Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Don't Ax, Don't Tell

hey y'all,

can't believe this week has flown by so quickly and i've yet to post about last weekend's FAGGING adventures! i'm sure you've all been sitting around, just holding your breath, waiting for me to write something new, eh? go on, admit it. heh heh

yes, we the FAGs took to the streets of central texas, mainly focusing on an estate sale in belton and yard sales in killeen's bedroom community of harker heights. i use that phrase (bedroom community) only because i know they hate it and would get their hackers up IF somebody from harker heights happened to read this blog, which is highly unlikely.

anyhow, before leaving my neighborhood, we decided to hit a sale that was only a couple of blocks away. for some reason, the girls had marco stupid polo (of last weekend's estate sale) on the brain.

"we should go track down marco and see if he has anything left to sell us," one of them joked.

later, the other one expressed a similar sentiment. i, on the other hand, had no interest in seeing the #*%@&%^ ever again. i mean, i'm v. pleased with my stereo but the drama and hassle that he and his sidekick put us through was most unpleasant.

so we drove to the neighborhood sale ... and ... and ... nothing. nobody there. jannetta checked my list (which i purposefully prepared the night before) and sure enough! it was a "friday only" sale. as it was saturday morning, we were a tad late.

as we turned around to head out of the neighborhood, we all three noticed a man standing outside, sucking on a ciggie. i did a double take just as jannetta and/or bonnie blurted out, "that looks like marco!!"

i was driving, but that rarely deters me from attending to important matters at hand. i rubbernecked to get another look at him.




it WAS marco!

brakes squealed. i shifted to reverse and drove backwards, while rolling down the windows, until we were flush with mr. marco. by then, he was eyeing us with trepidation and some well-deserved suspicion.

"hey mar-co!!!" we shouted out the windows.

then i saw the look of recognition in his eyes. drats!

"oh! it's YOU ladies! are y'all out yard sale shopping again?"

we made nice and he asked if i was enjoying the stereo.

but by then, the initial scare of us being possible ax murderers had passed and it was no longer entertaining. we lost interest in him quickly.

after all, we DO have more important things to do than harassing arrogant SOBs who think we're clueless women who will believe whatever bullsh!t falls out of their mouths.

but, umm, ah. i digress.

the belton estate sale was interesting, if not terribly productive. got some sweet little plates/saucers with pink flowers on them. also a precious vintage blue bird that plays a lullaby when you pull the string. tooooo sweet. i think bonnie got some man tools. er, that means tools that aren't pink.

we stopped at several sales in heights. the last one of the day is where i hit paydirt. the lady had obviously overbought stamping and crafting supplies ... and was trying to unload much of it. her prices were hefty for a yard sale, but considering that so many of the stamps were brand new, the prices were excellent ... especially compared to hobby lobby.

also, after i made my selections (a paris themed stamp kit and a few other items), i asked for a discount on my total. she seemed happy to oblige. you just never know unless you ax. heh heh

as i was paying the lady, she noticed our FAG rings and asked about them. we explained that we are close friends who love to go junking together. she was impressed that we had rings. i didn't have the nerve to tell her our group name because, er, she had a partner, of sorts, there with her and i certainly didn't want to offend anyone.

having heard our conversation about collecting vintage junk, her partner pointed out a lamp she was trying to sell. whaaaa?!?! i didn't SEE that lamp?! it was a gorgeous vintage lamp and PINK to boot! ohmygawd. and she only wanted $2 for it. sold!

we loaded up our treasures and headed our merry selves to the nearest restaurant for food and our beverage of choice.

who could ax for more? this is why, i believe, God made saturdays.

love and hugs,
terry lee
vintage, musical, blue baby bird from fisher price

if you look closely at the bottom, you can see it's from 1968. the lady selling it, for a mere 50 cents, said it hung over her daughter's crib. (!!!) can't believe she didn't keep it or give it to her daughter. oh well, it's mine mine mine now.

simply precious!! and he's sooo happy to be with my other birds! every day he sings, "gee, it's good to be here!! gee, it's good to be here!"

got these three tins of lovelies at one of the last sales on saturday. brand new paris stamps with ink pad, ABC labels/stickers and parisian labels/stickers.

my pink paris-themed stamp set sitting pretty on a paris hat box on a pink chair

inside, brand new paris-themed stamps with ink pad ... for a song!!!

samples of the paris labels/stickers. oooh la la!!

close up of one of the paris labels/stickers

examples of the ABC cards/labels. they're new but have such cool vintage pics on them! take a closer look!

got this extra cool pink vintage lamp (for $2!!!) at the same sale. isn't she lovely? isn't she wonderful?!

sweet pink flower-lined linen with flower box on top. perfect place for my "new" pink retro lamp!


Dana said...

Seriously, Terry lee, I would NEVER be able to go shopping with you! We like the SAME things!!
You FAGS sure got attitude!! Sounds like y'all had a good time. Love your background and banner!

sixtiesfanjan said...

Great finds, Terry Lee. I especially love that pink vintage lamp. I'm so glad you saw it before it was too late. :)

vintagesue said...

i was just hanging on to the edge of my seat...holding my breath...waiting and waiting in anticipation of a FAG report. glad it came today....i was almost out of breath.
i love your stories. they are priceless....
just get tee shirts that say FAGGING and let folks scratch their heads....they may give stuff to you free, hoping you will leave.
i love that lamp. can a woman have too many lamps? i just hit a yard sale this weekend and came home with 4 lamps. what is my problem? if i still had a booth, they would be in there. they are adorable.
i miss my booth!!!!!!
thanks for the laugh.
cheers or should i say....cheep....