Wednesday, October 7, 2009


hey y'all,

the thing about living in the town in which you grew up, is that you tend to see people you know almost every where you go. and if you're like me, that isn't always a grand thing.

i mean, don't get me wrong. i don't always mind seeing people i've known in the past, but as i've said before, when i'm junking i really want to stay focused on The Hunt, ya know?

last friday, i noticed a craigslist listing for an estate sale not too far from home. i figured i'd nip over there, quickly, and take a look-see. when i drove up to the house, my junk radar starting blipping off the charts when i spotted a vintage white wicker chair out on the driveway.

since the sale lady was watching me, i eased out of my car and nonchalantly walked over to the chair (note: never appear too anxious to get to an item). the price tag read $10. wow. a beauty and a bargain! after i told the lady i wanted it, i asked if she'd take less. she agreed to $7, so i was fairly proud of myself before i even got into the house.

in hindsight, i should've just taken my wicker (or hickory, as matt says) chair, paid my 7 bucks and got in my car. but nooo, curious george had to investigate the house. not much going on inside, but the woman in there struck up a conversation with me and lo and behold (!!!) we knew each other.

the upshot is she chatted me up for much longer than i would've liked. i did find a sweet pinkish peachy table cloth with white roses on it for a buck, but i could've lived without it had i known it would've cost me half an hour.

on saturday, bonnie and i made the yard sale rounds in lometa, lampasas and cove. lometa had a community center thing happening with a "bonus" sale across the street run by the eastern stars.

not one for bypassing a sale, after we visited the community center (where we did find a few things including breakfast burritos and yummy cupcakes!), we crossed the street like good little chickens to see what the ES ladies were up to.

it was D.E.A.D. i can't believe they had the gall to even call it a sale. they had almost nothing in the room. however, it was in an old building with hardwood floors that creaked (that alone made it worth crossing the street). when we were leaving, the ladies thanked us for coming by. on a foolish whim, i decided to inform one of the old ladies that my father had been a mason.

she just gave me a blank stare (which lasted much longer than truly necessary) and a slight nod then turned away from me.


i guess i thought it would please them to know such a thing. you know, masons, eastern stars and the like. i thought they had some kind of secret code or something and might appreciate knowing this information.


obviously not. or maybe she was just too old (or tired) to care. i can relate.

moving on. when we drove through lampasas we stopped at a sale that was advertised as "seized property" in a warehouse. we were fine until we walked in. both of us sensed bad karma immediately. it was crowded with cranky people and crying kids. ugh.

still. we trudged through it until i found two jewelry cases filled with goodies, just waiting on me. bon joined me in a bit and we took over the area, sorting and sifting through the bling.

happy we were, in our little space. until this woman approached me on my left and reached over me to pluck a beaded bracelet from the stash. whaa?! we were here first!!! tick tock the game was LOCKED. sheesh. some people do NOT have any sense of junk sale propriety.

she could tell i was irked so i guess that's why she moved to the other side of bonnie. unbeknownst to me, the woman asked her, "can i see this case?"

bonnie replied, "when we're finished."

the woman persisted, "well, could you move?"

bonnie said, "when i'm ready." (you GO girl!)

i didn't know about this exchange until after we left or i would've kicked her skinny jeaned arse into next week (like i know how to fight. heh heh).

what is WRONG with people?!?!?!

my hubby says i need to control my anger. but i say, why is it MY fault that other people are so stupid and irritating?!?!

{closing my eyes and thinking positive thoughts}




i think i need a sabbatical. if you don't hear from me for a while, don't be alarmed. i might have to crawl into a cave somewhere and hermitize myself. until the next estate sale, that is. :-)

love and hugs to y'all,
terry lee

here's my $7 white wicker chair from the estate sale. love it!

this was the only thing going for the eastern stars and their pitiful little sale. a cool old sewing pattern (a girdle?!) for a dime

and for those of you who missed it the first time around, let's take a closer look: it includes a crotch piece!! as opposed to not having a crotch piece?! whaaa?

sweet southern belle linen

one of my fave pieces ... a pretty pink necklace. i think it was 50cents.

blue! bling! v. sweet flower earrings

found this old shaker at the catholic church jumble on saturday. like i needed another shaker.

got this sad little pink bird at the same sale. she needed rescuing from the catholics. heh heh (just kidding all you dear catholic folks out there!)

now this is my very favorite piece of the weekend treasures. got it at a different church sale, in lampasas. a vintage lady's jacket. i would say it's a bed jacket except for the furry cuffs. but isn't it lovely?

close up of tag on jacket

furry cuff ... wonder if it's wabbit? it sure shed a lot of hare on me. heh heh

darling set of cameo earrings!

a precious laura ashley scarf/linen with gorgeous roses. gorgeous. it would've been a dime, but the lady didn't have change for my quarter, so she gave it to me. even better.

love, love, love the colors, roses, fabric, lace!!


Dana said...

Hi Terry Lee,
The wicker chair is wonderful. I lost one due to the carelessness of pro movers who flung it and 2 adirondack chairs onto the truck. People!!

libbyquilter said...

whoa~!~ you are one focused woman when you're out there shopping~!~ i agree with your husband: be nice~!!~
love the chair and the shaker (can one have too many of either~!?!~) but not so sure about the girdle pattern . . .


p.s. the cameo earrings are sweet too~!~

vintagesue said...

terry lee...i miss you. i miss you and my crazy booth and the FAGS. you crack me up!! that is why i worked ALONE and for MYSELF when i had the booth. i get it. i could chat w/customers as they came in which was wonderful, but then after that....i was back home in my back yard painting stuff ALONE. it was the only way i could stay focused and knock out all those projects. i get it. i do.
same thing when i shop. it's like studying for a test. i need to just focus on what i am looking for and and then get stuff and go. i don't browse or chat very much....just dig, shop, focus and get really excited and intense about what i am buying. sometimes i'll blah, blah, blah....but it distracts me from the hunt and takes too much time. that is why i go to sales late....too many folks shoppin get me all stressed out.
next time i use the sewing machine, i'll sew a girdle with a crotch pad in in. what the heck is that about? time you go FAGGING or barnstorming or whatever....just put on dark sunglasses and don't make eye contact and....and don't forget your crotch pad. if you do, let folks know it and they will run 100 miles away from you.

Anonymous said...
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texasdaisey said...

Looks like you made out pretty good on your junking trip. Wow on the chair. Those seem to be hard to come by. Love the jewelry too.

mizmollye said...

Hey girly woman, I am so glad my radar made me stop at your blog first thing this morning, because I needed a laugh and a shaking up to not be too serious today! As usual you found yourself some great stuff and I myself have to work on the same type of comebacks to folks and I always say I got it from my momma but still ............... I am trying to be better today but ya know some people just have the inborn knack of rubbing you the wrong way over just anything. I feel your pain sister. Have a good one, Mollye and the crotched panties.........gotta love em. Obviously invented by a spinster woman teeheeeeeeee!

Betty said...

Love that wicker chair, and all that bling!! What great finds, and that crotched girdle?? LOL oh my goodness, the things they come up with!! (or left out??!!).
You take care girl, and enjoy those sales. Maybe you could grab those dark sunglasses and get you a blue punk wig to wear when going, people would probly run the other way then!!

Betty said...

Hey terry lee, wanted to let you know I had an award for you on my blog if you want to stop by and pick it up. Have a great day!

Mollye said...

Where Are You??????????????????????