Monday, August 30, 2010

Blog Book "Brag"

hey y'all,

if you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that i get a tad, well, irritated at poor spelling, grammar and punctuation (and the like) on public signs (you don't know HOW badly i wanted to type "pubic" signs ... heh heh). in fact, i've been known to post a photo or two of the offenses on my blog.

you also might've noticed, one of the blogs that i visit regularly (and is listed on my right sidebar) is called the "blog" of unnecessary "quotation" marks. blog author bethany keeley accepts photo submissions of (duh!) signs with unnecessary quotation marks. at first it may not seem amusing, but once you see the submissions and read her commentary ... oh yes, it becomes very amusing. the messages, as intended for the readers, are completely altered (some sarcastically, some hysterically) because of the quotation marks.

okay, stay with me ... i'm getting to the point. about a year ago, the FAGs, my sister (belinda) and i were on a junking adventure in fort worth. we were at nellie's flea market and i spotted this sign at the register/checkout.

i couldn't resist snapping a shot of it, thinking it'd be great for bethany's blog. however, after emailing the picture to her, she never used it on her blog. in a follow-up email, i asked her about it. that's when i found out that she had a BOOK DEAL brewing!

"if i didn't use it in the blog, it's probably because i wanted to save it for the book," bethany told me. sure enough, i received an email informing me that my photo (and name) would be appearing in her book ... upon my permission, of course. how exciting, no?!

the book was published a couple of months ago, but i just got my copy last week:

my photo (sign) is on page 55:

and my name is listed in the back (along with all the other photogs/contributors).

pretty ... pretty ... pretty cool, eh?

if you'd like to order a copy for yourself or for a punctuation police that you love, click here ... or visit other fine retailers. :)

"love" and "hugs",
terry lee


Dana said...

Girl!! That is SO COOL! I mean, Girl, that is so cool! Is that right?? Is that grammatically correct? Did I spell "grammatically" correct? Should I have just used quotation marks for that word? Ha ha! Seriously, I'm so excited that your entry was published!!

vintagesue said...

i am not "even" going to ask "where" you snapped that "photo". congrats to you!! good work.
one day all those fun signs will be vintage artifacts and listed under the category of folk art......ain't it the truth?
thanks for making me laugh.
take care

Library Lady said...

Yes, tres cool! As you, my dear sister, already know, I have been known to carry around a red pen to correct grammar/spelling on signs and such. I think I'll buy a book if you will "auto"graph it.

Dana: loved your comments "!"

Love you.
Big "Sis"

MOLLYE said...

You are too funny. I love visiting with you little sister of mine.

Jenny said...

That's so "exciting"! :)