Monday, November 9, 2009

An Affair to Remember

hey y'all,

i wrote this blog on the morning of the fort hood tragedy and then lost all heart in posting it. but i offer it up to you now with lots of thanks for the precious sentiments of love, thoughts and prayers for the families of this community.

it's been a slow week, inasmuch as i haven't gotten anything accomplished. okay, i've been terribly preoccupied with my new toy, the vintage stereo i found last weekend (see previous blog for all the gory details, if you dare).

oh. dear. lord. is it FUN!

i realize that the new millennium (albeit a decade old) has ushered in all manner of new-fangled gadgetry ... digital music, mp3, ipods, blah blah blah. and believe me, i'm just as thrilled with my iphone as the next guy.

but there's something to be said for the sound of a record dropping, the needle catching the groove and then ... there it is. the music you listened to when life was young and tender and you still believed in fairy tale endings.

sure, a little scratchy. not quite as clear and pristine and sterilized as the digital music of today. but that's okay. this is the music (scratchiness and all) that's been etched into our memories, our hearts for years. i had forgotten what it sounded like ... what it felt like ... until i put the first record on.

my hubby (who shook his head and grumbled when he had to unload my camry last weekend) had all but ignored the white elephant sitting in the living room. but when he heard glen campbell's voice, he casually strolled over to the stereo and picked up the album cover.

him: "hmmm. this album has "crying" on it."

me: "would you like to hear that song?"

him: "no, it's on the other side."

me: "i think i remember how to flip the record, dear."

him: "no, it's too much trouble."

so i get up (i'm at the computer of course), flip the record over and place the needle at the beginning of "crying". he stands there, listening ... listening ... perusing the album cover ... and then i hear him singing along!!

he likes it! hey mikey!!

i walk back over to him and take his hand. we sing the rest of the song together while dancing, slowly 'round the room.

yep. it's a keeper. which means i'll be painting it very soon. :-)

i made this little video just for y'all. it's nat king cole singing an affair to remember. love, love, love his music. i panned around a bit to show some of the LPs and 8 track tapes i got with the stereo. kinda boring ... but keep an eye out for the pink kit kat clock!! she's plugged in and watching for you! :-)

love and hugs,
terry lee


sixtiesfanjan said...

Great video, Terry Lee. We had a couple of those Christmas albums, too. I listened to them a lot during the Chrismtas season when I was growing up.

Dana said...

Okay, the "white elephant" isn't about the sound quality-it's about the memories that the sound evokes, right? 'Cause instantly when I started hearing the record play, I thought of when I listened to Linda Ronstadt on my turntable way back when. Then your video showed that you have Linda Ronstadt!!! How awesome is that! Have fun! (You're No Good is now stuck in my head)