Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Say What?!

hey y'all,

haven't felt well lately and so i totally missed out on a great junking weekend because of it (sorry, marta).

but i've been meaning to post this since i saw it a couple of weeks ago. ever been in one of those funky dollar stores where things just. don't. feel. right? you know the ones. you see a product on the shelf and you think you recognize it. but no. on closer inspection, it's some weird knock-off of the brand product.

let's say, just for kicks, you spy a pack of panasonic batteries. but wait. when you pick them up, it actually says penesamig batteries. are the chinese (or choose your favorite foreign country) just slapping a slightly-off label on an inferior product and expecting us to not notice?!

sadly, most of us do notice but are still enticed to buy the inferior knock-off because it's cheap. oh, nevermind it doesn't work or its quality is so poor you end up trashing it. but hey! it was only a dollar!

which brings me actually, to the main point of this post. there's a "dollar" store in this area called "giant dollar store; everything's $1". don't believe me? here's the actual signage:

a few months ago, i was in this particular store for some gawd-awful reason. okay, it might've been the cutesy $1.00 earrings that i'm terribly fond of:

huge, i know. but adorable!

c'mon! pink peace signs?!?! irresistible!

anyhow, i noticed some pink croc-type shoes that i wanted.

"hey, they're only a dollar and they look comfortable," i said to myself (when no one else is around, i tend to self-talk).

but when i was checking out, the foreign-type (not that there's anything wrong with that) man behind the counter said, "deez ah tree dahluhs, oh-kay?"

i replied, "no. that's not okay. i thought everything in your store is a dollar."

"deez ah berry high qualiteee choos," he countered.

"yeah, but the name. of. your. store. is EVERYTHING'S $1!"

"tree dahluhs for choos."

i left him, with his damn $3 croc knock-offs and vowed to never return. also, i whipped out my handy dandy iphone and took the pictures above as evidence. of what, i'm not sure. i guess just to remind myself that i wasn't going crazy. the sign really does say everything's $1!

to those of you who might be thinking that $3 was a good deal, you may be right. but that's not the point. IF you're going to advertise (read sign) that everything's $1, then every. damn. thing. should. be. a. dollar ... or less. not more. arghhh.

btw, i did break my vow. i returned a couple of weeks ago with pal bonnie. yeah, we couldn't resist the new shipment of jewelry we heard had arrived. after choosing a few pairs of earrings, i wandered around while bonnie finished her shopping. that's when i spotted the following. i could scarcely believe my eyes ... which is why i took the picture. no one would've believed me:

anyone need some cotton pads??

let's just take a little closer look, shall we?

after that, all i can say is ... at least the fuxing nob nob cotton pads were only a dollar.

love and hugs,
terry lee


Anonymous said...

Very fun and sad and true. stay out of them stores. i bought 10 razors for a dollar at a store like that and it was like shaving my name with jagged razors. threw them away. but dam did they look good!


Anonymous said...

i meant shaving my FACE. sorry


Dana said...

!@#$ it! I had a smart aleck comment and when I tried to change/improve it just a tad-I lost it. That's what I get. Anyway, only YOU can pull of wearing those earrings. They look cute on ya!

MOLLYE said...

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Oh I just cannot, will not say what I really want to. Just use your imagination! Oh yes and go by to visit my daughter Shari at her new bloggy! Love you sweet girl, Mollye

Anonymous said...

Terry Lee, I LOVELOVELOVE your blog : ). And I have been in that very same dollar store too many times. I am the lady who you junked with in Kempner last weekend, where you found the little porcelain doll and I through in the blue baby crib with the plasticene doll. We found the other plasticene doll!!!!! I have it for you. Call me at 512-932-8063, or email at e.schulz@ymail.com. Thanks for being you ~~ I THOUROUGHLY enjoyed meeting you!