Thursday, September 3, 2009

good medicine

hey y'all,

thanks for all the encouraging and uplifting comments (and emails) after my last post. this week has gone a bit more smoothly. in fact, i had a wonderful luncheon yesterday with some former colleagues and dear, old friends. uh, old meaning i've known them a long time. not their age. :-)

we hadn't seen each other in a while and had lots of catching up to do. four hours later, we were still sitting at our table. the lunch crowd had completely cleared and the restaurant was empty except for us.

what do four veteran school nurses have to talk about? i can't say. i mean, of course i could tell you. but then i'd have to kill you. and since one of them threatened me if i quoted anything she said (i won't name names, but her initials are BC,RN), i shall not reveal any of our top secret gossip. i mean, discussion.

i will say this. we had a blast. next to my beloved FAGs, these are some of the very best ladies i've ever had the pleasure to know, work with, and befriend.

it was good medicine for me. truly. women need the friendship and companionship of other women. and since we've all dedicated our professional lives to nursing, the bond is just that much stronger. i love these ladies.

they've seen me through the many trials (and joys) of school nursing, they loved me and prayed me through the death of my mother, the birth of my last baby, my divorce, my breast cancer diagnosis and treatments, my hysterectomy ... and well, you get the idea.

these dear ones are very special ladies whom i respect, appreciate and love. i'm very thankful to have worked side by side with them for many years and treasure their continued friendship.

what? no junking stories?! stay tuned. i plan to hit some yard sales this weekend!! but not before donning a baseball cap and dark sunglasses! haha (if you don't understand this comment, see previous post).

love and hugs,
terry lee

group picture!

three of the BEST school nurses in the world. CCISD, eat. your. heart. out.


Dana said...

Hello Terry lee,
I am so glad you girls had a good time!! I've always admired nurses-they work so hard and frankly, I can't deal with blood and body parts! Glad there's people like you and your friends that can!
Happy garage sale-ing incognito!

sixtiesfanjan said...

Aww, Gal Pals are terrific, aren't they? I'm sure y'all just sat around and discussed how the thigh bone's connected to the hip bone and other high falutin' medical stuff like that. LOL! It sounds like a great time was had by all.

Betty said...

Hi Terry glad this week is better for you. Friends are so important in our lives,and its so great when the friendship lasts for years. This has been my week for puter problems but think it is fixed now. Posted my salt and pepper, and just wanted to say thanks again and I'm so pleased with them. Have a good week!!

mizmollye said...

It just don't get no better huh?

libbyquilter said...

have come by your blog from a link on Betty's and am so glad that i stopped by~!~as this looks to be my kind of place~!!~
the salt and pepper shakers were just so cute and your presentation of them was delightful~!!!!~

this post delightfully reminds me that good friends are such treasures and time spent with them priceless~!!!~


denise said...

Howdy :-)
I saw you on Cake Wrecks... as you are a breast cancer Survivor and nurse, I'd appreciate if you would share my site. I am fighting metatastic breast cancer, without health insurance.
With Hope and Faith,
Surviving breast cancer...