Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Out of My Gourd

hey y'all,

well, i was going to start this blog with something else ... but after a morning of irritating, agitating and downright frustrating phone calls with companies, medical offices, banks, etc. i am out. of. my. gourd (a little autumnal pun for you).

i'm not even sure what out of my gourd is, exactically. but you get the idea. i have spent the better half of this morning ON. HOLD. arghhhh!!!

for those of you who know me, you know that i despise being on the phone. i loathe it. i'm a texter, emailer and blogger. i don't mind short, perfunctory phone calls with friends or family. but i'd rather eat dog poop than do business on the phone.


anyhow, now that my rant is over (for now), i've come to bloggie land to impart some very special news to you!

i will be at st. mary's church/school in temple, tx this saturday, oct. 23rd for their fall festival flea market. i hear from reliable sources (hi cindy!) that there will be over 30 excited vendors at the flea market (yes, including me) who'll be on hand to help you find that perfect SOMETHING that you want, need or simply must have!

if you read my blog, you'll know what kind of junk vintage collectibles to expect at my booth. if your tastes are simpatico with mine, then you do NOT want to miss it! wonderful vintage pieces, terrific prices and my smiling face. what more could you ax for? heh heh.

don't like my junque?! no worries. plenty of other vendors to visit. there will be something. for. everyone! and all proceeds go to a great cause.

and thus ends the news flash portion of today's blog.

i'd like to thank sue of vintagesue for the lovely box of vintage yumminess she sent my way last week. thanks, girl. you're the best.

see that darling lil girl?! sigh! and that vintage pink jewelry box!!

and dana, thank you for the GORGEOUS tote you made for me (a blog contest prize from dana's chicken scoop). i love it!!

how sweet and creative! what talent!

a close up

lots to do before saturday! as much as i love my stuff, i'm excited to see it move on to other loving homes ... folks who'll treasure and enjoy it as much as i did. which in turn makes room for the new junk for me to love!

junk in, junk out. it's the way my world goes 'round.

love and hugs,
terry lee

~*~*~Flea Market Info:*~*~*

Date: Saturday, October 23, 2010
Time: 8:00am - 12:00 noon
Where: St. Mary's Catholic Church School, 1018 S. 7th St., Temple, TX


Dana said...

I love your junque and hope to attend the market!
Oh Sue is a gem, isn't she? That pink jewelry box?? LOVE IT! I am glad that you like your bag that I made-which btw was made from all VINTAGESUE scraps!
See ya soon-wink wink!

vintagesue said...

good luck terri lee!!! you will be loved by all!! you will sell out the first hour. i know it!!! have fun!!

MOLLYE said...

Hi sister, I wish you were here to take some gourds with you. We grew them for the first time this year and they're just about ready to pick and turn into birdhouses. I've never painted on a gourd but am gonna give it a try. Good luck in Temple. Love you, Mollye