Sunday, August 22, 2010

Multi-Media Junkin'

hey y'all,

no need to write anything, but i can't resist! yes, there are 5 (count 'em!) videos in this blog. but a quick glance will show you they are relatively short (for me).

despite the gawd-awful texas heat, i went junkin' saturday, in search of sales sporting some a/c. i was sans FAGs who were off in an RV somewhere with family and friends. okay, they were in burnet, durn it. on beautiful (but low) lake buchanan.

i missed them, but as you'll soon see, i had y'all along with me! :)

be sure to check out my new-found treasures in the pictures below the videos.

love and hugs,
terry lee


i know, right?! she's BEAUTIFUL!!!! first thing i spotted at mrs. cooper's booth at the church sale. she said it's handmade and probably from the 40s-50s. it was love at first sight. sigh. got her for a song, too.

a closer look at the top portion

lovely tulle at the bottom, with satin underneath.

close up of the sweet vintage lace

also got this v. smart, vintage hat from mrs. cooper (along with some killer vintage tatted lace in pic below). isn't she lovely?

found this sweet lil cup at the goodwill bargain barn, along with a couple of saucers. see the handmade tatted lace? gorgeous stuff.

and here's a new baby for my ever-growing clock collection! the vendor (at the church sale) was fixin' to pack up and had marked it down to $2. SOLD! to the lady with the pink iphone!

beautiful old electric teapot/water warmer. it came in its original box too. i love the lid with the sweet lil bird. the lady said it whistles when the water's warm. oddly enough, i bought one just. like. this. a couple of weeks ago in waco. now they can be friends. oh, and it was $3.


MOLLYE said...

Oh girl you're having way too much fun that is legal. How did you ever make it without your iphone? I'm loving your excursions these days. Hot or no hot. And the dress is just jaw dropping gorgeous. Love ya Mollye

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I am not jealous of that dress....
I am not jealous of that dress....
I am not.....
oh, who am I kidding? It's GORGEOUS! :)