Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh by Gosh, by Golly!

hey y'all,

finally. the christmas tree is UP.

after quite a bit of searching, struggling, sweating and cussing (on my part), matt and i finally got the son of a ... er ... tree, erected and assembled.

and by erected, i mean jiggling and manipulating (!!! ... i know what some of you are thinking) the stand so that the tree would stay in place, semi-securely.

okay, let me back up. none of this was in the plans. not that i really had any plans, per se. except to forage in my garage for the pre-decorated and pre-lit christmas tree that i've used for the past few years.

but as i was foraging, i stumbled upon a silver christmas tree that i bought last year at the GW bargain barn, after christmas. funny how hoarders (hi sue!) forget what we've bought. out of sight, out of mind. at least in the case of my feeble mind.

anyhow, i do remember thinking it'd be fun to have a silver christmas tree because i was raised with one. it was the tree of my childhood christmases. and it was just standing there, begging me to take it home. for $3. so i crammed it into my camry, shoved it in my garage and promptly forgot about it.

until yesterday.

matt and i managed to get all the pieces in the house and honestly, i wasn't sure we could make it happen. i thought i remembered it all in one piece, but geez, what a frickin' mess we were facing.

i assigned matt the job of separating and organizing the branches by size, etc. while i worked on the damn stand. yes, it was damned. trust me.

it soon became painfully obvious WHY this tree was donated to goodwill. the stand was wonky and well, just wouldn't work. no matter how hard we tried or how much i cussed it.

we ended up using another tree stand that i had acquired this year from the yard sale of fellow FAG, jannetta. that's when i realized that it wasn't the stands that were wonky, but the tree itself.

however, with some ingenious resourcefulness and execution (think stuffed dishtowels, blocks of wood and lots of praying along with the cussing), we were finally able to stablize the tree. at least enough to finish assembling the branches and decorate the blasted thing.

why?? why??? why?!?!?!? i don't know. as i told matt when he asked me the same question, it started as a sweet sentimental project ... having a silver cmas tree again. but it evolved into a battle of wills ... the tree versus me. a matter of principle. okay, an obsession of not losing to a stupid, crazyass mess of silver and plastic and metal.


we WON!

evidence provided below. heh heh

love and hugs,
terry lee
yes, here it is, in all its alleged glory. honestly, i was pleased with the outcome. even though we still don't have a topper for it. but who says it needs one?! society?! i shall not bow to the pressure. unless of course, i find something simply perfect and yummy for it!!

do you see what i see?! yes! the vintagesue ribbons!!

they look precious as garland on the tree!

a touch of vintage yumminess adorning my tree (including the vintage pink ornaments!)

yes, i stuffed pretty pink roses in my tree. why not?

pinkness, vintageness, pearliness ... makes for a yummy tree. i guess it was worth it. :-)


Dana said...

Fantastic! Wonderful! Beautiful! The vintagesue ribbons are AWESOME on that tree!! I am glad that you and Matt persevered because the results are fantastic. . . . I said that already A vision of loveliness. I think I might have to copy your idea! (How many exclamation marks do I need in posting a comment?)

sixtiesfanjan said...

I love the ribbons and the pink accessories on the tree, Terry Lee. I'm glad you finally got to work.

cindy said...

great tree. would never "fly" at my manly house where pink is all but banned from our home, but I love it and Sue's ribbons look perfect on the tree.

Library Lady said...

Hey, Little Sis!

I remember when you got that silver tree -- I was with you at the GW in Heights? I remember trying to get it in your trunk -- no luck, then finally in your backseat. It smelled (awful!) to high heaven and back down to lowly hell. Am I remembering that correctly?

ANYway, lovely that you are using it this year. Am enjoying my Angel Tree with the Terry Lee angel (as I call her) at the top o' my tree this year.

Do you remember the revolving colored lights that Mom & Dad used to shine on the silver tree? Wonder if you could get one of those?!?

Love your blog. Keep it up!

Big Sis

Michele said...

OMG...I absolutely love it! I saw one at an antique mall during the summer and they wanted $450 for it...yikes, no way! I so remember my mom having one when we were growing up!

Thanks for stopping and for the advice for Cassie. I'm trying to make sure she drinks lots of fluid, since she's nursing. She does go back to the doctor tomorrow...that poor little guy...all he does is just spit up, although he does seem to be gaining weight, which is a good thing! I welcome any advice you may's been quite a while since my kids were babies and I've forgotten most of it!


Anonymous said...

I was browsing your blog and I think your Christmas tree is so pretty in an old fashiony sort of way. I solved my Christmas tree stand problem by putting some pvc pipe in a coffee can and poured in Quikrete. Now I just set my tree in the pvc pipe and then set the can in a flower pot so that it looks like a planted it. I love my stand because it was so cheap and it looks so good.