Friday, August 20, 2010

Junkin': Live!

hey y'all,

okay, not actually "live"; more like videotaped. and i'm thinkin' that word is antiquated (nevermind erroneous) because you don't really use tape anymore. what do you call it?!

nonsense. that's what.

thanks to all four of you (two in the comment section, one in email and one to my face) for your feedback on my video blog debut. due to the overwhelming response (haha), i have decided to continue (at least for now) with video-blogging. do they call that a vlog? i don't know.

i guess i'm getting lazy(er) in my old age. i do enjoy hacking away at the keyboard but it's much easier to blah blah blah straight from my mouth. less interference (hands, keyboard, computer hiccups), too.

don't worry (as IF), i'll still be writing most of my blogs. and if i use video, it will be in shorter, smaller pieces. easier to swallow that way.

these two semi-shorts are from my junkin' adventure yesterday. yes, an odd thursday out. the cove bargain barn is open on thursdays now ... and i not-so-braved the heat for the sake of treasure hunting.

enjoy and have a great weekend. be safe out on the junkin' trails!

love and hugs,
terry lee


Dana said...

Hi Terry Lee,
1. so funny that you bought the FP phone-I was having trouble with my phone today and being so untechy savvy and so mad at myself for being so, I was forced to take it to the ATT store and I told the kid/worker "I'm so dumb when it comes to cell phones that I'm not even worthy of a Fisher Price phone".
2. I think the videoblogging is fun, but I wish it were closed-captioned.
3. the baby changing table in the barn would make a cool potting table
4. seeing your videos makes me miss hanging out with ya!
5. where will you take us next??? I hope to Crafter's!!

Dana said...

Oh, one more thing--I've been in your car, how in the world did you get that piece of furniture back there????? haha!

vintagesue said...

i'm halfway thru your adventures. i was so glad to see you and the coopers!!!!! wow. see them again and please send my love of junk to them both. they are so much fun!!!! peace out terry lee. going to finish watching!!! you are my new weekly program...haha

Cow Palace said...

Terry Lee, I LOVED your video reporting! Reading your posts are a riot, but watching and listening to you 'post' is even better! I just got an iphone, so I'm going to have to try the video out...and pray I don't receive any phone calls while I'm doing it! hahahahaha

sixtiesfanjan said...

Very good, Terry Lee! I hope you take us on more junkin' trips. By the way, I heard you say "That's what she said." LOL! I love "The Office," too. :)