Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lasses in Lampasas

hey y'all,

am just about recovered from my weekend wildness with the girls. whew! it's a good thing we were snowed in the past couple of days because i didn't feel like getting out anyhow.

speaking of snow, i was going to cram in snow pics in this post but realized that i was overextending myself, so i've made an executive decision to postpone the snow blog till later. for now, suffice it to say ... yeah, yeah, it snowed. about 6 inches in central texas.

but back to last weekend ... we loaded up the camry and headed west to lampasas for a warehouse sale, advertised as (of all things) a huge "WAREHOUSE SALE. SEIZED & FORECLOSURE MERCHANDISE".

we'd been to this one before and though it's a pain in the arse (crowded, irritating people getting in your way, crying babies and the like), they do have some interesting junk if you sift through enough of it.

but before we left the cove, we hit a couple of yard sales. we managed to do some damage at all of them:

a huge junie b. jones display for $0.50! got it for hubby's classroom

precious little yellow cups with a sweet bunny ... all great for upcoming easter

a heavy, marble-based candelabra for $0.50!! plan to paint and add prisms. and candles of course.

and then we were off to the warehouse. as it happens, i only got one thing there, but i was very pleased with my purchase. an old chest/dresser that was marked at $35. i'm not sure why, exactically, that it so desperately wanted to come home with me. but it did. i kept trying to leave it, but it whimpered and whined until i finally asked the lady minding the sale if she'd take less (it's in my blood to at least try for a better bargain).

here it is, at home. my plan is to paint it a vintage-type light green and distress it.

she agreed to sell it for $30. and made it clear to me that it was an excellent deal and that was her lowest offer.

not. a. problem. i was happy at $30, but decided to ask her hubby (who sold us stuff at his last sale at excellent prices ... and i knew that he would undercut his wife's price). i know, i'm bad.

love the sweet feet/legs on it

sure enough, he took the $28 i proffered as he looked over his shoulder to make sure wifey wasn't watching. she was. she stabbed me with an icy glare as we hauled away the chest.

i think this baby's well worth $28 ... and the daggers from the wife/seller.

ANYways, after the warehouse ordeal, we stopped in to a quaint lil thrift shop just off the square. it's some sort of faith-based thrifty place in a sweet old house. if you look long and deep enough, you can usually find some treasures there.

in the kitchen, jannetta spied a box full of vintage dinnerware that she thought i'd like. "but hurry up! there's a lady in there digging through it right now!!"

i nearly tripped over her and everything in between (it's a small, packed with junk, house) to get to the kitchen. sure enough, some woman was hogging up MY dishes. listen people ... it was a vintage SET with turquoise flowers and a splash of pink in the middle. oh yeah. they were MY dishes.

the woman finally removed herself from the area, carrying a serving bowl and multiple plates. ack!!!! later, the young girl working there admitted she shouldn't have split up the set. but she offered to sell me the rest of the set for $6.99.

i was pretty bummed about missing out on the entire set, but her price made me happy enough to agree to purchase the remaining pieces. they are wonderful. absolutely no buyer's remorse with this.

famished from a full morning of junking, we finally stopped for a late lunch at my girls on the square. it's a sweet little locally-owned restaurant that serves up yummy chicken salad sandwiches, soups and the like. the hubby and wife were very gracious hosts and were more than willing to take our official group pic of the day on their staircase. too bad they can't spell.

"restaraunt"?! didn't even notice it until i uploaded the picture. normally, i'm all over misspellings like stink on a dog.

the official group photo, on staircase inside my girls, lampasas, texas.

my girls had this very clever fish tank inside an old TV. cool, eh?

after lunch, we browsed around lampasas (in the camry) and accidentally found this place:

a little shop inside a historic home. love the old homes in lampasas!! we weren't sure if they were open, but jannetta investigated and was finally able to rouse the man inside. bonnie was too full and sleepy to be adventurous, so jannetta and i checked it out. not a lot going on inside, but on the front porch we were greeted by this:

he wouldn't talk to me, but he was very entertaining

jannetta, who's able to squeak and squawk with the animals, made a new friend.

on a final note, i received a surprise box of treasures from my dear pal sue at vintagesue. i can't thank her enough for her thoughtfulness, generosity, kindness, etc. i LOVE my treasures, sue!! thank you SOOO much.

sweet linens and things ... yummy!

an adorable pillow made by sue

y'all stay safe and warm and keep on junkin'!

love and hugs from a white central texas,
terry lee

official ring photo :-)


Library Lady said...

Loved the "haggling" story of the husband and wifey! An "icy glare", indeed! Woo Hoo for You Hoo! I also like the candelabra -- don't you already have umpteen of those?!?

"Restaraunt", indeed. Surely the food was better than the spelling? Well, was it?

All in all, it sounds like y'all had a grand time and that, after all, is what FAGGING is all about! Being with da gurlz, raising hell, paintin' the town Whorehouse Red, and havin' fun! (Oh! and knockin' down those who get in your way!)

Love you,
Big Sis

cindy said...

HEy, I think I have some of those plates at Hosanna House or at Nellie's. Or maybe they are in the pile of things to sell soon at home. Anyway I will check and hold them for you if you want more.

Dana said...

Love the candleabra, the dishes, and the pillow Sue made! I am so glad you and the FAGS had such a good time! Glad your foot is doing better!

vintagesue said...

you made me laugh as usual. the candle stick is amazing. 50cents - good score.
yes, the dresser is worth $30. what a steal. can't wait to see what you do with it.
jannetta's hair is fabulous. she has stop traffic hair....tell her i said
you all get back out now that the snow is gone and truck on.....
take it easy and take care of tat food (yes, i typed that....but i mean that foot. what is tat food?)

Jamie said...

Hey there Terry Lee! I stumbled across you from Marta's place. I'm here in central TX too. I love this post! The hubby and I were recently in Lampasas for a retreat and saw some of those places and decided we must make a trip back out! I have been out there to a place called Crazy Nana's antiques once and loved it...she has a front yard full of junk!
I just love that candle stick, please do post pics of what you do with it! What a deal on the dresser! Worth the icy glares for certain. I think it would be lovely in green.
Glad to have found your blog! Have a great week!

libbyquilter said...

hey, i happen to have a few plates just like that and i do love and cherish them as they were hand-me-downs from my grandmother that no-one else wanted. very cool to see many more pieces of the set~!~