Wednesday, February 17, 2010


hey y'all,

i think i'm finally on the mend and hope to hit the junkin' trail again real soon. which means i should have some terrific treasure finds to share with you on my next post!

meantime, if you read my last post, you saw my lovely pink tulips, a valentine gift from my dear hubby. well, i actually got another gift on v-day. nothing says i love you (at least to moi) like a big ol' bowl of bliss!! blistex, that is.

my tulips ... and blistex for my two lips. i promise that's the last time i use that pun .... this year.

those of you who know me personally know that i go through blistex like there's no tomorrow. some of you have even gone as far as to imply that i have a problem. an addiction, even.

okay, so i've been using it since i was 11 years old and haven't been without a tube since.

okay, i do get a little queasy when i'm down to my last tube and there's a possibility of running out.

and yes, i do like to be stocked up on the product. just. in. case. just in case of what, i'm not sure. a nuclear war? they stop manufacturing it? there's a blistex shortage?!

and okay ... i did give strict instructions to my next of kin (hubby and daughter) that they were to be armed with blistex and ice chips when i got out of my surgeries. and god-forbid, if anything happened to me and i lost my faculties (again, some of you have implied that's already happened), someone is supposed to keep blistex ON. MY. LIPS. AT. ALL. TIMES.

20 tubes from my lovah boy. not 19, not 21. 20 even (i also have an issue with odd numbers ... don't we all?).

but no, i'm not addicted. i just like the feel of it on my lips. it keeps them soft and moisturized. and when i don't have it on my lips, well, my life starts to unravel and then the voices in my head get louder.

heh heh

speaking of those voices, when i'm stressed, they tell me to eat little white donuts. this is a situation that goes waaaay back to my childhood. my mama used to give them to us (kids) while on road trip vacations. we'd pull over to a rest stop at breakfast time and out came the little white donuts and a mason jar full of ice cold milk (kept in the old red metal ice chest in the trunk).

so as you can see, i have a history with lil white donuts. anyhow, i've been a little on the sTrEsSeD side lately (not so's anyone could notice, eh, right?) and that's when i tend to eat. a lot. of little white donuts. if they're around.

look how pretty. bwaahahahaha! as IF i eat them off a sweet homer laughlin rose plate!! no, y'all. when i'm in a full-blown lil white donut feeding frenzy, they are eaten straight out of the bag.

yesterday, after our back to back dental appointments, hubby and i stopped by the grocery store for milk. lo and behold (yes, dana, some of us do talk like that!) they had a special display up front of lil white donuts. buy one bag, get one free!!!!

so i snatched myself two bags of those precious powdery pastries and asked hubby if we should just go ahead and stock up since they were on sale.

"don't you think one bag is enough for now?" hubby asked, with an incredulous stare, i might add.

"you mean two bags, right? there are TWO bags there," i replied.

"yeah, one bag for me ... one for you," he explained.

oh. one bag for me. i thought i was getting both bags. silly me. i guess i'll be heading back to the store real soon then.

stress + bag of lil white donuts = one sitting.

guess my hubby doesn't know his math very well.

love and hugs,
terry lee

my valentine from ms. valentine. thanks, mary!!


Library Lady said...

Oh. My. God. How funny are YOU?!? And yes, I remember the white donuts eaten al fresco (a.k.a. "roadside") with cold milk from the red metal ice chest. But you forgot to mention the bologna that mom "served" with those donuts and milk.

I nearly PUKE when I think of that combo, but we ate it and WE LIKED IT!!! (At least we didn't confess to not liking it. Not at the time, anyway.)

Regarding the Blistex, I'm not EVEN going there with you... :-)

Love you anyway!
Big Sis

Dana said...

Blistex?? I'm addicted to Dr. Pepper chapstick. I always buy all that the store has. Mallory asked me just yesterday, "Grandma do you wear that to make you beautiful?" I replied, "yes, is it working?" and she said "yes". awwwwwwwwwww
I don't eat the white doughnuts but will always think of you now when I see them.
So glad your foot is better. Hit them junkin trails girl and post some pics soon!

Michele said...

Ha...what a're addicted to blistex and I'm addicted to carmex! I can't be without that stuff and everywhere you go in the house there's a tube somewhere!

And those little white donuts??? I love 'em and the chocolate ones too!

Ah ya, not so good for the hips, but I'm old, so I don't care anymore!


craftymarta said...

Terry Lee, you are soo funny. I can understand the affectioon for the donuts, I'm a carb junkie. i started using any kind of lip balm many years ago, try since forever. If I don't put it on I get my lips on fire. I believe they are addictive and your lips will not survive without it. You freak me out, we share too much weirdeness.(is that a word?) I heard is good to be different. Blessings, Marta.

Mollye said...

Oh gosh oh golly oh gee, at least your addiction isn't disgusting like mine, I mean the Q-tip thing in the NOSTRIL for lord's sake and then blowing like an elephant trumpeting trying to breath and yep you guessed it.................Vicks Salve/;. Tole ya it was disgusting. Pass the blistex please. Mollye

vintagesue said...

lo and behold, doesn't your husband teach math? look...i need that blistex more than you do, but then again....i get all those stupid cold sores, so i can't put anything on my lips and they just crack to hell and back.
zoey and arek look like they have a bag drug addiction when they eat those lil baby donuts. we love them.
keep on eatin donuts and putting on your blistex and junking. whatever gets you to the next day lady...
you take care and thanks for a good laugh.

libbyquilter said...

hey, i understand the blistex addiction thing perfectly except i MUST have the medicated chapstick. there's a tube (or two) in every room in the house and there is a tube in every pocket of every garment i've worn or will wear.there are multiple tubes in any vehicle i've ever gotten into. i buy it in handfuls and have a drawerful for "just in case" which by the way, sometimes i go to the store and it's not there~!~and yea what if they stopped making it~!?!~ i really should just get it by the case and save money . . . i discovered it something like ten years ago and can not live without it~!!~

bless your husband for he is a good man.