Thursday, May 13, 2010

Plumb Frustrated

hey y'all,

would've blogged sooner about my wonderful junking day with pal dana last friday (yikes! it's already been a week ago!!) ... but ... as luck would have it, reality struck hard this week.

shall i list my woes? nah, i won't go into the gory details of my peculiar eye infection that won't go away (even after two weeks of antibiotic and steroid drops) or the ongoing saga of our backed up sewer/toilets/bathtubs, etc. ACK!!!

the plumb man is rightchere, even as we speak. i can hear him outside my office window, with his plumbing contraption that snakes its way through the innards of my sewer lines looking for the offending clog(s).

last time, we learned that just because it says "flushable towelettes" on the label, does not mean one should flush them. sure, they're flushable. but so is a can of spam. the real question is, will it go all the way through your sewer lines without clogging up the works?!

no. it will not.

so while i'm awaiting the verdict from the man of plumb, i wanted to share some pics with y'all from last friday.

dana and i met up in belton for a day of yard and estate sales. what fun we had!
dana, in all her sweetness, gave me another birthday present (it's mid-may ... and we're still celebrating my april bday). a basket full of pink lovelies. thanks again, dana!

okay, so we got tripped up on the first few addresses (it's hard to navigate without the speaking GPS lady ... aka "the biatch"). we were using my iphone's GPS which is almost useless if you're driving and the other person (dana, in this case) is not familiar with iphones.

anyhow, we stumbled upon an awesome sale at as time goes by. they were closed for business on the inside, but were hosting an "estate sale" in the front and side yards. this was probably the best sale of the day. we found some terrific treasures with matching price tags! perfect combination.

and what's a yard sale without a cute pooch? we met sweet little noel (because she was a christmas gift), all cute with her pink hair barrett and fluffy hair. girl, i know the feeling. those bangs are impossible, eh?

here are two of my finds at this sale. a killer pink vintage dress, that fits dolly oh-so-perfectly! vintagesue's embellished hat looks wonderful with it too!

oh, did i mention the $3 price tag on it?!?!?

and this vintage tole painted watering can. sweet, yes??

all of $4

before we left the neighborhood, we walked next door to drool over one of the many gorgeous historic homes in belton. isn't it lovely?

oddly enough, this was in front of the house, near the street:

dana ventured a guess: an old hitching post? i was speechless, which doesn't happen often. so i'll just let y'all have at it. ;-)

we lunched at cracker barrel in temple ... and then headed over to the GW bargain barn, which was a first for dana. sadly, her maiden voyage was a bust, but as i said to her, you just never know what you're gonna find there.

exhibit A: a framed certificate from the FDA declaring the breast care center in temple a certified mammography facility. the expiration date is 1996. this is of particular interest to me, as i always had my mammograms performed at this facility. mainly, though, i wish i knew WHY they would donate this piece of ... er ... history to the goodwill. furthermore, WHO would want it? much less PAY for it?! it boggles the mind, it does ...

exhibit 2: the ubiquitous deer head ... yes, it's only a painting. this time ...

as we were saying our goodbyes, we realized that we hadn't taken a picture of ourselves together. we made 2 or 3 lame attempts at a self-photo and the lead picture is as good as it got.

maybe next time we'll remember to ask an innocent bystander to shoot us. with the camera.

hope y'all have a great weekend of junking. looks like rain in my neck of the woods.

love and hugs,
terry lee

ps. verdict: wads of kleenex tissue + dental floss = $110 plumbing bill. stay tuned for my next blog: what NOT to flush down your toilet!


vintagesue said...

terry lee...oh my ghos. yes, i typed ghos, so i am leaving it.
YOU CRACK ME UP. you and dana are total cougar hotties!!!! i don't see the eye infection in that cougar photo at the beginning of the blog, so i will pretend it does not exist.
the BIG PINK FLUFFY DRESS is amazing!!!!! and the basket of goodies fantastic. love the estate sale in belton. i would have bought it all. yikes.
missing texas...yes i am.
you girls really do have all the fun and you don't need to wear a coat!!
good luck with the can of spam toilet troubles. do not flush any tulle or old doilies down that baby....ever.
take care

Dana said...

Oh Terry Lee, I had so much fun that day! Guess which part of this post I'm laughing at the most! And being called a "cougar hottie" was funny too!

Library Lady said...

The best part of the trip for ME would have been the cute puppy with the pink barrette.
After that, I suppose I like the things I saw at the place of the Yellow House. Lovely yard!

And how do I get to be a Cougar Hottie?!?
Where do I sign up for THAT?!?

Love you,
Big Sis

Mollye said...

Oh girl, if we'd not already paid for our Boston vacation in June, I'd ask Punkin if I could just spend my vacation at your house and he could do whatever. I don't know HOW you manage to find all the treasures you do and especially at the hideously low prices, but GIRLFRIEND, YOU TRULY NEED TO WRITE A BOOK AND SHARE THE KNOW-HOW. Yes, I realized I was hollering and meant to cause I'm just sayin .........Have a happy weekend, Mollye