Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Friends + FleaMarkets (minus infection) = Felicity

hey y'all,

wow. a lot has happened since i last bloggity blogged! let me catch you up.

i went to visit my sweet pal dana in georgetown last wednesday! we've been junking together but i'd never seen her house. oh.my.gawd. this woman is way too humble and modest about her decorating skillz!!

not only is she the sweetest, gentlest and generous soul in all of central texas, her house could be (and should be!) on the cover of better homes and gardens!

after The Tour (of her lovely house and grounds, including the chicken house!) we headed for a quick bite to eat before hitting the junking haunts of georgetown. she insisted on chick-fil-a (because it's my favorite) and we were both surprised at the ... well ... less than efficient service we received there.

normally, chick-fil-a employees are young and eager to serve you. they snap to attention when taking and delivering your order. not. the. case. on wednesday. oddly enough, there were three elderly ladies (sweet in nature, but still ...) who were manning the front counter. whaaa?!?

okay, fine. no worries. i'm not age-ist. i rattled off my order to "joyce", who responded with the most befuddled of expressions. you want what? she asked.

oh dddddear. i repeated my order, slower this time. a look of recognition flashed across her kind, crinkly face ... and then she went into full force, sloooow-motion mode of preparing my order. yikes. i'd never seen anyone fill a cup of ice soooo me-tho-di-cal-ly (read: slowly).

i nudged dana and darted my eyes over to the sweet old ladies. by the time they delivered the food to our table, we were in a full fit of giggles. dana explained the demographics of that area of georgetown: retired folks.


fine with me, as long as my waffles fries are still warm when i get 'em.

after lunch, we went to collector's market, just down the road. it's full of vendors with a lovely array of vintage items. we had sooo much fun perusing the booths!

sadly, it was time for me to head back to the ranch (not really, i don't have a ranch) ... but not before dana loaded me up with homemade strawberry preserves, a hand-poured coffee bean candle in a vintage cup, some yummy home-baked caramel apple cake and a few other treasures.

i had a terrific time, dana. thanks for your warm, southern, charming hospitality. you're THE best!

soooo when i got home that night, i noticed my right eye was itching and burning. it'd been bothering me for several days, since my punctal plug insertion of two weeks ago. go ahead. click the link ... if you dare!

when i woke up on thursday morning, this is what i saw in the mirror:

ack!!! and just in time for halloween!!

my opthamologist saw me right away and mumbled phrases like ... severe, fast-moving infection, aggressive treatment necessary, could spread to the brain, hospitalization with IV antibiotics, triangle of death (while he made a triangle over his face), blah blah blah blah.


mainly, i understood that i. was. sick. and very. he promptly removed the punctal plugs from the right eye and felt the need to inform me that yes, pus oooooozed out of the punctum when the plug was removed. can't say that i was surprised. the entire right side of my face was swollen and red.

got my antibiotics going (like a good nurse and patient) immediately and took to my bed for the next 24 hours.

while in the drug-induced stupor of the infected and infirm, the upcoming st. mary's flea market kept calling my name. i had committed to participate on saturday and figured that i'd have to give it up. but by saturday morning, i had reached the honeymoon phase of antibiotic relief ... and convinced myself i was healthy enough to DO IT.

so in the gawd-awful pre-dawn hours of saturday morn, hubby followed me to temple and unloaded all my wares. it took me a long time to set up ... but ice packs, covergirl, keflex, motrin and vicodin got me through it. yea!!! i made it to the flea market!!!

precious and few were the customers, but i met a couple of really sweet ones that made my day.

lisa from belton, who's a blog reader, stopped by for a visit. i love meeting new folks out there who read my blog. lisa bought a few of my home-made cards (which i made with my sewing machine) and seemed happy with them ... which made me very happy! it was soooo nice to meet you, lisa!

and sweet lil savannah came by with her mama and baby brother in tow. she was a girl after my own heart. she oooo'd and ahhhhhh'd over so much of the stuff, that i simply had to give her some of it. mama bought some things too, so i think everyone was happy at the end of the day. keep reading your books, savannah!

by the time i got home, i realized just how sick i still was ... and took to the bed again for the rest of the weekend. on monday morning, my opthamologist was pleased with my progress but reminded me that i still needed several more days of rest for complete healing. oh, and his final word to me before i left? BEHAVE!

whaaa?!?! i'm always being have.

love and hugs,


vintagesue said...

tl...this was the BEST post ever. you are one funny woman...and i don't mean that kind of funny....whatever that means.
first...your poor eye. you poor thing. i have a full stomach right now and well...after looking at the eye picture and getting a visual of fluids leaking...i almost don't have a full stomach anymore. lol.
you are so funny....those old ladies at chicfilet. how funny. you want what? oh my gosh..total SNL skit right there in the heart of texas. lord.
dana's house is gorgeous. i am so glad you two had a day to just have fun and visit. what sweetness....
take care of your poor eye and those plug ins or whatever you had, and i hope nothing spreads to the brain please. you need that brain to help you seek out cool junk...and that eye to spot it first. haha.
thanks for making me laugh out loud.

Dana said...

Omgosh Terrylee!! Your eye!!!!!! You poor thing! I trust that you are taking excellent care of yourself.
Your booth looked so wonderful and I missed it!! :(
I had so much fun with you that day you came to my house--it was too short but oh so sweet!
I didn't even know you took those pictures of me--you're sneaky--could you have photoshopped my old lady elbows??
Looking forward to your next visit! BH & G--LOL!!

Diana said...

Hope your eye is improving!!!!

Jan W said...

Yikes!! That looks so painful, Terry Lee. I hope it's feeling better by now.

MOLLYE said...

Oh lordy have mercy on the poor. I've never seen anything nastier in my life. I mean that like nasty as in O-U-C-H cause it looks so dang hurting. Please stay in and keep those fingers away from your eye. Your booth was right on! Take care sister.