Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lydia, oh Lydia

hey y'all,

well, i've added a few more cmas decorations around the house but managed to keep it all under control ... and simple. that's not to say that it still won't be until valentine's day when i finally get them all down.

anyways, since i can't think of any funny, touching, silly or otherwise interesting stories to share today, i'll just get right to the pics.

enjoy! this is christmas on lydia (my house, not the tattooed lady!).

love and hugs,
terry lee
gorgeous vintage stocking from sue

fluffy pink cmas tree in front hall to greet holiday guests

underneath the tree, pretty scrolled music papers and a vintage picture of three young children (yes, it's all symbolism)

it's a marshmallow world! some of you miGht remember these lil Guys from last year. found them in salado and fell in love immediately. marshmallow snowpeople!!!! pink!!!

pink poinsettias (from belinda) are sitting pretty!

yes. yes i did. i wrapped lights around rosita. she was feeling a little left out of the festivities ...

so i wound some cute lil pastel lights all around her, ummm, bust. bosom. whatever. she seems happy and it really lights up her bling!

sweet pink handmade wreath with a "joy" ribbon, hanging from an old wooden chair i found for $1.

another closeup of my silver baby

my mantel, all decked out (except i still can't find the stockings!!)

another view of tree, including the piano

a great turquoise ornie hanging from an even greater collage (by sue)

a box of "texas trash" waiting in lil gift baggies. if you've never heard of it, it's basically a chex-mix type combo, except you add whatever else you want to the mix (cashews, walnuts, peanuts, cheese its, twigs, oyster crackers, bugles, etc) and then mix it all up with bunches of oil (or butter) with salt and spices. bake at 250 degrees for 2 hours, stirring every 20 minutes. ack!! yeah, it's a lil bit o' work, but worth it! i add personalized gift tags that i create and print at home. makes great little gifts!

a lovely turquoise vintage bowl (thanks jannetta!) filled with vintage turquoise ornies. love this simple yet sweet look.

another view.


Dana said...

Oh Terry Lee! Your house is so pretty-how about some more pictures of it? Your holiday guests are in for some treats!!

Tara said...

I love EVERYTHING you have done here...walking in last night was quite an experience...home always feels warm and good to me, but you always make it so beautiful and lovely...that is the essence of YOU! The silver/rose/ribbon/sparkling ball tree is charming...It looks magnificent! And the front foyer with the pink fluffy tree and little marshmellow snowmen...(my favorite) so wonderful! I love Christmas and I love being home with my family again...thank you again for making it so beautiful, special, and full of love and lovely things...I love you Mom!