Monday, December 7, 2009

Simple Joy

hey y'all,

okay, i admit i've been in a spiraling funk the last week or so. i shall spare you the sordid details of said funk, and only mention it because i'm better now. in large part due to dear friends and loved ones.

matt (my caboose ... that would be my last child) and i went to fort worth this past weekend to visit my sister belinda and our joint custody pooch, domino. we had a great weekend together and despite the 6 feet of snowfall (heh heh) we had a safe and uneventful roadtrip.

but as always, there's no. place. like. home (go ahead. click your heels together three times). done? okay.

so this morning, as i'm perusing the internets, the doorbell rings. twice.

yes, it was mr. postman and he delivered unto me a box. whaaa?! i'm not expecting a box, i think to myself. i glanced at the return label and i see vintagesue box treasures! did i forget that i'd ordered something from her? i don't think so. one simply doesn't forget something that important.

so i scramble for the scissors and tear into it like a, well, wild woman, where i see a lovely note on top explaining that it is a GIFT from a dear, sweet blogging buddy o' mine, dana.

sue, in her infinite wisdom, had written, "stop crying." haha. i really wasn't crying, i was feeling rather queasy because i was so frickin' overwhelmed with emotions ... touched that dana would do something so sweet and thoughtful for me ... and excited that it was more goodies from sue!!

ladies and germs, it was a box full of lovely ribbons that sue had created. i mean, you look at them and think, WTH?! why didn't i think of that? but if i did try something like that, it'd look like crap. it's pure and simple genius, these ribbons. strips of vintage yumminess that she's embellished with lace, pearls, buttons, notions, stamps. sigh. you just have to see the pics in order to believe me.

anyways, a big ol' shout out to dana!! thank you SOOO much. you're way too kind and generous ... but you know i LOVE the ribbons and will treasure them always. and to sue, thank you for sharing your creative talent with the rest of us who drool over whatever you make.

and if THAT wasn't enough to float my boat, i also received a package from another angel whom i dearly love. miss mary valentine. yes, that is her name and it fits her perfectly. she sent me some sweeeeeeet linens that are to. die. for. i LOVE them, mary. they are simply perfect. thank you thank you thank you!!

and finally, a large box arrived today from my sister. it's a gorgeous christmas wreath made from fresh evergreen with pretty pomegranates and pine cones. it's hanging on my front door, the very first of my cmas decorations to go up.

guess i'm finally in the spirit. thanks again, dana, mary, sue and belinda. and as always, dear FAGs for praying me through a rough week. love you all!

love and hugs,
terry lee
sue's ribbons ... a group shot. lovely!

see what i mean? simply divine!



love 'em!!

the pink poinsettias are from belinda's house ... thanks again, sis!

sweet, precious linen from mary v. ... love the lil blue bird!!!

lovely and dainty!

this piece is tooooo perfect! i'm a pianist and a bird lover! note (heh heh) the staff and treble clef and the flowers as notes!! precious musical birds!! i adore this one mary!!

close up of bird and notes

gorgeous wreath from LL Bean. thanks belinda! okay fine. yes, i added some snow ...

close up of pomegranate ... gorgeous!

love this sister picture! the sun's rays coming down right on us.

matt, belinda and domino (the arrow's just in case you can't find him ... heh heh)

yes, this is my baby!


Library Lady said...

Terry, the pics are great! I love the one of Matt, Domino, and me! I can still feel that big old teddy bear hug. AAHHH...

My LA said, "Good thing the arrow points to Domino -- wouldn't have seen him otherwise!" Yes, he's a tiny little creature.

The one of you, me, and Domino is lovely as well. The sun's rays hitting just's the screen-saver on my new MYTHIC. Everyone who sees my phone (and I make sure everyone sees it!) thinks it's very sweet.

Glad you like the wreath. Mine came last night, but I didn't have the energy to put it up. It'll go up when I get home. I like the "snow" you added. :-)

So glad you had simple joy yesterday. You certainly deserve it.

Keep up the great work on your blog.

Love you,
Big Sis

Dana said...

I didn't know you were a pianist! Looks like you had a great day!! I wouldn't have noticed Domino if the arrow wasn't there-haha!

Tara said...

O.M.Gosh...I love those little blue birdies...awwww....especially the ones on the music cute!!! I am thankful for your wonderful and sweet friends...I am so happy they make YOU happy...thank you for being my angel recently, actually my whole life...when I'm sad, you are always there to comfort me like a warm, soft, fuzzy, and PINK blanket...:-) I am glad you are getting in the spirit now, I am too! "...Let your heart be light...from now on, our troubles will be out of sight..." I love you, Mom. :-)

vintagesue said...

hey, if little strips of fabric cheer you up, a wreath and some linens....then BRING IT ON. that is what i say. it is the small stuff that can cheer the day.
i am always in a funk and a fog, so i know how that feels and usually all it takes to get me motivated is something small that triggers something big. i need that something today. yesterday was a wash.
you family loves you lady....your friends too.
and that little doggie. how sweet.
take care.....