Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Let's Play!

hey y'all,

okay, since we all have so much extra time on our hands during the holidays, here is something for you to do. you know what they say about idle hands and all (somethin' about the devil).

i found this christmas putt-putt game a couple of years ago and bookmarked it. believe me when i tell you that it. is. addictive. i even played it after the holidays. yes, i'm a dork.

anyhow, i started up again and since i love to share all my fun secrets with y'all, i'm including the link, below.


oh! and stay tuned. next post: my vintagesue treasure box arrived!! pictures are in the making.

oh.my.gawd., people. listen to me. and listen closely. if you haven't ordered one of her box treasures, you should stop whatever you are doing right now, click on her link and order yourself (or someone you love) a box full of the yummiest, most delightful pieces of heaven in. this. world.

just so you know HOW wonderful her packages are, i CRIED as i opened each and every treasure that she lovingly wrapped up for me. honest to God. i was in tears. but as my youngest used to say, they were "happy tears".

so. there you have it. be watching. and be ordering. you'll love yourself for it. trust me on this.

love and hugs,
terry lee

here's the link to play christmas putt-putt online.


Dana said...

wimper wimper sniffle sniffle. . . you mean I have to wait for the vintagesue pics? I guess will have to console myself with some online putt putt. . .

Betty said...

Sounds fun, I'll go check it out. Cant wait to see your goodies. Have a good day terry lee, hugs,Betty