Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"arriving at destination"

hey y'all!

the FAGs were on the road again last weekend!

destination: fort worth, where honorary FAG (and sister o' the head FAG) Belinda lives. let me start by saying that my sister is one of the finest and most gracious hostesses north of the rio grande.

her house is not only beautiful, but it's quiet, peaceful, calming and restful. thanks for sharing your lovely home with us and for delighting us with your charming company, dear sis!

lest you think we did nothing but lounge around her house and drink margaritas (!!!) all weekend, let me set the record straight: we kicked some major-estate-sale-ass this weekend!

oh sure, there was the occasional pesky yard sale here and there (thanks to "miss thang", the GPS biatch) and the flea-market-from-hell, otherwise known as "treasure island trade days" in fort worth (go ahead. google it. i dare you). but without a doubt, the estate sale in southwest FW was THE place to be if you were looking for great vintage junk, with prices to match.

it was so yummy in fact, that after spending several hours perusing it on friday, we returned the next day for another go at it (we were lured back by promises of even lower prices).

as usual, i chummed up to the lady running the sale ... a sister of the deceased. not because i wanted special prices (okay, that sometimes happens, but it's not like i PLAN it ...), but because i enjoy gleaning what history i can about the deceased, her possessions, etc. (especially about the items i purchase).

okay. so this was a v. sweet family. the deceased was an elderly widowed woman who apparently collected everything and anything lovely and vintage. and obviously never got rid of anything she owned because her house was PACKED (and it was a large home). every room, every closet, every nook and cranny was filled with delightful treasures. you name it, this woman owned it.

ordinarily, i tend to get a little, er, excited at estate sales. but something about this one had my spider senses tingling before we even arrived. within the first 5 minutes, i was hyperventilating to the point of near pukeness.

i thought i'd died and gone to estate sale heaven.

dear-lord-gawd-almighty. she had gorgeous vintage plates, cups, saucers, glasses, crystal, china, cookware and all manner of kitchen items. there were lovely vintage linens piled high on table after table. closet after closet packed with vintage dresses (we learned she was a beautiful woman who did a lot of modeling).

the house rambled and rambled, and just when you thought you'd discovered every room, there was yet another one, or a nook or closet or cupboard or pantry beyond that.

on our first visit, i bought some fantastic items. i'll let my pics do the talking. on the second visit, i discovered (not surprisingly) things i hadn't noticed the first day. some oh-so-lovely vintage plates and saucers with pink roses/flowers. ohmygawd. it almost makes me sick to think of all the things i left behind. but it's not like i could buy the entire frickin' house, could i?!?!

we did spend some time at a place called nellie's flea market on the east side of I35. the girls were somewhat taken aback by the neighborhood, but hey, you gotta crack a few eggs if you want an omelette, right? however, i think i'm the only one who did any egg-crackin' at nellie's. still. i got some cute things, including a v. sweet vintage aqua "canaster" (pic below).

the tag was written "blue canaster" and being the spelling snob that i am, began calling it a "can-ASS-ter", pronouncing it as it looked. when we went to check out, i simply said to the FAGs, "follow my lead." and naturally, they did.

me: "hi nellie. do you know how old that blue can-ASS-ter is?"

nellie: "oh, probably from the 40s."

me: "really? that old? did you hear that, belinda? the can-ASS-ter is from the 40s!"

belinda: "wow, that's an old can-ASS-ter!"

jannetta: "i wonder if there are any other can-ASS-ters like that!"

me: "that's the only can-ASS-ter i saw like that one."

bonnie: "i really like your can-ASS-ter!"

me: "nellie, could you please put my little items inside the can-ASS-ter?"

nellie: "sure, that's what i was going to do!"

and. on. we. went. can-ASS-ter this, can-ASS-ter that. nellie never blinked. no telling what she thought about us and that can-ASS-ter. but the rest of us nearly peed our pants stifling the giggles created from saying it over and over. then it became quite the inside joke for us the rest of the day. fun times.

on with the show! be sure to pay attention to the last picture!! :-)

~*next blog: a contest! and a prize for the winner!!*~

love and hugs to y'all!

terry lee

the girls, just arriving at estate sale

jannetta and the estate sale lady discussing the jewelry

a sweet vintage blue estee lauder case (filled with crap, but still.)

belinda found some lovely yellow roses

me, checking out a vintage dress. not. my. colors. check out the sign ... marked down from $1 to 50 cents!

jannetta in possession of my "canaster"

tag on "canaster". i told you.

so here we are at home, with all my treasures together for a group photo

let's take a closer look! here's the "canaster" with some lovelies on top, which i also purchased from nellie

it's actually a cool, retro "krispy kan" cracker tin with "space-age" technology to keep the crackers dry and crisp!

read all about it!

blue magic crystals!!! how cool is that?!

close up of sweet miniature pink heels. couldn't resist!

this is also a sweet, tiny piece ... a little creamer or toothpick holder?? i don't know, but it's small and cute and has pink birds on it.

old, well-used kitchen trivets with pink roses. 10 cents each.

crusty, rusty, yummy vintage bread tin!!

score!!! another tole tray!! 50 cents!

found this little cutie at one of the yard sales. a yellow vintage "tropic-aire" heater. $1.50

this rose plate is one of my faves from the estate sale.

more lovelies

more and more!!

love this sweet coffee/teapot!! roses, roses, roses. $2

franciscan divided platter. score at 50 cents!!!

sweet small vintage plates

some of these are trimmed in 23k gold, some homer laughlin (score!!). each piece 50 cents!!!!!!

this v. adorable old handmade, embroidered pot holder just called my name. sweet little girl with her poodle!! notice the letters "HERS" near the bottom.

probably my favorite of the bowls. how sweet is that?!?!

more franciscan pieces. 50 cents-$1 each!

lovely rose cup

ladies and gentle(man), the piece de resistance of my estate sale treasures!!!!! this gorgeous little lady was just sitting on the floor, waiting for me to take her home. she has a fantastico history, which i will share with you in my next blog! stay tuned!!


Betty said...

Great finds Terry Lee. Love those mini shoes!! Cant wait to hear about the lady. Hagn

libbyquilter said...

all of the rosey kitchen ware~!!~ yummy~!!!!~