Sunday, February 7, 2010

Perpetually Pink

hey y'all,

keeping it short and sweet today. i continue to limp around on this game foot of mine (the dreaded plantar fasciitis). i guess it's time to call The Man and stop trying to heal thyself. i mean, my self. thanks for all the kind words, good thoughts and prayers.

in the absence of junking, i continue with my pink-themed posts. so here are yet more pink lovelies just sitting around my house looking all pretty.

on my mantel. i keep this vintage pink ornie on display all year.

mantel centerpiece

i usually buy books to read, but this one was purely for display. how cool is this!?

my birdies in and around their crusty cage

giant shadow box that i painted pink and filled with sweetness

this sweet shutter was found pink. i barely dusted it before i plopped it up on the piano and added the lil wall pocket from sue.

pretty pink ladies adorning my piano

more of them

love this vintage photo collage made by sue. she put old nails across the bottom, from which i hung sweet little miniature shoe ornies ... all gifts from pal jannetta.

precious, precious angel. bought her from sue ages ago. love the pinkness with gold highlights ... and those feather wings!! and three sweet little, er, pearls in her lap.

candleabra from jannetta, on my foyer table, surrounded by paris-themed pretties

i remember having to ask specially to buy this hand model. it had NFS (the dreaded three letters we buyers are loathe to see!!) on it. but eventually, i sweet-talked the lady into selling it to me. i'm sure she laughed all the way to the bank. but i was thrilled to have it!

a hat trick of sweet pink hat boxes!

an old watering can painted pink (from sue's booth). paris sign from her as well.

found this old, worn bible at a recent estate sale. couldn't resist it because it reminded me of my grandmother's old bible. placed a pink rose on it and called it a day.

love and hugs to y'all,
terry lee


vintagesue said...

girl...hope your foot gets better soon. i'm not sure what you have exactly, because i need simple things like...i have a sprained ankle....and then i can get it. i know you hate being away from the junking scene. so sorry. i will continue to enjoy your pink displays....they all look so lovely and i can smell the candles you are burning to go with all that cute decor.
hang in there terry lee....take it easy

craftymarta said...

Terry Lee, everything is so beautiful! I used to think I was Sue's biggest fan, I guess not. How much do you miss her? We all should get together, pay for her fare back to a Texas vacation with the condition she bring us a truckload of Maryland junk. What do you think? I'm sorry to hear about your foot. I have a spell 2 years ago were I will have to literally crawled out of bed. It is sooo painful. I'm having a mild case this days. I missed the big shows last year because I couldn't walk or stand on my feet too long. A friend of mine told me the other day that I'm just not aging gracefully. I have to agree, I hurt a lot this days. I believe 80% of my problems are weight related. I just love food. Food and junk I should say. Hope you get to feel better, there is no fun without junking. Thanks for visiting the blog. Blessings, Marta.

Library Lady said...

Terry Lee!

My faves are the sweet pink/gold angel with the pearls in her lap (!), and the pink candleabra. Your things are SO pretty and definitely say "Terry Lee".

I'm sorry that your foot is still bothering you. OK. CALL THE MAN. Just do it. CALL THE MAN. Do you hear me?!? CALL THE MAN.
(Or call the woman as the case may be...)

Do take care and know I love my little sis!

Big Sis

Library Lady said...

OK. Did you call the man yet?

:-) Big Sis

Pink Petal From Your Bouquet Of Beauty said...

Very beautiful PINKS, I must say...I never wonder why my most favorite color is that lovely and most perfect shade...I love you Mom, and Happy Valentine's Day!!! (now if we could do something about that SECOND color on this particular day...rrr...) :-D