Sunday, September 20, 2009

celebrating my virgos

hey y'all!

that time of year has arrived again. woohoo for the virgos in my life!

my hubby turned @# years old this weekend and my daughter turned 27 today. happy, happy birthday to both of you!

as i said last year, it's always a bit of a crunch for me, the birthday maker, having two special birthdays back to back.

but being the sup-p-per troup-p-per that i am, everything fell into place and the birthday boy and girl seemed to have a grand ol' time.

after the celebrating, i usually fall into bed for a week of recovery. just kidding, folks. it's only for a couple of days.

this year was more low-key. maybe because i'm older. maybe others are expecting less from me. i don't know. but i certainly don't feel the intense stress that i have in years past.

blah blah blah. enough about the birthdays.

this weekend i barnstormed and uncovered a few very nifty treasures. an awesome vintage suitcase in great shape, complete with a couple of old travel stickers still on it, one of which is from TCA (trans canada airlines, which was founded in 1936 and became known as air canada in 1965). amazing what you can learn on the interwebs. ;-)

the FAGs and i also hit a yard sale out in the cave, i mean cove, that was fantastic, if you were looking for arts and craft supplies. an art teacher was unloading all her crap and oh. my. gawd. she had some good stuff!

mod podge, stamps, old flash cards, paints and the piece de resistance, a samsonite travel bag CHOCK full of vintage (oldest from 1905-1960s) art books and magazines. i briefly perused them after i got home and they are filled with gorgeous vintage pictures!

made out like a bandit too. my total was $3.50!!

i love it when a plan comes together: junking + FAGs + bargains = happy me.

love and hugs,
terry lee


birthday boy smiles with his cake. only used one candle due to fire safety concerns. haha

birthday girl with her cake ... so sweet.


i simply adore this old piece. you can tell it was well used and appreciated. sue, what do i DO with it now?!

spread of awesome vintage art books

love this vintage lady!!

the oldest of the pieces, this magazine is from october 1905. woman's home companion.

great vintage ad from the magazine. uh, rust-proof corset?! what were they made of anyhow?!

cause and effect, my arse. can't believe women wore these!!



Anonymous said...

hey that old guy looks great. let me know when yr ready to trade him in.
an interested uh friend

Terry Lee said...

he does look great, doesn't he? for a grumpy old man. heehee (happy bday, sweetie).


Dana said...

Hi Terry Lee,
Love the vintage suitcase. I've always loved travel stickers too. I remember when I was little I was in awe of stewardesses' outfits and hairdo-s. (how does one "pluralize" the word "hairdo"?). You and your friends must have had a good time finding such good treasures. and . . .
Hmm-I'm craving cake all of a sudden.

Betty said...

Happy birthday to your virgos. Glad you all had a great time. Love your finds, I bet those books and magazines will keep you occupied for hours. Have a good week.

mizmollye said...

Happy B'day to your hubs and sweet daughter! Girrrrrrrrrrl did you make out like a bandit or what!!! I tell you these gals in Louisiana just must hoard their old stuff because never never never do I find anything good like that except up in the attic of our house where my mother-in-law stuffed everything since 1959. Last week Punkin was up there to retrieve his drill he had left up there after his last electrical project and because he was needing to do another one soooooooo while up there he threw down to me two more magazines. One a Saturday Evening Post dated Nove. 1967 and on the cover was a very young Bobby Kennedy with three of his youngest babes all under three feet high and among the rat holes and mouse turds was very delightful but careful reading. Amazing! Have a good week and I know you'll come up with a real prize of a project with your suitcase and if not, let me know, and I will pay the shipping for you to send it over here! LOL

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww....I just NOW read your Virgo blog!!! Very always do make this time of year so special and beautiful for me....ever since I was a little baby like in that adorable picture....thank you for opening my toy blocks and everything since then! :-D Thank you so much! I love you, Mom. Oh and PS-I love the vintage suitcase, oh the places it has been! Haha, and I loved the vintage art awesome.

JKW said...

Happy Birthday to hubby and daughter. umm, 'How to Draw a Head' book, I have that, that's not vintage -- that would make me, umm, no that's not vintage (not funny) :) Blessings, Janet

libbyquilter said...

the vintage mags and books are awesome~!!~
nice find.