Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Blog Award ... and May Day Junkin'!

hey y'all,

before i get to my junkin' adventures, i'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to sue over at vintagesue for the blog award she recently bestowed upon me!!

here is what she wrote on her blog:

"ALL THINGS TERRY LEE - my wonderful texas pal gal....HER BLOG IS A HOOT!! vintage junking galore and stories that will make you pee your pants. go there now!! bring toilet paper. i love this blog."

well! i am humbled and touched and honored! y'all know how much i love sue and her creations ... so this is a very special award for me. i will be passing it on in the near future, so be watching for that!

the girls and i didn't have much time together saturday (they each had prior engagements for the afternoon), but i think we did fairly well in our short amount of time together.

nothing was planned, which is the case with us much of the time. but i got up, looked at the skies, and declared it a yard sale morning. tap, tap, tap on the keyboard ... craigslist ... local newspaper classified listings ... copy, copy, paste, paste ... print, print ... and we had our agenda for the day!

mission: cove yard sales, including a church "bizarre" (heh heh!!), the goodwill bargain barn and crafter's corner (which was having a grand-opening for the new owners).

after picking up bonnie, the two of us stumbled upon a neighborhood sale that wasn't on our list. i bought a couple of things (sweet lil purse with a pink rose and a wallpaper scorer ... total $0.75).

ran into some people i knew (y'all know how i feel about that ... i'm not anti-social, just prefer to keep junkin' time sacred, sans the blah blah blah-ing with folks i haven't seen in years).

anyhow, we headed on to the "bizarre" sale at a local church. i will not say the name of said church because i don't want to embarrass anyone, least of all, church people. but their ad in the paper was as follows (i copied and pasted, but changed the name and address of church to protect the saved by grace):

BIZARRE & GARAGE SALE AT COME TO JESUS CHURCH, 555 Heavenly Lane, Copperas Cove 8am-4pm, Saturday, May 1st Bake Sale, Bizarre Items, Lunch

i will say this. no false advertising. there were some bizarre items at their sale. and it just had a bizarre feel to it ... but as i said, i don't want to be unkind. i just wish folks would proofread ads before publication. i know spellcheck wouldn't have made a difference in this case, but honestly. let's try a little harder, shall we?

one sweet elderly lady did her best carny impression to entice us to pop a balloon for $1. we would "win" one of these prizes on the table that matched the number in the balloon.

ever the trouble-maker, i asked, "but what if i don't want what i won? could i trade it for something else on the table?!"

"no, you have to take what you get," she replied. "you're taking a chance," she added.

"isn't that a little like gambling ... in the church?!" i asked (i know, i know. i'm going straight to hell).

"but it's for the children!" she explained.

"oh, well, you can do almost anything if it's for the children," i conceded.

she smiled, satisfied that she'd justified the balloon popping game to me.

in the end, of course, we did NOT pop a balloon. honestly, i didn't want a bulldawg pride travel mug or any other manner of plastic flotsam from mcdonald's ... or elsewhere.

however, i did find this very cute piggie planter with ivy already planted inside! when (not if) i kill the plant, i'll still have the sweet piggie pitcher. love it!

at the sale ...

at her new home!

also found this adorable home-sewn pink checked apron for $0.50! you might remember that i just found some curtain panels from the same material last week.

we moved on to some neighborhood sales.

one thing (of many!) that i've noticed about yard sales, there are usually plenty of pups who are happy to meet you.

this is daisy, who was unabashedly basking in the warm sunshine. later she got up and followed me around. v. sweet!

i liked her mama's sale sign:

at another sale ...

three white cutie pies, so eager and excited to meet and greet us

jannetta, looking carefully through the wares. you GO miss yellow-shirt!

before the day was over, i'd scored a couple of gorgeous bowls ...

homer laughlin virginia rose serving bowl, with lid. mint condition ... $3!!

soooo pretty with pink roses ... label says moss rose, can't read the brand

y'all have a great week. thanks for visiting!

love and hugs,
terry lee


Dana said...

The serving bowl and the moss rose bowl are so pretty. Is my name embroidered ANYwhere on that pink and white checked apron? haha
Have a great week!

Dana said...

OH!! Postscript: Congratulations on your blog award!!!!!

Dawn said...

Congrats on your award, you are such a deserving recipient, indeed! I adored the bowls, so beautiful, and what a great price!!! Oh, and you are DEFINITELY right... "bizarre" it is... and the balloon popping game for junk... real junky junk? Weird! I would just give them a dollar to NOT make me choose, LOL. I hope the meds the doc gave you are helping... this is the first spring I have ever been BEGGING for the heat of the summer so I can put the allergies behind me! Talk to you soon!

Library Lady said...

I would have gone with you just to see the pretty puppies! The Trio of White Pups! What cuties. I want the one of the far left. What do you think Domino would have to say about that?!?

And Daisy, the one lying down -- she'd had too much junkin' customers and was pooped.

My fave piece of junk: the sweet little pink apron, natch.

And congrats on the award. You so deserve it. What do you GET for the award? Or did I miss that info?

Big Sis