Tuesday, September 29, 2009

25 years + love + junking = good times

hey y'all,

well, we moved on from birthday celebrations to wedding anniversary celebrations here in my neck of the woods.

my dear friend (and fellow FAG) jannetta and her hubby richard celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on sunday. congrats again, mr. and mrs. kattner!

i was honored and pleased to share in this celebration by helping with table decorations and being one of the photogs for the event. i think the bride and groom had a wonderful time with family and friends for this very special occasion.

now, on saturday, i did squeak in some junking. first stop, an estate sale here in killeen. found some v. sweet vintage linens and a precious pink kit cat klock from the 50s. woohoo! it's electric, so i plugged her in and sure enough, she worked! sold!

icing on the cake: the lady marked her down by half because one eye was wonky. i can fix that easily and was thrilled to take her home with me!

second stop was the garage sale at the bob gilmore senior citizens center. not much shakin' there, but i did spend all of 60 cents for some pretty hangers and a sweet vintage tablecloth.

october's almost here! can't wait for pumpkins and cooler weather and leaves changing colors ... not that it ever gets too cool or colorful here in central texas. but a girl can dream, no?

love and hugs,
terry lee

the happy couple

the gorgeous and delicious anniversary cake

the loving couple feed each other a piece of cake

uh, well, make that SHOVE a piece to each other!

the tables ... with the picture on a stick craft i made for the vases

scanned their wedding picture from the invitation, edited it, glued it to a silver-ribboned dowel, added some sugar glitter to bling it up and there you have it!

one for each table ... a great conversation piece too

the bride poses with moi

wouldn't be complete without the three of us together! The FAGs!


love the colors and patterns on these vintage pillow cases!!

soooo pretty!


sweet hangers to hang sweet vintage slips or dresses or linens ...

here it is, the precious little pink kit cat klock!!

love the rhinestone bling on her!

meow ... tick tock ... meow

got this lovely crotcheted doily with pink edges for 25 cents!!

believe it or not, something that's not pink! but it's adorable ... vintage table cloth

more of the vintage linens ... gorgeous

embroidered yellow roses on pillowcase

yummy pink roses ... ohmygosh, i love them!

they're difficult to see, but there are two swans (ducks?) embroidered on this one


Dana said...

Hi Terry Lee!
Looks like the anniversary party was fun! Girl, we could never go shopping together because I wonder how long it would take before we would stop being gracious to each other for wanting the same things!! haha! the mutual love of pink and vintage linens-well, it could get ugly and who wants that? haha

Betty said...

Great finds Terry Lee, Love that pink cat!!

vintagesue said...

meow...le pink chat. love it. happy anniversary to jannetta!! looks like tons of fun.
i have been on a linen kick myself. now that you have all those great linens, you can buy a sew machine and feel as helpless as i do. i don't get it? sewing is not my thing, but i love to do it. go figure. it's like singing. i can sing and sing, but i suck at it.
hi to the FAGS for me.
take care

Rose Garden Romantic said...

LOVE your kit cat clock!!! I have never seen a pink one with rhinestones!! Pretty linens, too!!

sixtiesfanjan said...

LOL! Loved how you used the phrase "hermitize myself" just like Ernest T. Bass. :) Great finds, too, Terry Lee.