Monday, November 2, 2009

Blogging to the Oldies

hey y'all,

can't believe it's already november! what happened to october?! i haven't even bought a pumpkin yet and all the stores are filled with christmas decorations. whaaa?!

okay, so last weekend the FAGs donned their official FAG rings, loaded up in the official FAG-mobile (my camry) and headed out to some local estate and yard sales. one of the first sales was actually in my 'hood (naturally, i knew the folks, blah blah blah).

i found some yummy smelling candles (that's my latest craze ... buying great smelling candles at yard sale prices) and an adorable pink tool set! i've been wanting one of those (a "lady's" tool set) for a long time. this one had almost everything a girl would want or need (well, as far as tools go), all packaged nicely in a pink tool box.

before i had a chance to christen it, i gave it to my daughter (baby bird #2) who recently flew the coop and needed some tools of her own. what can i say? that's what mama birds do. that, and chew up worms for their hungry babes.

moving on.

so we arrive at this estate sale and i swear to gosh, i didn't know a single solitary soul there except for the FAGs. i took that as a sign. of what, i'm not sure. before we had a chance to get our bearings, this young man approached us with an "aggressive-in-your-face-type-of-sales-technique" that didn't sit well with any of us.

come to find out, he was working for his friend, who owned the house. just for kicks, let's call the two men bradley and marco. okay, those were their real names. as it happens, marco bought the house, as is, with the contents. he didn't know much about the family except some sordid details about deaths, imprisonment, divorces and the like. you know. the usual lovely bones found in most families' closets.

now, i normally wouldn't have engaged in such conversation except that i was interested in one item in particular and wanted to get the low-down on it. that one item was a vintage hi fi with fully functioning turntable, radio and ... okay ... umm ... eight track player. but the thing is ... all three components worked like a charm and there were stacks of 8 tracks and LPs to go along with the stereo.

bradley, the "charming" (and i use that term very loosely) shuckster salesman informed us that marco wanted xxx amount for it, but that HE (bradley) would "let it go" for xx amount (much lower), including all the 8 tracks and records. so the FAGs settled in, popped a Monkees 8 track tape in the player and the festivities (and deliberations) began!

now here's the thing about the FAGs. we're pretty much in support of whatever the others want to buy. our motto should be: "well, if you want it and it makes you happy, you should get it!" because that's what we usually say to each other when we are asked by one of the others if we should buy something.

are you with me? go back and re-read that paragraph if you're having trouble.

so along comes marco. "what's going on in here ladies? are y'all having a party?"

i inform him that we are, indeed, having a party to test out the vintage stereo which i might be purchasing.

marco starts in on how "awesome" the stereo is and how much he could get for it and all those LPs and 8 tracks ... blahblahdiddyblahblah. puhhleeeeeeze! as IF.

bradley chimes in and tells marco that he has lowered the price for us.

marco openly expresses his irritation at bradley. they put on quite the show.

it's almost insulting. do they think i was born yesterday?!

they were playing "good cop, bad cop" with their pricing and i called them on it. bradley just laughed but marco, as it happens, was an arrogant asshole. we, the FAGs excused ourselves for a final pow-wow.

was i going to let marco stupid polo and his stinky attitude keep me from getting this vintage hi fi, something btw, that i've wanted for a long time? we all agreed that the lower price was a v. good deal and that i should definitely purchase it.

so i did!!!

after some haggling about how many LPs and 8 tracks i could have in the deal, i used my best scarlett ohara voice and asked the two gentlemen if they would be so kind as to carry the heavy stereo out to the car for us. they obliged. but i bet they were none too happy to see us leave.

as i always say, if you want an omelette, you gotta crack a few eggs.

now i finally have my vintage hi fi and some v. cool vintage LPs and 8 track tapes (dean martin, frank sinatra, nat king cole, johnny mathis, glen campbell, etc). yes, it's sitting in the middle of my front living room right now ... but i'll find a home for it real soon. meantime, i'm enjoying the scratchy sounds of old crooners from my vintage record player ... while i blog and surf the interwebs. ;-)

love and hugs,
terry lee

my new baby

the FAGs are 2 to 1 in favor of painting it. ideas?

close up

cool 8 track tapes

LPs that were part of the deal


the official FAG ring photo ... the Head FAG wears the pink ring.

found this gorgeous old painting at the GW barn on friday ... $2!!

pink tool set that i sacrificed for my daughter ... haha ... enjoy tara!

drawer full of sweet scented candles

sweet autumn angel ... yard sale find


vintagesue said...

not only am i jealous, but i might actually hate you. i'M TOTALLY KIDDING. THAT ROSE PAINTING IS.....PANT, PANT, PANT, PANT, PANT....wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you for not letting anyone buy that except you!!!!
you make me laugh, laugh, and laugh out loud everytime i read your little fag stories. you need a book....A FAG book and you can do a signing of your FAG book at warrenton, barns and noble, disco drag shows everywhere and crumbly little ole estate sales with grumpy sales people, folks you don't want to run into and pushy vendors and listen to those old school 8 tracks while you make millions!!!
paint that sucker pink already....PLEASE.
take care lady. thanks for such a great post. i enjoyed it almost as much as the dream of putting that painting on my wall....

sixtiesfanjan said...

That stereo system looks in great shape, Terry Lee. That was truly a great find. Have fun with it. :)

Library Lady said...

Hey Lil Sis!

Great grab on the hi-fi (the ancestor of wi-fi!). Marco Stupid Polo, indeed.

I'd say don't paint it. Should you EVER want to sell it, you'd get more in the original condition. But on the other hand, pink IS your color! Like a FAG wanna be, if it makes you happy, paint it!

Enjoy your treasures!

Big Sis

Dana said...

Hi Terry lee, I say paint it! Love that you FAGS have FAG rings-too funny!
The Monkees?! When we were kids we would play house and fight over who got Davy to be our husband! haha
I too, love the roses painting.
Enjoy your new baby!