Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blog Busy-ness

hey y'all,

just wanted to take care of a little blog business before i post again about my most recent treasure hunts.

first up, i want to announce ... that ... ahem ... i ... well ... i WON my very first BLOG AWARD! it is from betty over at blossoms and lace! thank you SO much betty for thinking of me and especially for thinking that i would even deserve such an award! i am honored and touched ... thanks again, betty.

The Splash Award is given to "Alluring ... Amusing ... Inspiring ... Bewitching and Impressive" Blogs

secondly, i want to share some more exciting news with you. if you've been reading my blog for awhile (and if you haven't, catch up!!), you know how wild i am about the creative magic of my dear friend sue, aka vintagesue. she used to have a booth at crafter's corner over in the cave. okay i mean cove. but she recently moved to maryland and so i (and many other texas vintagesue fanatics) have been suffering from the dreaded sue withdrawals. it's awful and v. damn painful, let me tell you. yes, i was/am addicted to her loot. i admit it. i'm sick and weak and need her stuff.

okay, so where's the good news in THAT?! i'll tell you if you'll stop interrupting. heh heh. vintagesue, bless her heart, is now selling "lot boxes" of her loot and shipping to anywhere in the country. that would be THIS country, which is, of course, the not-so-united states. of. america. which includes texas, i might add.

i'd like to invite you to visit her website for a preview of some of the yummy items you could receive in one of her lot boxes. you'll see all manner of lovelies such as vintage plates, gorgeous vintage linens and fabric, vintage cards, buttons, notions, lace, jewelry, baubles and on and on. check it out. you'll love yourself for it! click on the vintagesue icon to the right!

and that, my dearies, concludes my blog business. any new business? yes! i went FAGGING today and oh dear lord, did we get into some serious junking/treasures/bargains! think frank sinatra, dean martin and other oldies crooning from a vintage hi-fi. but all that'll have to wait till next time. :-)

love and hugs,
terry lee

the following were taken recently on my sabbatical up north somewhere. enjoy! :-)


Dana said...

Hi Terrylee! Oh yes, I was having some SERIOUS vintagesue withdrawls myself until I got my lot box! It was so much fun and it SATISFIED a very SERIOUS junk fix!! It had SO MUCH stuff in it! I am having so much fun playing with it all.
I am so jealous of you and your fagging friends being able to go junking-can't wait to see what ya got!

vintagesue said...

thanks terry lee for the vintagesue plug!!!!!!!! i miss y'all in texas....i do. you texas girls get it and then you get it again. no weird odd "did you buy the whole store?" comments like i get up here!!!! just pure junk fanatisism (did i spell that right?).
congrats on your award. you stories are one of a know that....and you make us all laugh. you say what we want to say and still make us laugh. thanks.....
having a hot flash...need a sip of beer....
take care

sixtiesfanjan said...

Congratulations on the award, Terry Lee! Very exciting. I love the new background you are using, too.