Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Something's Fishy Here ...

hey y'all!

sorry for the delay in posting about my awesome junking adventures (i understand that some of you have been anxiously waiting with baited breath for me to post ... heh heh).

the reason i haven't written yet is because ... well ... there were no junking adventures this past weekend (collective gasp)!

in a nutshell (or perhaps i should say seashell), i wasn't up to junkin' on saturday due to some physical ailments.

allow me to explain.

let's rewind a few weeks so you can get the complete picture. some of you may recall (if you were truly paying attention while reading my blog) that i mentioned an eye infection that wouldn't go away. finally, after being treated with antibiotic and steroid drops for 3 weeks, it abated.

the eye doc, wanting to avoid prescribing restasis for my chronic dry eye, a result of sjogren's syndrome, suggested i try a high-quality fish oil supplement which has been reported to increase tear production.

i know, yawwwwwn. booooooooring. but hang in there. we're fixin' to get to the good bits!

armed with the $1.00 off coupon she gave me ... and plied with a hearty dose of xanax, i forced myself into wal-mart ... in search of the miracle cure for my dry eyes. there it was. first aisle in the pharmacy, which is a very good thing if you're like me and have to pre-medicate yourself before going to wal-mart.

wow. expensive fish oil. but apparently the better quality it is, the less mercury and other contaminants it contains. also the more they charge for it. in other words, my $1 coupon was like spitting into the ocean.

so the next morning, i dutifully took the recommended dosage ... 3 large capsules. btw, besides helping my dry eyes, it promised i would reap heart and brain benefits from the omega 3 fatty acids. woohoo.

within 30 minutes of swallowing those sea monster capsules, i began ... for the lack of better phrasing ... burping. but not just your average, run-of-the-mill benign burping, ladies and gentlemen. this was something that no human being should ever have to experience. and let me tell you, i've experienced some medical gobshite.

this burping, its malodorous after-taste ... gag... well ... you would think that i'd consumed large quantities of putrid, raw fish or maybe some other sort of rancid, odoriferous seafood that red lobster had rejected.

and this was the "high-quality" stuff?! ack!!!

i tried everything imaginable to rid myself of this pestilence. eating, drinking, chewing gum. more food, more water. more gum. alka seltzer. chick fil-a!!

no dice. nothing worked. hours went by and i could actually feel the effects moving lower and lower through my gastro-intestinal tract. crampy tummy. crampy intestines.

you get the picture, no?

finished up the day, lying on my bed, curled in the fetal position, next to the oft-used bathroom. all the while declaring and swearing i'd never EVER take another fish oil capsule for the rest of my life. which will now, no doubt, be much shorter.

i will gladly use eye drops every five minutes. no problem. i'll learn to live with those cobwebs in the corners of my brain. no problem. my heart will have to make do with the fried catfish i feed it every couple of months.

no one, but NO ONE should have to endure that kind of misery from a capsule ... no matter what claims are made about its benefits.

i know. several people have told me that they take fish oil without any problems. i say, good for you! seriously. i think it can be good for you and your health. but obviously, it's not for me.

and that is why i didn't get to go junking this weekend. if you've stuck with me through all that, thanks. you're a real trooper! you win a prize! i have an almost full bottle of high quality fish oil capsules for you! haha

on sunday, bonnie and i had lunch with an old friend and former colleague, jennifer. she has a sweet little 5 month old son, jacob that we hadn't met yet ... so we truly enjoyed our visit.

sorry for the poor quality of the photo. if my iphone doesn't have enough light, it's just fuzzy. also, i think the waitress had a bit of palsy.

and lest you think i'd blog and not include some junking treasures, think again. earlier last week, before the fish oil fiasco i stopped by crafter's corner and the goodwill bargain barn.

sweet vintage electric clock, which works. love it!

here's my lil clock collection that appeared before i realized i was collecting!

this little blue beauty isn't vintage, though it tries. found it at the barn for $0.50. so sweet, this blue

here are some of the old spools i bought at last weekend's church sale. put them in a vintage homer laughlin bowl. so sweet and lovely!

this lil beauty is a vintagesue creation. got it at crafter's! how precious is that?!

from sue, also. a killer black ring with rose on it

junk necklace says it all.

love and hugs,
terry lee


craftymarta said...

Terry Lee, you are hilarious. Have you ever thought about been a stand up comedian. Your sense of humor is crazy good. If you can talk like you write you should try it. Now, it sounds like you have been having some serious health challenges, I'm sorry about that. Why do you have to go for alternative treatments when they are brand medications for the condition? Do you have one of this doctors that make you feel like they are the ones paying for it? Why can't you get a presc. for restasis? I'm pretty sure they taking a good chunk of money for the health plan. Anyway don't get me started with doctors and health plans. I hope you get some kind of relief soon, you have a lifetime of junking ahead of you. Get well soon, blessings, Marta.

Dana said...

Terry Lee, I am so sorry that you are still having eye problems. I hope you will find something that works for you SOON!
I always enjoy seeing pics of your junking treasures-thanks for sharing.

vintagesue said...

terry lee....i can not believe you took THREE PILLS!!! no, no....NEVER take the dosage they put on the box. i learned that from the GARLIC experience i had several years ago!!! lol. if it says take 3 capsules, i take 1/2 and WITH food.
you poor thing. that is a shame. all that money and for misery and a day without junk????? NOT WORTH IT.
i remember when i wore contacts ALL THE TIME back in the day and i would have people BLOW into my eyes to get my eyes to tear. just have those FAGS blow your eyes for you when you junk.
i have super dry eyes too. it sucks. hang in there lady and i hope you get your stamina back for this weekend!!!! you may even get an extra junkin day.
love the blue clock. very cute.
i am fixin to send a HUGE shipment to crafters next week. before then, i'm callin diana to tell her to mark everything down 30% for the weekend. tell all your friends. tell everyone at walmart. give them a xanax and a coupon!!!! haha. walmart is overwhelming. that is for sure.
you always make me laugh.
you girls have fun this weekend.

Library Lady said...

First to say: I do not DO Wal-Mart. I avoid it at all costs.

Secondly, your blog is so funny. I agree with a poster above: you should do stand-up comedy.

Thirdly: Get a damn prescription for Restasis and quick dinking around with your condition.
And take those left-over fish pills and cram them up your doctor's...er...well, you know what I mean.

Fourthly: Great pictures. I always enjoy them. The one of you and Bon with Jennifer and Jacob is a-DOR-a-ble. It's not "fuzzy" -- it's "filtered for effect"!

Mollye said...

oh girl gag me with a maggott. I take three of them yes I said 3 each and every day and have never even had a slight burp. My hubby Punkin took one a few years ago and shortly after drank his cup of coffee and he burped and nearly went through the roof saying it tasted like he had eaten a shad. That was the end of those for him. But I think they are miracles for me. But I'm with you... I take meds and don't want to ever take anything that "alters" my way of feeling. I just want to feel good, not strange, sleepy, crazy, down, up or anything but just plain normal and good. XXXXHope the burps are gone, Mollye

artistamyjo said...

You are one funny gal!
I'm a new follower,hope you'll do the same.
Been through the dry eye crap,plugs (cost a mint) and restasis didn't do a thing.
I have bottles of fake tears everywhere. It's cheaper too in the long run.
Hugs... amy