Sunday, April 25, 2010

Junkin' Heaven ... and Hell

hey y'all,

my junkin' weekend started on friday, when i met pal bonnie for a little barnstorming (raiding the goodwill bargain barn) in cove. picked up three vintage suitcases, in graduating sizes ... the largest $1, the smaller ones $0.75 each. score!!!

if i had any sense, i'd paint them or decoupage something clever and creative on them. lately, my creative muse has been on strike and i never know when she'll rear her pretty head to inspire me. so i wait ...

also found that sweet lil pink braided rug ... in pic above (which is in need of some cleaning and disinfection ... just sayin') for all of $0.75 ... and some adorable pink checked curtain panels (another $0.75). three to be exact. searched and searched for the fourth panel, to no avail. sweet material that can be used for anything.

thrilled with my finds, bon and i headed to sonic for a quick snack break. then we were off to sue's. well, that's what we call it. sure, it's a crafter's mall full of vendors, but we mainly go there for vintagesue's stuff. i am thrilled that she's shipping her creations down to texas now. we mourned her loss when the dang army took her away.

don't misconstrue, i'm all for the army, in theory. just don't like it when they take away my friends.

but i digress.

so we hightailed it to sue's booth and we were not disappointed!! lots and lots of pretties galore ... vintage linens, dresses, aprons, knick knacks and the like. and best of all, her creations!

lil pin she made

i. am. totally. spellbound. by. her. collages!!!! i started a pile on a nearby table of the ones i wanted, thinking that i'd make my final decisions later.

yeah, right. my final decision was that i needed all of them. wanted, yes. but i neeeeeeeeded them too!! when i'm under her magical spell, i'm totally helpless and out. of. control.

so what? life is short. they made me happy and will continue to do so as i enjoy them around my house, or give them as gifts. happy happy happy.

friday, as it happens, was definitely junkin' heaven.

then saturday rolled around. i had high hopes for the lampasas city-wide yard sale, since lady luck was good to me at last years' sale. i met pal jannetta and we meandered our way around the square.

first thing i noticed was that it wasn't as large as last year.

the second thing i noticed was that many of the vendors who were there, were dealer-types. meaning, higher priced items ... not true "yard sale" vendors OR prices. hmmmph. not what i was expecting ... since the sale was hawked as a "city-wide YARD sale".

okay, so i didn't have to buy anything. i was more than pleased with my friday treasures, so if today was a bust, so be it.

however, i quickly stumbled upon a sweet lil vintage child's chair with chippy pink and green paint, marked at $7 which i thought was v. reasonable. i offered $5, we settled on $6. a quick, pleasant and civil transaction. i was thrilled to have it.

somewhere along the way, i had the pleasure of meeting buddy (miniature terrier) and sassy (jack russell mixed with something else blah blah). they were meeting for the first time also. cute, yes?

later, i found this pretty little vase thingy for $0.25. so there were some bargains to be found. just not a lot of 'em.

moving on, i spotted a pink, plastic, round hat box with a black flower on it. a-dor-able. but it was scuffed and dirty and i was thinking $0.50. when i asked the cowgirl vendor how much, she replied with an extremely curt, "2 bucks!"

okay, this chick's got something up her arse, was my first thought. dare i rattle her cage?

yes! i do dare!

"would you take a dollar?" i asked, shoving whatever it was up a little farther.

"NO. I WILL NOT!" cowgirl growled back at me.

ouch. i just smiled and said okay, thanks as i walked away from her booth. of course, all manner of vengeance was playing out in my wicked head ... none of which i can share with you, lest your high opinion of me be shattered. heh heh

much later, i sent jannetta over (she wasn't with me when all this transpired) to the cowgirl's booth to ask about the hat box. not surprisingly, she was just as rude to jannetta. and she hadn't budged on her price either.

it was our sincere hope that cowgirl went home with her stupid hat box and they live happily ever after together.

let me be clear about something: the b!tch had every right to price her items just. how. she. wanted. it wasn't her pricing that irritated me. it was her stinkin' attitude and how she spoke to her customers.

and this customer won't soon forget. not cowgirl's face, her name or her bright-orange painted toenails. i'll see you next year, sister. same time, same place. courthouse square, lampasas, texas. junkin' hell.

love and hugs to y'all!

terry lee

lampasas is full of ... livestock.

and bluebonnets!! found sooo many gorgeous fields of 'em!

remember him? the obligatory deer head you see at most texas sales ...


vintagesue said...

you know terry lee....i have a saying....something is only worth what someone will pay you for it.
that vendor will drag that hatbox with her every time she has a show and it won't sell. it's a control thing. it's amazing what people think they she should have taken your dollar and then thrown in a lil something extra too. some people.
i LOVE those suitcases!!!!!!!!! what a score. you can just paint them with chalkboard paint and draw on them or just stack them as is and call it a day. wrap them up like 3 big presents with some lace and use the stack as a side table. i know what you mean about not being creative lately. i have to really, really concentrate to get anything done lately.
i've been taking a blogging break, but plan to get back into the swing soon.
thanks for supporting me and my crazy collages. i have fun when i make them. i just can't keep them all....and much do i miss you all down yonder??? bunches. i do. i really do.
oh and that 25 cent pretty pitcher. yum.
okay....better get off the computer. storm is a coming.
take it easy and enjoy all your lil finds!!!!!!!
your hoarder junking collage making maniac friend up north....

Dana said...

"creative muse on strike"--LOL! Love your suitcases, pink rug,and pink checked anything is wonderful is it not?. Your vintagesue treasures? I know that Sue magic spell all too well!!!

Jamie said...

The little pink chair is darling!
Oh my goodness, don't you just love (dripping with sarcasm) rude sellers?

I just discovered Crafter's Corner, and I love it! My neighbor just opened up a booth there, her's is a "shabby grunge" (her words) style. She makes the coolest jewelry out of vintage finds. Her's is "Nooks and Crannies" and I think is on the end of the second or third row.
PLEASE tell me where this bargain bin is in Cove...please with sugar on top?

Library Lady said...

Great post!!!

I agree with Sue. A little goodwill goes a LONG way with customers. Cowgirl should take the hatbox and stuff it sideways. If she loves it so much, she should marry it.
:-) She sure will be sorry she messed with you. YIKES! Strikes fear in my own heart to think. Cuz you know peeps who know peeps.

LOVE the little pink braided rug.
And the picture of the old battle ax who's waiting for her prince to bring her vintage linens. Sweet, but also a hoot. Like ANYone would bring her ANYthing. She's kinda scary lookin'. Just saying...

'Sup with that framed postcard? Is that what it is? I'm liking that little treasure.

Having nothing to do with your post or the subject, but don't you think all Texas courthouses look the same? Could have sworn you were at the Hillsboro square.

Love you and your finds!
Big Sis

Mollye said...

You go sister, That orangey toed heiffer just don't know who she's dealin with! Ya got some good stuff. I'm lovin the vase with the little chip. And of course all the hand=dids. XXXHugs, Mollye

Barbara said...

Well, great finds and great fun....I just love rude sellers, I would love to hang a sign on their booth...hehehe.

Love your blog and hope you will find time to visit me.


vintagesue said...

terry lee....i have an award for you on my blog can have it if you want it. you earned it and more!!!

Mzzterry said...

hello, found you thru the Texas Blogging Gals List. I go by Mzzterry, but my name is actually Terry Lea too! We share lots in common, I make a trek to Fredericksburg every April to see the bluebonnets in celebration for My birthday too! I love vintage stuff, especially if it is a bargain. Gone with the Wind and Jane Eyre are a couple of my favs.. the lsit goes on..its kinda spooky!! Nice to find you! I will be back.

Diana said...

I need a tissue. I'm crying over those suitcases!!!

Laura said...

I love junkin excursions like that- complete with a little healthy confrontation.
You go girl.

Where are you off to this weekend?

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