Monday, November 16, 2009

Counting Flowers on the Wall

hey y'all,

wow, the weather is really autumnal today! am lovin' it! and let me correct myself (!!!) on something i wrote earlier about texas trees. we DO have some beautiful trees that have leaves that DO change gorgeous colors in the fall. they just happen to be the exception rather than the rule (as opposed to the northland, as you yankees call it).

anyway, it's a lovely day (albeit a bit breeeezy) in central texas. wish you all could be here to enjoy it with me.

2/3 of the FAGs were out yard sale hopping this weekend. yes, hopping. you know, hop from one sale to the next. we lucked out a few times and found multiple sales in the same neighborhoods.

i found some fun treasures, but i'm proud to report that i also found some everyday, utilitarian items for pennies! such as a new, full bag of glue(gun) sticks for 10 cents and a ridiculously obscene amount of floral styrofoam for $1. i use a lot of it in the vases on my parents' and grandparents' headstones. bless their souls.

also picked up a few LPs for my retro stereo. a box set of the statler brothers ("smokin' cigarettes and watchin' captain kangaroo ... now don't tell me, i've nothing to do"), a box set of marty robbins (one of my mom's faves), a patsy cline and a couple more that i won't mention because well, what can you say about a k-tel record?! remember them?! heheh.

since it takes me about a bazillion years to upload my pics, i'll cease my jibber-jabbering and get to business. hope you enjoy.

love and hugs,
terry lee
this is prolly one of my fave pieces from the weekend. a 50 cent something-or-another. i don't really have a clue. looks like it had a top at one time. but i'm such a sucker for roses, i had to buy it and give it a loving home ...

i stuck a flower in it. lovely.

picked up this little cutie for 50 cents also. sweet pillow.

bonnie found this book for me. it has pages and pages of beautiful victorian pictures! below are just a sampling:


ahhh, looks like love! am afraid he's gonna miss the apple!! yikes. ;-)


awww!! love this one! babies are sooo special. i think the FOB looks like a young bob hope, no?




am running out of adjectives!

so let's go back to my whatchacallit. i'm in LOVE with this little thing!

okay, here's something unusual. not sure what you call it, but i'm certain it's meant to hang on your wall. and it's v. damn heavy. the guy who sold it to me (for $1) said it's from the 50s (??). he can say it's from outer space, but that doesn't make it true. however, it does look old and from that era. it has two little victorian-esque pics on the red velvet thingy in the middle. close ups below. i can see this piece all shabbied up with pink paint on the frame, glitter, pearls or other bling inside surrounding the velvet thingy. i don't like that velvet thingy. perhaps i'll cover it in glitter?? can you paint velvety thingies?!?!

pretty cool, eh?

i really like these pics.

am lovin' this sweeeet pink bag. it's actually a puppy carrier, but wasn't used for that. got it for $1.50!


Dana said...

ooooo I love the vase! I also love the pillow, the bag and the pictures in the book are so sweet! You will have to show us what you end up doing with the heavy wall thingy. (Geez I used to be a teacher?)
ahem-I remember k-tel records!

vintagesue said...

okay...i think the vase was a lamp maybe??? lovely....are those photos me being sweet with the kids and pouring them some tea???? i don't think so.
that victorian book has collage written all over it!!!!
and can have that crazy texas wind. i don't miss it at all....well....maybe at night. i would listen to my wind chimes and they sounded like church bells they shook so much!!!
glad you had a chance to FAG. that just sounds personal.
take care terry lee and thanks again for writing such a fun post.