Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday Show and Tell

hey y'all,

not sure where to begin with this post because there's so much to show you and tell you and share with you.

so yesterday was the most important day in the universe. did y'all notice that the earth stopped rotating? the moon had a smiley face on it? the sun and stars danced around my head and all living creatures ceased their activities so they could focus upon The Most Important Event of The Year ... My Birthday?!

yes, it's true! so in case you were wondering what was going on yesterday, what with the birds, the bees, the sun and stars and whatnot, it was all My Fault. what can i say? this is what happens when there's a terry lee birthday. it's a freak of nature. heh heh

okay, all kidding aside. the world didn't really stop for my birthday (oh c'mon, don't act all surprised).

it was a fun, sweet, lovely day spent with family and dear friends.

let me back up. i was born in a little hospital in downtown killeen ... okay, wait. let's not back up that far. about two weeks ago, birthday packages began showing up in my mail.

first one was from my dear pal mary valentine (sweet, sweet name, yes?). she knows me well. lots of pink, paris-themed lovelies and other goodies. what fun! thanks again, mary. love ya!

second package to arrive was from dear friend sue, over at vintagesue. she also knows my tastes very well. she sent all manner of vintage sweetness my way. thanks so much sue!

next, i received a lovely treasure box from sweet pal dana, of dana's chicken scoop. she had ordered a vintagesue box treasure for me. naturally, it was filled with more vintage loveliness! loved it all, dana! thanks so much. (nice work, sue!)

these ladies are terribly sweet and thoughtful ... love my packages. love y'all more!

isn't it fun to start celebrating your birthday early? it's like the whole month of april is BIRTHDAY love!

so, on to my actual birthday, yesterday. woke up to dear hubby, gifts and card in hand. oh, and a CHEESECAKE (!!!) for my birthday cake!! i think that's a first. for me.

hubby knows me pretty well too. loads of blistex (ahhh!!!), body washes and what i like to call the perfect gift: folding money. it's always the right size and color! thanks, DH! love the birthday poem, too.

before the girls (jannetta, bonnie and tara) and i took off to waco for The Birthday Blast, we had another round of birthday gifts. jannetta and bonnie, who are my closest friends showered me with lots of pink sweetness and love. thanks girls.

despite the rain (ack!!) we did have a blast. first stop: the treasure city flea market. we were all waco flea market virgins, and as such, we were a little unsure of the uncharted territory.

as it happens, it was quite interesting, with a fair variety of junk ... er ... merchandise.

yes. brassieres. at a flea market. now that's something i haven't seen before.

tara proudly displays her $0.50 treasure find. jannetta and bonnie share the joy.

the flea market (tara suggested it should be called a butterfly market ... as fleas seem so, well, unseemly) is set up in a U shaped pattern. we gave it our best shot, but could only hack about half of the U. the humidity, the crazy fuzzies flying through the air (what WAS that?!) making us sneeze, aching feet and low blood sugar got the better of us.

time. to. eat!

as planned, we hit ninfa's for lunch. ahhh! it felt sooo wonderful to be inside, sitting. drinking. eating. talking. laughing. junking is great, but sometimes it's nice to sit and chillax.

after filling up on mexican food and iced tea (okay, somebody had a frozen strawberry margarita) we were ready for round dos (that's two, for you gringos).

minor crisis: hit the sally stores (salvation army thrifts) OR go next door to The Shops, which are nothing short of eye candy heaven?

The Shops won. we were there. we already knew we loved it.

if you live in central texas, it's a must-see shop. instead of blah blah blah-ing about it, i'll just let the pictures do the talking. i took so many, i decided to make a slide show ... just too many to put in the blog. all i can say is: EYE. CANDY.

a couple of hours later, it was time to head home. after an hour rainy drive down I-35, i was ready for bed.

but wait! another surprise awaited me. a beautiful arrangement of flowers from my dear sis belinda. they'd been delivered whilst i was playing in waco. they are gorgeous, belinda! thanks so much!

lest y'all think i forgot my birthday cheesecake, i did not. tara put some candles on it, she and ben sang happy birthday and a worn out, half-asleep birthday girl blew out her candles ... in one breath i might add. which as you all know, means her wish will come true! :-)

later in the evening, while checking my email, facebook, bloggity blogs, etc. i got a text from my baby. okay, he's 16 but he's the baby.

"i'm comin' over to wish you a happy birthday, mom!" (he spends the weekends with his dad)

yea!!! i get to see my baby on my birthday!

within seconds (he must've text from the front door!) he's hugging me with his big ol' self (he's a big baby) and generally loving me up. how great is that? he proudly presents me with a card that includes a gift card to starbucks. very sweet ... but he didn't have to give me a single thing. just his presence fills my heart to overflowing.

he's gone before i know it. but for the most part, my day is complete. those of you who know me well, understand that statement. but it's okay ... life is good and i have been reminded once again how wonderfully loved and blessed i truly am.

love and hugs to all,
terry lee


sixtiesfanjan said...

Wow! Great birthday, Terry Lee! One of my favorite gifts you received was that little teeny silver frame with Vogue written on the picture. Loved it!!
Next time y'all come to Waco...and you don't have to wait until your next birthday....I recommend a local Mexican restaurant that is also downtown called Seba Cocina. It's at 608 Austin Ave., the same block and same side of the street as Cameron Trading Company, the antique shop. It's a little more upscale than some other Mexican restaurants and has some great lunch specials. Another place I think you and your gals would love is called Bloom and Bee Swanky, another locally owned shop, much, much smaller than The Shops of River Square, but very charming. It's off of Franklin Ave., You turn right on 5th St. and it's just right there on your left soon after you turn. Here is the link to the blog about the shop and it even has pictures.

Mollye said...

Oh Honey Happy Birthday. What a great post and what a great birthday. I almost feel like I was there and I would too have showered you with pretties or at least funkys. Hope the next year is the bestest ever! Thanks for sharing this very important day of one of the nicest VIP bloggers around. XXMollye

Michele said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday! You definitely have had an exciting couple of pre-birthday weeks! What a sweet son you have...and hubby too! And your friends sound like so much fun!

Big hugz,

vintagesue said...

happy birthday terry lee!!! what a day~well spent and fabulous!! zoey is screaming for pineapple and my house is chaos and ron isn't here as i have to keep it short!
you look great. you hair is stunning and your cheesecake would be mecake if it was in my house.
i think i did feel the earth stop moving for a minute yesterday and i noticed everyone pointing to texas when i drove thru the crowded crazy streets of baltimore!! haha.
cheers to you and another and another....
thanks for making me laugh...big hugs and lots of junkin love lady...

Dana said...

Hi Terrylee! I am so glad you had such a wonderful birthday!!!

Jamie said...

Terry Lee!! I did not know it was your birthday! That explains a lot though, it seemed like everything here in "the Heights" stopped for a moment and tilted towards Killeen. I figured it was just the Cav out playing on the range or something ;)
Looks like you had a fabulous day, what lovely gifts and the shopping looks wonderful.! My neighbor took me to a yummy antique store in Waco a while back (I think it was Bloom and Bee Swanky, I loved it) and she mentioned the shops but we had all our kids and it was getting late.
Glad you had a wonderful day!