Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Treasure Box Time!!

hey y'all,

whew! i got these pics taken, uploaded, all doctored up (as my mama would say) and posted in record time! no, no pressure dana. none at all. heh heh.

as promised in my last post, here are my treasures, recently arrived, directly from the hands of whom i affectionately call the "magic maker", vintagesue. she can turn ANYthing, any piece of junk, crap, trash, what-have-you, into a magnificent piece of frickin' ART that will make you sick. to. your. stomach.

in a good way, that is! a very good way. she is so amazing, i used to have to pace myself when i visited her booth. i would get lightheaded, dizzy and nauseous just looking at all the lovelies she had created. maybe it was from the hyperventilation? the excitement? the thrill of taking some of them home with me?!

it was an addiction. i couldn't stay away from her booth; i was drawn, like a moth to light. my house is full of sue's creations and it's an understatement to say that i miss her. and her work. there were plenty of us who mourned her leaving.

and that is why i am thrilled that she has started this new endeavor ... vintagesue box treasures. i can still get my "sue fix" even though she's far away from central texas. if you haven't already, i encourage you to visit her site and check it out. as always, her prices are indecent (very low!!!) and the quality of her treasures is priceless.

okay, enough gushing. take a look at all the surprises i received in my vintagesue box treasures. and thanks again sue. you are my inspiration and i'm proud to know you ... and to call you friend.

if you read sue's blog, you've seen this gorgeous sugar bowl before. i don't think there's a prettier thing on earth.

unless it's a creamer to match! how beautiful are they?! very. those roses against that black w/gold are killing me.

speaking of dying, this vintage style stocking is to. die. for. i love it!!

here's a close up of its bling. i'll have to display this beauty all year round. too pretty to put away.

yes, she is. very damn elegant. i drool over sue's collages.

a collection of some of my goodies ... sweet lil cherub-topped jewelry holder, vintage buttons (yummy!!) and a tarnished pie server with roses on it! everybody take a deep breath before we move on ...

sweeeeeet pink-flower embroidered linen! too precious!

an adorable little pillow that sue made. you just never know what treasure will be in YOUR box!

vintage sheet music (one of my very favorite things!!)... cheek to cheek. how cool is that?!

another sweet collection of goodies ... baubles, bling, glass knob, lil bottle o' buttons, porcelain roses ... sigh!!!

a sweet little heart collage ... packaged all by itself cause it's special!

another baggy full of delightful, delicious dandies!

gorgeous yummy rose-patterned linen

close up of a beauty ... porcelain yellow rose!

close up of some mighty sweet bling. don'tcha just love it?! surprise after surprise in your box!

okay, i nearly puked when i pulled these cuties out of the box. how sweet they are!! salt and pepper shaker baby blue birdies!! they're sitting on another lovely linen, included!

by the time i found this in my box, i was near histrionics, hyperventilating and sobbing. i was an emotional wreck; a puddle of tears brought on by an overdose of yummy vintageness. beware! a vintagesue collage may cause unexpected side effects! i'm just sayin' ... :-)

cute. cute. cute. what more can i say? vintage christmas ornies. ahhhh!!!!


Mollye said...

Hey Terry Lee, Wowza what a stash and a haul of vintage heavenliness. I adore the sugar bowl and creamer. Those colors are so lush and rich and everything is "something to write home about" but my faves are the last little ornies. We found a few of those in the attic that had been probably used by my MIL at least 75 years ago. Have a happy week, Mollye

vintagesue said...

you would go crazy if you saw what i made today!!!! thanks for the compliments terry lee. really.
i made some wreaths today that i love....and some other little ditties. i will post when i have time.
i need to take a hiatus and help santa with the stockings and chimney online if you know what i mean. it's time to shop for the kiddos. i haven't even started. lol.
i knew the birds screamed your name.
thanks again.....

Library Lady said...

What little pieces of sugar! I love the blue birdies. But MY fave is the heart collage cuz I am all over hearts (as you know!).

Thanks for posting the pics. I know how much you enjoy junking and posting. And your readers love hearing about your conquests!

Big Sis

Betty said...

Wow!! Gorgeous things, all of it. Sue does the best collages, they are treasures in themselves. Thanks for posting pics so we could enjoy too. Hugs,Betty

Dana said...

Oh Terry lee!! Sue is the best!! Wasn't it even more fun than you could ever imagine??! I always paced myself in her booth and didn't want any other shoppers in there! Wonderful goodies! thanks for the post!