Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rosemary's Ephemera

hey y'all,

sure meant to get this posted sooner, but as of late, i've been remiss in my blogging duties. which says a lot, actually. if blogging is a duty, then something's wrong.

i confided in a friend recently that i've lost some of my motivation and desire for blogging. don't panic, all you terrylee fans out there (hahaha)! it's just a phase. y'all know how much i love to gab, jibber jabber and otherwise carry-on about the things i do, the people i see and the treasures i find on the junkin' trail.

anyhow, i've actually done quite a bit o' junking lately. weekend before last, my daughter tara and i went out together for a "mommy and me" day (heh heh ... she's 28) and had loads of fun. that girl of mine. she's a hoot. kept me in stitches most of the day.

we found the awesome-est estate sale in lampasas! whew, it was a junker's paradise! i got tons of ephemera and other vintage goodies of which i can not recall at the moment. when i upload the pics, i shall be reminded.

okay, pics are uploaded and now i remember! oh. my. gawd. the owners of this estate (now deceased) were international travelers and collectors of all things. yes, all things. you would not believe what was in this house! and it was huge!

mainly, i scarfed up the ephemera as quickly as possible. we weren't the early birds, so i'm sure there was much more before we arrived. however, i did dig up some pretty cool stuff. miss rosemary bushey was a lady after my own heart. she scrapbooked before it was cool to do so.

i bought three of her scrapbooks which were made in the 1930s, and a high school project on "dramatics" in scrapbook form:

shame on her teacher! this project was an A+++ in my book!

i also found quite a few of her jr. high and high school report cards (a smart cookie, that rosemary!).

it'd be impossible to show you everything (though i'd love to) so i just took some random shots of her work and the scrapbooks. i. am. in. love.

her penmanship was exquisite!

a vintage book of french postcards! translated: views of rouen (france)

inside! oooh la la!

the last thing i bought at rosemary (god rest her soul) bushey's estate sale was this precious pinkish vintage dress, hat and gloves. i think i paid a total of $7 for all three. i like to think of young rosemary attending a luncheon or maybe a graduation event in 1934 wearing these. :)

moving on ... last friday, i ventured out solo (only because my junkin' buddies have real jobs during the week) and landed myself at a killer vintage sale of some v. sweet folks named elizabeth and husband. geeez, so sorry i didn't get hubby's name! but i gave elizabeth my blog info, so i'm hoping she'll see this post and leave a comment.

they are collectors, much like myself, in that they LOVE most anything vintage. wow. they've downsized and were selling some terrific treasures. it's such a treat to find pieces that you love for sale (at excellent prices!) but it's icing on the cake when the sellers are such sweet, kind people as these.

elizabeth made time to tell me about certain pieces i was buying, which of course is v. important to me. i want to know the history. as i was leaving with my box of vintage goodies, elizabeth's hubby mentioned that the lil doll i bought was his mother's. awwww!!! see?! that's the kind of thing i love to know.

i assured him that this sweet baby was in good hands and going to a loving home. :)

awwww!! i know, right?! she's too much!! love love love her!!!

also got another cutie pie doll (plastic but v. vintage). i think of him as the little brother. :) oh! and he came with the sweetest lil blue crib too! see if you can spy it in the pics.

after chatting with elizabeth, she was compelled to give me this precious lil school book to go with the doll. why? because her shoes are orange and the vintage book matches! they make quite a sweet pair, no? thank you elizabeth!!!

sweet baby girl posing with a couple of the silver pieces i also bought from elizabeth.

i could not resist this precious piece!! a to-die-for handmade vintage pin cushion. with pins galore still in it:

see how sweet the material is on the back? love this little treasure!

i also snagged a pile of vintage trading stamps ... green, gold, plaid. remember them?? to my mama and grandma, collecting stamps was a religion. can't tell you how much cool junk we got from the stamp store in downtown killeen!! good times ...

thanks elizabeth and dear hubby for a fun and memorable shopping experience!

in old news, i did not have a winner for the price guessing contest of the gorgeous vintage train-station-bench-turned-mantel-piece. sorry about that! the correct answer was ......... $25!!!! since it was an impromptu contest (i'm prone to those) and i didn't include any rules, blah blah ... like the closest one without going over, i can't call a winner. but next time i'll be more clever and post rules, etc. so there will be a definite winner! thanks to those of you who participated and commented!

thanks for stopping by. i truly do appreciate those of you who take the time to read my nonsense and even leave comments! y'all are the best.

love and hugs,
terry lee


Anonymous said...

Great pix! Sounds like you have a better time junking than you do at home!

her husband

Dana said...

How funny that we both got a chance to spend time with our daughters this weekend!
Yay Tara and Savanna!
Oh to get to peek into someone's life of yesteryear! The scrapbook and dress are vintage yumminess indeed! You have to show them to me next time we get together!
I'm sure you had so much fun with Elizabeth.
The doll is adorable!
(why can't I ever post a comment without exclamation marks??--I guess I just get as excited as you about junking!)

Tara said...

I had such a wonderful time that day with you! We hit the jackpot at Rosemary's Estate sale and her sweet Ephemera! Learned a new word...Hope to go on another estate and junking adventure soon! Love you Mom. :-)

vintagesue said...

hey terry lee. i am so out of the loop these days!! lol. i am with you on blogging detachment. i heart blogging, but lately...the blogging motivation just isn't there. oh well.
so....I LOVE THAT PIN CUSHION. how cool is that? love the dolls, the dress, hat, blah, blah, blah...all of it is just precious. that pin cushion is a piece of art. it is sculpture.

okay....blah, blah. your husband cracks me up. love junking more than being at home. is he talking about me??? hahahaa.
take care t.l.!!!