Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And Sew It Goes ...

hey y'all,

how many clever ways can you use "sew" in a sentence or blog title? i guess we'll never know. because they keep on coming, don't they?

wanted to update y'all with the latest regarding my on-going sewing saga: terry lee in search of a sewing machine that will sew a simple seam, a stitch or two. if you need a review, please refer to my "life should be sew easy" post.

two things:

1. while on a recent 3 day long junking adventure with pal bonnie (sans jannetta who was on vacation in the land of daaa-vy crockett, ♪♫♪ king of the wild frontier), i found sewing machine #2 in marble falls. it's a singer, sew it has to be better than the stinky "sew easy" machine, right?! we can only hope. $35 for model 2517c (for you sewing-types who might have a notion to look it up).

2. i called the woman who sold me sewing machine #1. you might recall she offered a money-back guarantee. she made good on that promise and returned my $15. i was never so happy as to hand that piece of you-know-what back into her hands ... and i didn't even have to needle her!

3. sew, as i see it, i'm at -$25.00 and in possession of a sew-far-sew-good singer sewing machine.

it does seem to be working fairly well. i had to replace the light bulb ($2.99) but was able to download the manual online for free. i love the inter-webs!

mainly, i've just been playing around with it ... which after all, is all i wanted it for anyways. to play with. it's a little unseamly to believe in jinxing things, but i'll say it anyhow: it hasn't jammed ONCE! it just sews and sews and sews like a good little machine. of course now that i've said that, all hell will break loose.

have been making some fun little card/collages using recycled greeting cards, scraps of vintage lace, material, pictures torn from vintage year books, etc. i LOVE using the sewing machine for these creations. it gives the pieces a different look and feel than when just using glue.

(she says, as IF she knows ANYthing about crafting).

found this wonderful set of stamper words at a "divorce estate sale", along with some other stamps and stuff ... for practically nothing. it's an ill wind that blows no man good ...

here are some of my faves (but then, i'm a little biased). i keep making them ... for what, i do not know. it's not like i have a shop or booth. i guess i do it because it's therapeutic. and sewing is cheaper than a shrink. heh heh

my personal favorite ... i crack myself up sometimes

love and hugs, y'all!

terry lee

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Winner: What's Wrong With This Picture?

hey y'all,

thanks for the comments and emails on the granbury posting. those of you who guessed were all correct!

but dana was the first to guess correctly. :) congrats dana!! i'll be sending your prize in the mail this week.

hubby in the mirror, on the computer, while on vacation. but in his defense, i'll admit that i brought my laptop as well. what can i say? i guess the honeymoon's over. heh heh

just returned from a 3 day junking adventure! stay tuned!

love and hugs,
terry lee

Friday, July 16, 2010

Granbury: A Fine Mess

hey y'all,

i don't know about y'all, but this heat is fixin' to kill me. and contrary to what hubby believes, there IS such a thing as a heat index factor. he said it's a "made up" figure to make everyone THINK it's hotter than it really is.

sigh. yes, dear. it's all a conspiracy. damn those meteorologists!

anyways, despite the heat (and the near 110 degree heat index!) we ventured out of our air-conditioned home and up to the little town of granbury, texas. i think at one time you could describe it as "quaint". not anymore. it seemed rather crowdy and trafficky. but still a nice place for a short visit.

for those not in the know, granbury is the county seat for hood county. it has a lovely historic courthouse (which at this time appears to be under some sort of reconstruction/demolition/gutting/remodeling process). and as any county seat worth its salt, its courthouse square is packed with cute little artsy-fartsy shops and boutiques festooned with frippery, trifles and trinkets, gewgaws and baubles ... antiquities, books, food, etc., so on and so forth.

a window display at brazos river trading co. ... look closely at the reflection, as it turns out to be the ONLY photo i took of the historic courthouse.

before checking into our b&b, the pomegranate house, we perused the square (in the comfort of our a/c'd car), checking out what the square had to offer. since we had a little time to kill (and being literary-minded) we parked at the book store, aptly called books on the square, and went in for a little look-see.

quickly tiring of this shop (mainly because my keen eye had spotted an antique store next door!), we cruised on over to brazos river trading co., antiques and collectibles. as soon as we crossed the door's threshold, i sucked in a deeeeeep breath of air. this is my litmus test for antique stores. if it smells like grandma's underwear drawer, then i know i'm in the company of some real antiques.

as i am wont to do, i began snapping pictures of their displays ... for blogging purposes only, of course. since i've been called on the carpet for taking pictures in shops before, i always check for signage that states the shop's policy with respect to picture-taking.

there was nothing posted.

however, mr. brazos river trading co. was quick to let me know i was treading on thin ice. brrrrrrr. he then told me i needed to delete the pictures i'd already taken. sure, pal. whatever you say. NOT.

hubby just walked out the door and left me standing there with mr. brazos river and my offending iphone/camera. when questioned about his policy, he proceeded with a prolonged discourse about scammers and ebay and profiteers, blah blah blah. waaaaa waaaaa waaaaa.

all's i wanted to do was blog about your shop, i told him. sooooo ... that's what i'm doing. except not in a favorable light, which, btw, was purely HIS doing. and here are the pictures, which of course i did NOT delete. hmmmph. he's not the boss of ME.

oh, and his prices are ri-effing-diculous. no telling what his overhead is on that precious plot of prime property, right there on the square.

on a much happier note, the pomegranate house was absolutely delightful! thank you sara and tom baker for your gracious hospitality and welcome. the breakfasts and desserts were wonderfully delicious ... and your cottages were so comfy and beautiful! we enjoyed our time with y'all so much. thanks for all the funny one-liners, tom! :)

front of the pomegranate house

our cottage, the royal oak.

sitting area on our front porch

sweet colorful armadillo who stood guard over the koi pond, in front of our cottage.

eating a sumptuous breakfast on the pomegranate house's screened-in porch. whatup with that hair?! sheesh. heat + humidity = freaky hairdo.

inside our cottage:

what's wrong with this picture? first one to leave a comment with the correct answer gets a prize. seriously!!

on our last day, i finally found a true junker's delight! after googling "thrift shops" in granbury (after all, how many expensive, high-brow shops can one endure?!) i found the boys and girls club thrift shop out on the highway.

but right before we got to our intended destination, we stumbled upon another thrift shop called a fine mess.

and what a fine mess it was! i met the nicest ladies who run the store, with the help of grand-daughter gracie.

janet, linda and grace, shop props of a fine mess.

they are true junkers at heart (like me!) and decided to open up their very own resale shop about 6 months ago. i was in heaven! we swapped some interesting and funny junking stories (hubby finally gave up and left me in the shop with them) ... and then linda decided to give me a VIP tour of their "inventory room".

she opened a back door to the shop, and i could NOT believe my eyes! a huge (albeit hot) warehouse-type room filled with what else? inventory! my eyes could scarcely take it all in. my heart was fluttering and i'm pretty sure i was hyperventilating. thank goodness linda understood the physical symptoms of an over-stimulated junker.

i spotted a vintage quilt and a gorgeous minty greenish chenille spread immediately. i knew she didn't want me back there for very long because of liability issues ... it wasn't meant for shoppers. so i quickly asked her about the quilt and spread. after a short consultation with her business partner janet, they decided to sell them to me for $5 each! janet had intended to cut them up and cover pillows, etc with the material.

now they're mine. :)

thanks, janet and linda (and gracie!) for such a fun visit and sharing your shop with me. i had a blast and will certainly return (with my junkin' buddies, aka The FAGs in tow) for another adventure.

one of the several rooms in a fine mess.

hubby takes a rest while linda and grace sort out some merchandise.

for you junkers living in the metroplex (fw, dallas, etc), y'all need to head on over to granbury and visit these lovely ladies at a fine mess. c'mon. it's only a short drive over there and you'll be glad you did. tell 'em terry lee sent you and you just might get the VIP tour of the inventory room!

afterwards, we did hit the boys club thrift shop. i picked up a couple of sweet plates (can a girl have too many pink-flowered plates?!) and a rose cup.

it's nice to get away sometimes ... but as dorothy said while clicking her ruby slippers together, there's no place like home. ain't that the truth?

love and hugs,
terry lee

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sew -- A Needle Pulling Thread

hey y'all,

hope this finds everyone (all 4 of you) enjoying a relaxing holiday weekend. happy 4th! besides celebrating our country's birthday/freedom from the king's tyranny, etc., the 4th also means lots of SALES. which, when you get right down to it, that's all that matters, right? ;-)

bonnie and i did hit the junkin' trail yesterday, sans jannetta who is out of town on a family emergency. but before i get to my current junk pics, i'd like to update y'all on my recent "sew easy" sewing machine purchase of last blog.

first, i want to say a big THANKS to all you sweet, kind seamstresses out there who so generously proffered your time and energy to teach me a stitch or two. dana, cindy, shirley ... thanks a bunch. my plan was to take you ALL up on your offers and learn as much as i could. i had visions of fabric and lace and buttons and bows floating around in a cloud above my empty-skulled noggin.

the first attempt with my little "sew easy" darling yielded an actual, if not laughable, product.

a lil pink bag, which took all of two seams. also a couple of seams to attach the trim and handles at top.

i even played around with paper, cardstock, crafty stuff:

after my first session with "sew easy", i still had hope. and don't we all need just a little hope?

my second session with "sew easy" wasn't. easy, that is. nor was there any sewing, per se. just a lot of jammed thread, jammed needles and jammed fabric. oh, and my right index finger cuticle was stabbed about 1/2" deep by the needle. lots of blood, sweat and tears ... and plenty of cussin' proceeded forth.

let me just cut to the chase. i had several more sessions with "sew easy" and matters did not improve. if anything, they worsened. however, it wasn't until saturday morning at our first yard sale of the day, that i actually SAW the writing on the wall. it was v. clear and legible.

the seller had sewing notions, fabrics, threads galore. she is a seamstress. naturally, her sale attracted others like her (birds of a feather). i decided to tap into their combined knowledge and ask a sewing question or two.

"why does my machine keep jamming?"

they all perked up, so eager to assist. apparently, this is a common trait among the sewing species.

"probably your tension," one offered.

"could be your needle," another one added.

"you may not have the machine threaded correctly," the seller said.

"well, i've adjusted the tension, changed the needle and i'm pretty sure i've threaded the machine correctly," i replied to the group flocked around me.

as an afterthought, i added, "it's a "sew easy" machine."

WELL! as if they had been practicing together all their lives, the sewing birds began a perfect chorus of "ah hahs!" and "ooohhs!!" and "no wonder!!" in unison.

"THAT is your problem, dear. the machine."

i told them i only paid $15 for it at last week's yard sale ... to which they replied, "it was a complete waste of your entire $15."

yikes. i was just about to figure that out all on my own, but i'm glad i got their opinion on it. they suggested buying a kenmore or singer, but honestly, i'm rather numb to the idea right now. maybe after (IF) my finger heals (yes, i'm worried about infection, tetanus, lyme disease, diarrhea, constipation, fingernail sensitivity), somewhere down the road, i might consider sewing as a hobby again. but then, i might not.

look closely. miss "sew easy" thang is all wrapped up and ready to GO. am hoping to cash in on the seller's money-back guarantee. stay tuned.

found these sweet, old canisters at the GW bargain barn recently. thought about painting them pink, but now i'm thinking i'll paint just the lids pink.

also, stumbled across this AWESOME black vintage purse that was made in france! looks great with my eiffel tower artwork.

i tried to take a pic of the "made in france" label, but it was too blurry. it also had the little inspection tag inside the purse which states: riveur, no. 2, dofan-paris. did i mention it cost all of 75 cents?!

at the same sale with the sewing ladies, i picked up lots and lots and lots of pearly beads ... and single roses of differing shades. gorgeous, no?!

also snagged these gorgeous blue jewels and chandie prisms!

this yummy pink blossom was at the barn. got it with a bunch of other flowers for 25 cents. it was impossibly huge and unwieldy, but i fell in love. the cd is in the picture simply for size comparison and appreciation.

finally, here's a little beauty i found at the ladies of charity thrift shop (who, btw, are sometimes not all that charitable, if you know what i mean). their white tagged items were 50% off and this vintage chair just happened to have a white tag, marked $1.

fitty cents! can't beat that! will paint her and love her and adore her. heh heh

is it just me, or does wimbledon seem to drag on and on and on ... what is, i miss jeopardy?!

love and hugs,
terry lee


doe, a deer, a female deer
ray, a drop of golden sun
me, a name I call myself
far, a long, long way to run
sew, a needle pulling thread
la, a note to follow sew
tea, a drink with jam and bread
that will bring us back to doe!