Thursday, April 15, 2010

April in Bloom

hey y'all,

just a quick post to share some of my beauties with you.

i am so NOT a gardener, nor do i claim to have any sort of green thumb. but no matter, roses seem to grow and bloom under my care in spite of my lack of horticulture-ness.

some of you might recall my blog about filling in our backyard pool last year. it's now a garden space, a labor of love, a work in progress, blah blah blah. we planted three rose bushes last spring and they did very well.

a year later, they have begun to bloom and bloom and bloom ... and i'm just staring at them in amazement! gorgeous creatures, the lot of them.

at my yardsale last saturday, a couple of women approached me and asked what i did to my roses. whaaa?! i wasn't quite sure what they meant. for a moment i thought they were scolding me for not taking better care of them, what with the weeds and all.

"do you use cow manure?" one of them asked.

"haha! i wish," i replied. "i did put some miracle-grow on them last year," i added.

"oh, well that's good for them!" the other replied.

"what kind is the yellow rose?" the first one asked.

uh oh. i was getting over my head with these people. they must've been some kind of amateur-aficionado-rose-experts. how in THE hell was i going to continue on with this conversation without losing some of my rose-knowledge-dignity?!



"oh, those yellow ones? yes, they're called terry lee's yellow rose of texas," i blurted out, with a straight face.

jannetta and tara (my yard sale assistants) remained silent but i could feel their eyes on me. i shot them both a glance, which they immediately recognized as my "don't you dare say a word" look. y'all know the one, right? :-)

so the woman asked me to repeat the name of my yellow rose, which i did. she was so thrilled, she told her partner (not that there's anything wrong with that) what i had said.

"her yellow roses are called terry lee's yellow rose of texas!"

"hmm. i haven't heard of that one," partner responded.

if they would just move on and buy something already, i was thinking.

but noooo.

more questions.

"what do you call those pink ones? how big are they? do they open up in folds or is it more like the petals ... blah blah blah"

i finally broke down. i couldn't take the pressure any longer.

"i call the pink and yellow (hybrid) my strawberry banana roses. because that's what they remind me of. okay? i don't know the actual name of the rose. and i don't know how the petals fold out. this is only the second time it's bloomed."


lesson for the day: oh! what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive what we know about roses.

but i do know this: they are beau-ti-ful!! enjoy!

love and hugs,
terry lee

ps. whilst visiting my new friend dawn at wackywhimsy, i clicked on this link:

The Girl Creative

might be fun. if you're a blogger, give it a try! i am.


Dana said...

Oh TerryLee, I especially needed some terrylee humor since I just pulled my burnt banana bread out of the oven a few minutes ago.
I was JUST thinking this morning that I was going to ask my husband if we could plant some rose bushes. We have NO experience with roses so can I call on you for advice? haha!

Library Lady said...

Your roses are gorgeous, TL. As you know, I have nine rose bushes and only know two of their names. But I did save the tags/bags they all came with/in. Better study up in case The Rose Police come to my house! It'd be REALLY fun if two men came "together" to ask about my roses. Not that there's anything wrong with that... ;-)

Love your blog and posts.

Love you, too!
Big Sis

Visit MY blog at:

Michele said...

LMAO...I'm with ya on anything that's supposed to grow in a garden. The only thing I'm good at is dandelions! I did plant 3 rose bushes in pots last year and not one of them has even a hint of green popping out...I'm so pissed. I'll try that Miracle Grow..maybe that will produce some kind of growth!

Beautiful pics tho!


vintagesue said...

very pretty. i love this post. hahahahaha. i had a rose bush in a pot in germany and that thing had flowers GALORE. i was preggo with zoey and we both bloomed. cindy rongey told me to cut the dead flowers off with rose clipping thingies....NOT A KNIFE OR SCISSORS...and that would produce more flowers. IT WORKED. i used miracle grow too. i just bought a pink flower (yes, that is what my roses are called. pink ones) bush today and plan to pot it. i will be very careful to give it plenty of sun (roses love sun), water, miracle grow and clipping. like an old man's nose....partner with him or not.
take care.

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

You’re right, they’re stunning! We recently bought a Knockout Rose bush and I can’t wait to get my hands on a few of the blooms and place them throughout our house.

Happy Friday to ya!

Kendra “Domestic Princess in Training”

Margo said...

Gorgeous roses!!! LOVE them! :O) Thanks for visiting my blog. Come anytime!! Just one question for you.... WHY does Texas have all the good junk? I so want to go rummaging through everything in your pictures... That is my kind of happy place... LOL Have a great weekend!!! :O)

Anonymous said...

Great photos. I'm your newest follower from New Friend Friday at The Girl Creative. I love you blog. Can't wait to read more.


Lara said...

following from new friend friday! i hope you'll stop by some time!!

Dawn said...

Omigosh, I adored this post. I think I'm going to get some Yellow Roses and call it my Terry Lee Yellows, LOL. You are brilliant! Thanks for the shout out - glad you tried NFF, I love that party! So many great people out there! Hugs!