Saturday, February 13, 2010

Two Lips

hey y'all,

just a quick post to say happy valentine's day and to share a lil love with y'all. sadly, the only junkin' i've been able to do lately is in my heart. yep, still moving in slo-mo around here and it's fixin' to get the better of me.

i'm reminding myself of that old hee-haw song ... gloom, despair and agony on me. waaaaaa!! deep dark depression, excessive misery ... waaaaaaaa!! y'all 'member that?

okay, i'm not that bad. yet. but if this foot doesn't heal so that i can get some junkin' in soon, i will be. waaaaaaa!!

but, umm, happy valentine's day y'all! in honor of all things lovey dovey, here are some pics that brighten my spirits ... and i hope they make you happy, too.

love and hugs,
terry lee

all you need is love ... all you need is love ... love is all you need. sweet little sign on easel says it all.

great little heart, a vintagesue creation

another one

precious heart collage (by sue, duh)

tarnished silverware sitting pretty inside an old rosy pitcher

yes. yes i do!

i love kisses. especially if they're filled with caramel! :-) sweet wedding photo of a couple in love, long long ago. i'm sure they lived happily ever after. whatever.

my lovely pink two lips, er, tulips. thanks, dear hubby o' mine! love 'em!

a valentine i made for the aforementioned hubby o' mine. wrote the poem and crafted the card ... all. by. my. self.

my dear pals and junking buddies ... can't wait to get on the road again!


craftymarta said...

terry lee, i love your new look. did you have hire somebody to design it for you? if so i need the info, it is beautiful! you went all out with this post, me like it. Ok, by this time i feel like i know you like a friend, when are you going to come and see me? i know there is so much junking you can fit in a day but i will love for you and the fags to come and visit. happy valentines to you and your love ones, blessings, marta.

Dana said...

squeal! what a lot of pink deliciousness. I especially love the heart tins with the buttons that sue made (wink wink). I wish you'd get yourself to a doc and get that foot healed! I agree with Marta about your blog page-it's so pretty. Maybe you could help me with mine. Hope you had a love-ly valentine's day!

cindy said...

Hey, guess what I found at "our" Goodwill bins last week??? Two heart tins like yours from Sue so now I can copy hers!
Taa daa.
Get better soon. My hip has been giving me all sorts of trouble and I know what you mean about the pain getting you down.

Michele said...

Oh Terry need to get to a doc asap!!! Cuz otherwise how are you gonna go junkin if ya can't walk??? Waaaaa, and I wanna come junkin with you's guys too!

Love that heart that Sue made...I gotta find me some tins so I can make one.

Hope you're better soon....big hugz,