Sunday, October 25, 2009

Birds of a Feather ...

hey y'all!

my self-imposed hiatus is over. i'm back and hopefully a little less stressed than my last post. thanks to those of you who were concerned about my absence and checked in with me. i'm v. touched to know that so many of you in blogland care about me!

i did take a little trip, of which i shall not speak. i could tell you all about it, but then i'd have to kill you. heh heh. nah, seriously folks, it's just that it was part of my emotional sabbatical and so therefore i'll just tuck it away in my heart for safe keeping.

i will say this. it was beautiful, in a land far away from texas, where A. they have a plethora of trees and B. the leaves of those trees magically morph into the most magnificent of autumn colors. if i didn't see them peak, i was only a few days off. quite an experience for a native texan who's never been to that neck of the woods before.

i got mighty busy with the business of reality (puke ... gag ... an ugly, ugly word) as soon as i got home.

first up: baby bird #2 is in flight. she's leaving the nest. and as a good mama bird, i flew with her to help build and feather her new nest. it's taking a few trips back and forth for her to complete the transition to her new nest, but it's happening. and i'm proud of her. fly, baby bird. i know you can do it! fly now! please fly!

go ahead. watch it. it's worth it. and i'll wait rightchere. :-)

two down. one baby bird to go. this poor mama is one tired, old bird.


second: FAGGing!!! we took flight of our problems this weekend and found a few estate and yard sales to shake down. i know y'all are as tired of reading it as i am of writing it, but i swear to gosh, i can NOT go to an estate sale in this area without knowing the dang folks. bless their hearts.

these were some old church people that i'd known all my life. i knew the matriarch had recently passed away. she taught me sunday school and sunbeams and GAs (if you're baptist or know a baptist, you know what i'm talkin' about) when i was a little girl and so the things that i bought there will hold special meaning.

see? i didn't even complain about having to chat them up! either the sabbatical or the xanax is doing the trick. heh heh

okay, on with the show. if you look closely, you might catch a glimpse of some non-texan trees! :-)

love and hugs,
terry lee

fell in love with this little creature at the estate sale. she's a june bride/angel. so she's missing one of her wings. aren't we all?

vintage boxes with old scented shelf liners inside. on top, two sweet creamers i couldn't resist. aren't they sweet?

can't believe no one grabbed these before i got there (is there something wrong with me?!?!). vintage card boxes ... with the cards still inside! they're precious!!!

this little box is esp old. inside are little stickers to customize the occasion for the cards. v. damn sweet!

found a mess of vintage linens at various estate sales. love these old heart-shaped doilies!!

a better look at the pretties on the linens

okay, i have totally lost my mind here, i realize. ms. anti-smoking advocate that i am, it's hard to believe that i actually bought an ash tray. but ohmygawd, look at this old thing!! it's sooooo cool!!!! and it was only a buck. that would be "eight bits" according to the little old lady who sold it to me. a vintage ash tray on a stand ... hmmm ... i could paint it pink! put baubles in it (as shown) or any number of crazy ass ideas! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

what does an old tin bait can with fishing bobbers have to do with my sense of style? not. a. thing. i bought this little beauty simply because it reminded me of my daddy and how he taught me to be a fisherlady. i could bait my own hook but i never could master the art of taking the dang fish off after i caught him. ewwww!!!!

the FAGs found a nifty fifty's style diner smack in the middle of killeen! who woulda thunk it? "how long have you been in business," i asked. "8 years," the waitress replied. i have never been so gobsmacked in my life. and it's just down the street from my house!

adorable inside and grrrrreat hamburgers!!!

my baby bird #2, in front of her new digs.

inside her nest. she's lovin' it. until it's time to pay rent and bills ... heh heh

a gorgeous tree doin' its october thing

beautiful farmhouse where i would live if i could.


sixtiesfanjan said...

Yummy! That diner is making me hungry just looking at it. I may have to just check out that place.
Glad you got to take a sabbatical and unwind and relax. All those beautiful autumn colors probably helped. :)

Library Lady said...

Hey, Sister!

Loved the TAGS reference to the birds. Didja know that show was voted by viewers as their favorite?!? -- according to TV Land.

Congrats to Mama Bird and Bird #2. Her new place looks great! I hope & pray she will succeed in all her endeavors!

Email to let me know who the people were at the estate sale.

See you in the blogs...
Big Sis

Dana said...

Yay! You're back! Glad you were able to take a trip-I'm ready for one too! We like the same things-it's crazy! Love the fishing bucket too-
Good luck to your baby bird!!!

vintagesue said...

this is by for your best post. perfectly funny and i never get tired of your fag stories & the crew of historical figures of your past.
tara's house will be covered in pink roses before it's all said and done and that ashtray looks great as is....baubles and all. if i had it, i'd epoxy a little bird or two on it and stick it out w/some seed in the jardin.
btw....2 mom's is the BEST!!! good coffee, tons of food and during the warm months, there are tables out back for xtra seating and good times...perfect respite (did i use that word right?) for tired fags.
take care t.l. and say hi to the family for me.
hope ben is feeling better.
take care

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you again for helping me build my new nest with your twigs and leaves of love. (I am a petal from your bouquet of beauty!) :-) You are so sweet and I love you so much! You are the kindest Mama Bird any middle child baby bird could ever have! I love you! :-)

Mollye said...

Hey Terry Lee, Soglad you're back. Missed you. Mollye