Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Junking Haunt + Easy Project = Tuesday Post

hey y'all,

i know, i don't normally post on a tuesday, but since i have a couple of things to share ... and because i like to be unpredictable sometimes ... here we go!

first, i'd like to thank jamie over at him, me and our three for cluing me in to a new junking stop! although it embarrasses the hell out of me to admit it, this "new" place is IN. MY. HOME. TOWN. yes, folks, right here under my very own ski-sloped nose.

jamie (who lives locally) asked me in a recent email if i was planning a weekend trip to paply's. whaaa?!?! all i could think of was that either she'd lost her mind and thought i was someone else ... or I'D lost my mind and was not who i thought i was.

i mean, really. what. THE. hell. is. a. paply's?!?

this is where and when you put your god-given interweb skills to work. google google google.

did you mean pappy's?!

arghh. no, i did not mean pappy's. i mean paply's. you heard me right the first time.

guess what?! there IS a paply's in town and it's. an. antique. mall!!!! after skimming the search results, i realized that it's the former oma's flea market ... for those of you who remember that place.

so on sunday afternoon, after catching the latest chick-flick (back-up plan) with pal bonnie, we decided to check out paply's, which is open 7 days a week.

the owners are mike and brenda paply (of all things!) and were vendors before purchasing the business and turning it into an inside antique mall about a year ago. it still amazes me how someone like me could NOT know about something like this, so nearby (yes, i asked her about their advertising habits ...).

the mall has 30 vendors (with a waiting list!!) with over 5000 square feet of showroom space. pretty cool.

bon and i felt like kids in a candy shop, having never been there before ... everything was new to us. antiques, shabby loveliness, vintage hats (two of which came home with me!) ...

this one! notice its beads dangling all the way around. gorgeous!!

and this one! sooo lovely!

... vintage linens, furniture, dishes ... well, almost anything you might want, if you're someone like me (and that's all that matters, right? heh heh).

most vendors had sales going on for mother's day ... 10% up to 50% off. and some of them had such gorgeous displays. they really know how to show their wares!

i discovered this v. sweet white wicker shelf that is perfect for my new shabby white wicker office! to make the deal sweeter, it was 50% off an already low price! love it.

at home, shelves already filled!

close up ... my sweet lil clock collection

also found this sweet baby, half off:

love, love, love the black lid with the pink sugar bowl!

okay, enough blah blah about that. just wanted you central texans to know about my latest discovery. check it out when you get a chance. tell 'em terry lee sent you and you'll get a 75% discount. haha. not really. ;-)

finally, i wanted to show y'all a quick and easy project i started (and finished) yesterday. 'member the vintage suitcases i bought recently at the GW bargain barn? well, here are two of them that i painted pink, added some vintagesue ribbons, a couple of vintage doilies and a killer rose ... stacked them beside the loveseat for a v. sweet end table.

happy tuesday! who knows when or what i'll post next!

terry lee


vintagesue said...

i just wrote you a comment and then deleted it by accident. argh.
whatever happened to oma? lol. i remember that place having way less vendors when i left, so i am excited for you now that you have a new place to go shop!! looks like so much fun.
i LOVE the hats!!! the first one with the roses all over it is totally GAGA gorgeous and the second one......NOTE: I MADE. yes, it's true. that was one i altered. how funny that it landed back to you. so funny.
great post. i am now just posting like 2 times a week. i need break from blogging lately. just way too much going on with the kiddos.
thanks for the post!!
can't wait for another terry lee adventure!!
take care

Mollye said...

well you are the bloggy worlds best kept secret because I'm just sayin..........I did not know that Terry Lee could create this beautifully. Oh I knew you were the utmost frugal queen of shoppers and a bargain finder like none other, but those suitcases. Well sister I would pay hugely for them. Glorious!

Dana said...

A TerryLee post on a Tuesday? What a treat! You will have to take me to Paply's someday-it looks like fun. Love the hats, suitcases, and the pink platter!!!!!

Cow Palace said...

TerryLee, I'm so glad that posted pics about your visit to Paply's! And I'm SAD that I wasn't there during your visit. I'm a vendor at Paply's--CowPalace--and would have loved the opportunity to meet you. Come back for another visit soon!

Mike and Brenda said...

I love the pics you posted of my home at Paply's Antiques! Too bad you didn't get a pic of me, Vinnie Mouse. I'm absolutely beautiful and love having my picture taken. :>) Next time you're at Paply's, see if you can find me. I'm always there!

Terry said...

I am vendor #31
with the 50% off sale at Paply's.
This allows me to keep things moving so I can change out displays each week.
It is also a way I can pass forward a bargain .
WOW you really made my day !!!!!!!!
Thank you for taking time to track me down :)
I love what you did with the white shelf and adorable pink sugar with the black top.
Thank you for shopping in my booth .
If you ever get the chance to come by I work at Paply's on Tuesday's
I would love to swap howdy's.
Thank you again for taking time to drop by my blog so I could discover your fabulous blog.
Until next itme
Hugs with blessings
Happy Trails
Lady Liberty Patriot

Jamie said...

Yay!! So glad you found them! I LOVE that place, sometimes I go once a week. Tuesdays tend to be my day to go just cause I talk Terry's ears off, but now that I know CowPalace is there on Wednesdays I may have to make a Wednesday visit...hmmm, it has been a couple of weeks since I've had the chance to pop by there, and tomorrow is Wednesday...
Thank you for the Lampassas ideas! I have been informed that on our retreat I am on the schedule...we have an afternoon off to explore the town and Man O Mine has put in the schedule that anyone who wants to go antiquing with Mrs. Chaplain P is to meet up. Uhhh...okay honey! So hit me if you think of anything else!