Saturday, November 28, 2009

My New Holiday Pet!

hey y'all,

so i'm sorting through all my cooooool oldies records that i've collected since i bought the retro hi-fi (click the link if you really wanna read about it) and accidentally dropped a couple of the LPs.

one of the records slipped out of its sleeve and rolled to a stop at my feet. drats! i have to stoop down and pick it up. in doing so, i let out a SHRIEK befitting a late-night horror flick.

no, it wasn't because i hurt my back ... it was because i was shocked, appalled, disgusted and yes, downright frightened by what i saw on the record.

jim reeves. heh heh.

no, seriously, it was a jim reeves christmas album. but something very creepy was plastered to the vinyl. my spidey senses were tingling, but i immediately deduced that whatever it was, it. was. dead.

thank the lord.

i gently picked up the record and brought it as close as i dared, to get a better looksee at the little critter. i recognized its skeletal form (being a nurse, i should know these things, right?!) as a gecko. yep. it used to be a gecko and somehow had found a home in the comfort of the cold, vinyl LP of jim reeves.

by the looks of things, he died of shock. he seemed otherwise healthy and intact. what can i say? or maybe he just starved to death. i'm not really up to investigating this case any further because after all, it wouldn't bring him back, right? (insert laugh track here for those of you not recognizing my humor).

naturally i took pics. in fact, after my initial shock, my first thought was to share this pleasurable experience with all y'all. because, well, that's just the kinda gal i am.

the other pics are of some recent treasure finds at an estate sale that was so far out in the boonies that i almost turned around (i was sans FAGs or any other company). but i stayed the course, kept my chin up (and my head down) and ended up finding a few good pieces.

hope y'all enjoy ... and have a wonderful weekend. i'm gonna spend mine crafting up a cute lil christmas outfit for my new pet (whaa?! you think i wouldn't keep him?!). i call him mini me. nah, not really. maybe JR (for jim reeves?) or skelly (for skeleton??). okay, i'll work on the name too. :-)

love and hugs,
terry lee

and here's my precious lil guy ... or is it a gal?!

what? you say you want a closer look? sure, pal

is this close enough?! click on the pic if you reaaally want a good look. i'm becoming rather fond of jimmy.

time to pray. or read. found this very old, tattered, worn, and well-read bible at the estate sale. it's not that i needed another bible. believe me. i was raised on the B-I-B-L-E (yes, that's the book for me! i stand alone on the word of God ... remember that one?! no?!? heathens!) and i have many copies of the Good Book, but i was just drawn to its oldness and worn-out-ness. and in the end, the lady wouldn't charge me for it. said she couldn't sell a bible. made me want to leave it for someone who might need it more than me. but naturally, my love for vintage won out over saving souls, and now it's mine.

moving on. here's the bible, open to some tattered pages. would it be sacrilege if i used some of them for projects?? like maybe a christmas collage and use the passages of jesus' birth? what think ye? would that send me straight to hell??

got this gorgeous old frame at the same estate sale. will paint it but let some of that gold peek through

v. sweet apron, same sale. as always, am a sucker for those pink roses. here, my vintage dress form (dolly) models it for you

close up of roses. pretty!!

old family song book from same sale. love the old songs in the book, with piano music! note the crusty old white enamel pot in which it sits. that was a $1 find at another sale.

great songs

love the old graphics too

yes, i do ... i love you truly!

awww, remember puff? the magic DRAGon?! i'm just sayin' ...

and finally, remember the old big chief writing tablets? and the total at this sale for all of the above: $3. woohoo!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


hey y'all,

sorry i missed posting yesterday! as i was telling a friend who asked about it (thanks, dana!), i guess i just ran out of steam. it's not that i don't have plenty to be thankful for ... i could write a post every day of the year if that was the case!

anyway, just a quick note to wish you all dear folks a very blessed thanksgiving day. i hope you all enjoy your time with family and friends. we all have much to be thankful for!

in trying to limit my computer time this morning (i have lots of cooking yet to do!) i'm just going to post several thanksgiving-themed pics that i wanted to share with you. some of them are funny, well, most of them are funny. some are just cool vintage thanksgiving scenes or just something that caught my eye. all them sans commentary from the peanut gallery, in my attempt to save time!

hope you enjoy them ... and the laughs. God knows we all need to laugh more.

love and hugs,
terry lee

heh heh. i couldn't help myself ...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


our wedding day kiss ... june 20, 2007

hey y'all,

before any of you start wondering (mainly, my hubby) ... no! i have NOT forgotten to be thankful for my DH. i think that stands for dear hubby. i'm not sure, but in reading other people's blogs, etc. they seem to use DH when they're talkin' about their husbands. and for real, what are the odds of all of their hubbies having the same initials? not. good. so it must stand for dear hubby.




i was waiting a few days into the week, just to keep him wondering. i know, i'm awful. but i'm sure deep down he knew there'd be a post just. for. him.

well, i yam (heh heh) thankful for my DH. he's a good guy who loves me and takes very good care of me. in fact, if i'm being honest, he downright spoils me rotten.

whenever i was hospitalized, he never left my side. what a trouper! he made sure i had ice for my dry mouth and blistex on my lips when i was too weak to take care of myself. he became a pro at unplugging the IV pump and helping me to the bathroom all through the night. and day.

he hunted (sans rifle!) the nurses when i needed pain medicine and basically became my main advocate as i was fighting for my life. he put action to his vows of "in sickness and in health" and i will always be grateful to him for that.

now, in healthier times, he continues to be the kind of helpmate (and DH) that most women only dream about. he cooks and cleans and dare i say it? does the laundry! oh, and he also works full-time as a 4th grade teacher and is a published author in germany. go ahead, check out the website!

allow me to continue. he goes to walmart and the grocery store for me. he buys and bags my ice (the soft, yummy kind from sonic or bush's), oh, and did i mention that he does the laundry?! all of it! and at the end of the day, he sings to me and massages me most every night.

what girl could ask for anything more?

i'm thankful for my ben and for his love. my dear hubby.

love and hugs,
terry lee

my DH is also a DG (dear grandpa ... i just made that up), with harrison on his first birthday

DH as teacher, in his classroom, playing with the computer's built-in camera (paid for by you and me, the taxpayers)

my army man! Chief Knight, arms akimbo. have been dying to use that word! chief, not akimbo. okay, akimbo. really.

a young, young private benjamin in san francisco circa 1969-70.

unwittingly, i take a picture of ben standing in the exact! same! location! nearly 35 years later! we were both gobsmacked when we found the 1970 picture!

ben, being ben!

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Dose of Thanks

hey y'all,

today i want to say how thankful i am for good health. i know that's a relative term, since good health for me probably means something different for each of you.

many of you are aware that i was diagnosed with breast cancer over two years ago. i had a rough go of it for awhile, but my health seems to be stable right now. sure, i hurt and tire easily (complications of surgeries, chemo, radiation). i know, you'd never know it from reading this blog and all the misadventures of the FAGs, etc. :-)

but anyway, having hit the bottom, i know how wonderful it is to have the energy and health to do the simple things in life. like junking with your friends. going to the movies or out to eat.

i'm so thankful for the good days when i'm able to do those things ... as well as being able to help my family and friends. i recognize it as a true blessing in my life.

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

love and hugs,
terry lee

matt and his do-rag mama

one of the first pictures i allowed with my very brand new hair. soooo short. but there!

well, now. let's ham it up!

fast forward to this fall: hair's in full bloom, curly and full. yes, i'm very thankful.


Okay, the following pics are just for the fun and helluvit. cool website called yearbookyourself. you upload your picture and then choose what existing photo you want to be in! kind've fun.

i always wanted to be homecoming queen! that's not true. i never wanted to be homecoming queen. honestly.

can you spot me? yeaaaah. i was on the football team. right.

can you find me again? oddly enough, i wasn't in band either. i was a choir chick. do-re-me! me-they me-they me-they!

i really did do this! loved talking on the phone with all my beaus. heh heh