Monday, September 14, 2009

just three things

hey y'all!

sooo much to blog about, so little time. and i'm not even "working"! whaaa?! you think i lie around the house all day, eating bon-bons and watching the telly?

not so, gentle readers.

aside from home-schooling my son (!!!), i also have many blogs that i must visit each day (am frickin' addicted to cakewrecks !). Not to mention the sundry other household chores that belong to the everyday housewife. ah, such are the dreams!

but umm, what i wanted to say is that there are several things on my mind right now ... a few of which i can and shall share with you now.

numero uno: I GOT AN IPHONE LAST WEEK!!!!!!. ohmygawd, people. this little gadget is amazing! and honestly, it's a freaking full-time job. so much to learn about this yummy little piece of tech candy!!

can you tell i love it? most of us never could've imagined the internet (a series of tubes), much less this thing, which can do almost everything except make your bed and do the laundry.

but my dear hubby already does all that for me. yes, ladies. it's true (don't hate me because i'm beautiful, hate me because i have a better hubby ... hahaha).

numero dos: once upon a time, long, long ago, in another world, there lived a young princess, her husband and their two very young babes. though they were living in a middle-class neighborhood in a modest three bedroom house, they were having great difficulties due to economic and financial strains.

the princess was attending college to become a nurse and her husband was relying on sales commissions to provide for his family. there were many days when the young princess feared for her children's well-being because there might not be food on the table (or in the bottle) for them.

as it happens, circumstances improved for the princess and her family ... and they moved on to bigger and better things. but for the rest of her life, tragically, the princess would be plagued with horrific nightmares about that house in which they lived.

nearly 25 years passed and many, many changes occurred in the princess' life. but she never forgot that house. one day, the princess' daughter noticed that the house was vacant and had a "for rent" sign in front of it. the daughter longed to visit her first childhood home, having many happy memories of living there.

the princess was gobsmacked. "happy memories? but we were so poor! i worried every day about feeding you! it was an awful time in our lives! how could you have happy memories?!"

the daughter replied, "but i don't remember any of that. i remember having wonderful birthday parties there ... and the teddy bear birthday cake you made for me! playing in the backyard with my brother ... that tiny blueberry muffin doll and all my care bears! and swimming in our little pool while you watched us from the porch. i didn't know about anything else."

the princess knew two things at that moment: her daughter would see her childhood home again. and she was ready to face the demons of her past. maybe this would quieten, if not quell her chronic nightmares.

a quick signature and photo ID secured the house key. her daughter opened the door and walked in first. the princess followed, taking in deep breaths. "it's just a house. it can't hurt you now," she silently reminded herself.

the princess and her daughter walked from room to room, amazed at how much time had passed since they had lived within those walls. so much had changed, yet so much was the same. memories evoked, tears shed, demons exorcised and laughter shared, the princess and her daughter were better for having come to this place.

pictures below.

numero tres: JUNKING this weekend! the friends of the library had their annual rummage sale at the community center on saturday. despite the pouring (or was it drizzling, benjamin?) rain, hubs and i schlepped out to the sale. at the very unprincess-like hour of 8:00am.

now, if you've been following my blog for a while, you might remember that i attended this sale last year. and i must say, it was better last year. however, i did find a few cute little things that i couldn't live without.

we also trekked over to cove's GW bargain barn, against hubby's wishes and better judgment. it was still raining. and i picked up a few things there also. so in spite of the weather, i did manage to slake my thirst for junk with the few pieces that i found.

enjoy the rain, my fellow central texans. we sure needed it! the rest of yous guys, i don't know what your weather is. but i bet i could find out on my iphone! :-)

love and hugs,
terry lee

oh yes, she did. took pics of the new iphone!

pink cover, of course! isn't it wonderful?

lovely pink wallpaper flower too!

i'm rather intrigued with the juxtaposition of technology and my vintage dinner ware!


daughter (tara) in front of the house of her first 6 years

tara in the living room

backyard memories

hallway of house ... love the old phone nook in the wall. this isn't so scary. it's just a house, chock full of memories.

tara standing in her very first bedroom (nursery)


precious linen piece with chicks and eggs embroidery. LOVE it. 25 cents from the library rummage sale.

close up of sweet chicks

found this little wall shelf at the barn. loved the details of the design. will get painted pink or antique white, of course. also got the two little saucers at the library sale. 25 cents each.

this isn't an old shelf ... in fact i think it had a ross sticker on it ... but i really liked the shape and size. will paint it out pink or country white and display some of my vintage plates on it. behind the shelf is a sweet small piece of luggage from the barn. it'll get painted too.

this adorable little hanger (you can't tell in the pic, but it's pretty small)was FREE at the library rummage sale. i've no idea why ... the guy just said i could have it with the rest of my items. probably my "cute little baby face" made him say it.

too cute pink purse with lots of blingy appeal. love it. 75 cents at barn.

this purse really caught my eye. love the denim and floral print, the fringes and fru fru. i'm pretty sure it was handmade. the name "jan" was stitched on the inside (sorry jan, i'm keepin' it!) :-) 75 cents, bargain barn.


Anonymous said...

Very sweet fairy tale story...loved it!!! The lovely princess in the story is to this day the sweetest and most fair lady and mother in the land. Thank you for all the wonderful memories you made so special for me in that small humble castle, and in the future castles to come. :-D PS-I love your Iphone in the lovely antiques!


(Princess' daughter...)

Dana said...

Hi Terry lee!
The iphone is cool-I am happy for you- although I don't know what it is exactly. (I know it's a cell phone-but I don't know what else it does).
How awesome that Tara has sweet memories of the house- when you, well-not so much.
I am COVETING the chicken hankie-I have a good collection, but your chicken one is awesome.
But my favorite pics of all is your dish collection-beautiful!

Betty said...

Glad you and your daughter could visit her first home, and so glad her memories are all sweet ones. Love your thrifting finds, and congrats on the new iphone. A lot of this technology has me stumped, and the iphone is one of them. So congrats on being able to use it too!! Have a good day.

vintagesue said...

this post was the best!!! you need to publish your blog posts to pay for food on the table now!!! you would eat like a queen.
loving the photos of miss phone. or is she miss I or miss i own a phone? whatever...she is the new princess, right? give her a little crown of jewels and dress her up with some bling.
now you can enjoy my blog no matter where you at.
did i just make it all about me?
tell the FAGS hello and your family too.
it is moving slow for me here. i'm missing that little damn booth sooooo much.
take it easy and thanks for such a good read.

mizmollye said...

Sometimes a good walk back into the past frees us to really be in the here and now. Glad you took the journey together. Nothing stronger or more precious than the love between Momma and her girl. Hugs, Mollye

janie said...

terry.. i love your blogs.. enjoy reading them. i feel like i am reading a short story book with alot of detail.. you honestly should write a book! thanks for sharing your life and thoughts with us through blogs and photos.