Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter in Wonderland

hey y'all!

easter is quickly approaching and i've found myself in a bit of a funk. don't get me wrong ... i celebrate the true meaning of easter with my fellow believers, and am very thankful that He Is Risen.

however, on an entirely self-absorbed, emotional level, i've had some trouble with it all lately. i think it started when pal bonnie asked what my easter plans were. was i cooking a big meal?

whaaa?! cooking? a big meal? for whom?! hubby and me? my youngest (and the older two for that matter) will be with his dad this weekend. upon more scratching and picking at the emotional scab, my mind began to wander to easters past ... when my kids were little.

ahh! those were the days. when i was young, had more energy and of course, the major motivation of little ones expecting easter baskets full of chocolate bunnies, colorful eggs filled with jelly beans and other surprises ... and naturally, a big ol' easter lunch after church. ham, potato salad, green beans, etc. and a lovely hand-decorated easter cake for dessert! this usually meant a cake mix with canned frosting, green coconut on top, for grass, and jelly beans representing eggs. they were easily amused when they were young.

anyhow, thinking of those erstwhile easters ... and even further back to those of my own childhood (big, HUGE affairs!) i sensed a slow but sure spiraling downward, almost as if i were alice in wonderland falling down the rabbit hole. memories of easters past swirled and whirled around me as i fell deeper and deeper. then just as surely as alice landed, so did i. with a thud.

no need to worry, or call the men in white coats. i'm steering clear of strange mushrooms or little bottles of magical potions. but i am looking for the madhatter. i could use a funny, silly tea party about now.

meantime, while waiting for the white rabbit, i wanted to show y'all some more pics of projects i've been working on.

the much-ballyhooed church pew finale! liked it so much i put it in my front "parlor" area

different angle

close up

y'all remember last month when i blogged about that grrrreat gumball machine i found for $5?! i had some gum-popping plans for that baby.

first thing was to slap some pink paint on her. i'll admit to experimenting with different fillers for the glass bowl. but that's the beauty of this piece! you can change the vignette over and over and over!

she sits pretty next to my recently re-done pink chair

gorgeous glass knob for a makeshift finial that was missing

filled with all manner of musings ... tea cups! pearls, lace!

balls of precious pink and white thread!

makes you want to stick a quarter in and buy something, eh?

here's my vintage lady in her easter dress and bonnet. well, i wanted a real bonnet for her but couldn't find one. she'll be okay, except for the incessant whining. she's such a diva.

in case y'all didn't notice it in the photo of the church pew, here's a close up of my FREE column/pedestal. had to use her inside because, well, i wanted to.

isn't she lovely? isn't she wonderful?!

love, love, love these colors! my newly found turquoise tablecloth is a perfect easter color. sweet candlestick (from GW bargain barn, but still had the hobby lobby sticker!) paired with a vintage glass creamer filled with sweet balls of thread from an estate sale. i like the idea of mixing the new with the old.

happy easter, y'all!

love and hugs,
terry lee


Mollye said...

Well child you''ve gone and done it again. Created a little wonderland of frills and frou's from next to NOTHING! the real Diva here is YOU. Love it all but specially the dress and "no bonnet-bonnet". Happy Easter and enjoy your day. As for Punkin and mizmollye we will go to church very early, get our bad selves back home to work on the garden and go somewhere to eat dinner where we don't have tons of leftovers! Ciao, Mollye

Michele said...

Oh my gosh...girl, I absolutely LOVE that church pew...I want one...waaaaaa. And ya know, I agree with you about the big affairs when the kids were little. I so miss that and really get sorta depressed because things have changed so much. I might want those men in the white coats...who knows, they might be cute!

And..may I say, that gumball machine turned out tooo cute. You are so very creative!

Have a wonderful (maybe quiet)? Easter!

Big hugz,

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Love your PINK church pew! You've been busy with lots of projects. Love it!

Quazi Mainul Hasan said...
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Dana said...

Oh TerryLee your house looks so pretty like a place you would walk in and say "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh". Love the pew, love the gumball machine (so fun!), and your vintage lady is awesome! Happy Easter!

vintagesue said...

i'm in a funk terry lee and i have small should write a book. i would hang on every word. i love your blog.
OKAY....I ADORE that pink gumball machine. you outdid yourself. it is spectacular. truly wonderful. and that church pew is just completely transformed. love it.
happy easter to you w/or w/out coconut cake....and hey...i have garden columns in my house too.
take care lady....s

craftymarta said...

Terry Lee, that is a whole lot of fab eye candy. I agree with Sue, the gumball machine is my fab, I lie, I love the church pew, and all the pillows, and the wicker and the hat box used as a side table. Too much shabby chic fabulousness. I'm still limping and hurting, not that it will keep me from junking. Junking is a placebo to me. I'm braking in a new pair of tennis shoes to see if that helps. Cleburne show is coming in less than 10 days so I should train for that. Have a happy Easter and stay away from the candy, specially marshmellow chicks. Those will stick to your hips, chin and thighs. Blessings, Marta.

Tara said...

"Hmm...why is a raven like a writing desk?...Why is a whaaaat?...she's stark raving mad!!!"

"Mustard? Don't let's be silly! that's different!!!"

Love love love Miss Alice and all the crazy characters she comes across...I felt really nostalgic on Easter too...I thought of the past Easters, and all the fun things we did. You made it beautiful... from the hand stuffed colorful baskets to the always delicious meal...And to this day, you are still the same sweet, thoughtful, and wonderfully creative Mom, and true friend...:-) Love you.

Laura said...

You hang in there.
Your projects are wonderful-
Life changes doesn't it and what I tell myself is that it just looks different and it could even be better.


Crash said...

Hmmmm... for some reason, this tune is playing in my head now