.

my blog title is all things terry lee and i can assure you that football doesn't fall into that catagory.

anyways, yesterday i had the most marvelous opportunity to meet and spend time with my new blogging and email friend, dana of dana's chicken scoop. we met in belton for a little junkin' at nellie's and the expo's city-wide garage sale.

it was SUCH a treat to meet dana. she's an angel and we had a blast together. kindred souls for sure. we love junking and we not only have similar tastes and sensibilities, but the exact same taste in vintage lovelies.

{{ hubby yelling to the TV: "BOOM!! get up!!!" (whaa??!?!) }}

our first stop: nellies in downtown belton. our main goal was to head upstairs to visit cindy's booth. it's a good thing we didn't have any other goals because we went directly upstairs and stood at cindy's for about an hour and a half, chatting and oogling the pretties.

great booth, cindy!! if you're reading this and are in central texas, go. check. out. cindy's. booth!!! it's a must if you love all things vintage, sweet, lovely, pink. as an added incentive, she has a few things from vintagesue as well.

sweet cards/gift tags made by sue. love 'em!

{{ hubby: low, sad groan to the TV. (that may not be a good sign for the 'boys) }}

after lunch at a lil bbq joint in belton (which, btw, doesn't offer an awful lot on the culinary front), we trekked over to the expo center for the city-wide garage sale. not sure how or why they call it a garage sale, because it isn't. it's a lot of vendors set up in the assembly hall, hawking their collectibles, antiques, jewelry, vintage linens, etc.

sweet compilation of lovelies. esp that darling lady with the eyelashes ... $75. ouch.

i thought this looked cool. not a lover of orange, but still.

very cool. i love me some elvis.

had to take a pic of this, under the disapproving eyes of the vendor. too cool, a painting (print?) of the rat pack.

oh, this is prolly why the vendor was scrutinizing my behavior. ack!! $350!!!

suh-weeeeet lil pink vintage piggy!!! i took this pic for tara, lover of pigs.

this was interesting ... a vintage hat with dolls placed on it. hmmmm. you could wear it to sunday school, right?

plenty of dolls at this place. was a must to take a pic of my dear scarlett. fiddle dee dee. i love her so much!!

lovely pink rose dinnerware. gosh, this was a pretty set!

vintage barbie and ken, cruisin' on down the road in their orange whatchallit. the woman kept yakking about the car but it was all lost on me.

still. it was interesting and we both found some cute things:

an adorable, unusual lil dress form. she came home with me and is happy with her new friends.

i also got this GORGEOUS noritake rose platter for a song. very very happy to have it.

see the rusty ornamental iron piece hanging on the pink door? i picked that lil baby up for $5. i'm sure i'll put it somewhere else, but for now, that's where i hung it. love it.

close up of rusty, crusty iron piece. love the curlies on it!!

of all my treasures on saturday, this lil piece probably captured my heart the most. there's just something about a vintage pink bird (albeit an owl, which i've never been fond of) that gets me every time. doesn't she have the sweetest face?! it's a little pitcher. all of $3. love her!!

here's dana with one of her treasure finds: a vintage thermos that she plans to display on her picnic table. perfect! can't wait to see pics of it in its new home, dana!

{{ hubby is mighty quiet. crowd is screaming like maniacs. uh oh. vikings scored. }}

i had a great day of junking and am very pleased with the treasures i brought home. but most of all, i'm so pleased to have met dana and am thankful for our new friendship. thanks for a wonderful day of laughs and junkin', dana!

{{ hubby: "honey?! dallas got a field goal!"
me: "that's nice, dear."

hugs to all y'all,
terry lee

dana, the gift-giver, gave me this precious lil card/collage she made. i adore it dana! thanks so much!

dana also gave me this vintagesue collage. killer, as always!

{{ hubby just growled at the TV. hmmm.

announcer: "vikings lead by 11."