Sunday, July 26, 2009

Junkin' Solo ...

hey y'all!

okay, so i'm back on the treasure hunt. even though i swore i wouldn't go back out in this damn texas heat, i set my alarm for 7:30 on saturday morning thinking i'd hit the yard sale trail early enough to beat the heat. yeah. right.

there's no beating the heat in the middle of summer in the middle of texas in the middle of menopause. just ain't happenin'.

armed with breakfast (a pack of peanut butter crackers, the orange kind), a route 44-size cup FULL of ice, my printed yard sale list (sales grouped geographically and pin-pointed on a map because, well, that's just the kinda gal i am), and a brand new tube of blistex, i headed out (solo, because my fellow FAGs were either on vacation or had other plans. whaaa?!).

with my junking mentality, estate sales take priority over ordinary yard sales. so i hit the only estate sale listing first. as it happens, it was across the street from the city cemetery. not that i minded, it's just that estate sales sorta creep me out already.

unfortunately, i wasn't early enough. the buzzards had already picked it pretty clean. however, i did find a few goodies, including a gorgeous decorative plate with roses on it. the ladies running the sale were the daughters of the deceased ... lotsa fun. one of them kept offering up items to me, replete with sentimental tales of her mother. how could i refuse them?

easy. i just said they didn't fit my decor and began regaling her with stories of my mother, who just happened to be buried across the street. oddly enough, she wasn't interested and walked away from me, mid-story. hmmph.


afterward, i hit a few family sales and a couple of church jumbles. nothing spectacular.

hubby and i barnstormed (goodwill bargain barn) yesterday too. yes, he's moving around pretty well for someone with 15 staples holding his belly together.

he didn't find anything (he only looks for books, being the literate english major that he is ... not that i don't like books, i do. i love them. but i make a beeline for the junk and he checks out the books for both of us), but i found quite a bit of yummy stuff, including a great little plant stand/table thingy with a marble top. after i paint it, we'll see where it lands.

okay enough nonsense. on with the pics, which is what all of you (all four of you) have been waiting for, right? haha.

love and hugs to all,
terry lee

The Day's Treasure Collection, assembled for your viewing pleasure.

already white and shabby candlestick, a sweet baby clothes hanger (both for a buck)

a 50 cents church sale find for pal bonnie. she'll like the green shoe topper. and btw, i did not change the date blocks. december 40th reminds me of the 12th of never.

it seems i can't resist these vintage samsonite train cases. fun to paint or decoupage.

found this little box at the GW barn. no lid, but it was too cute to pass up. got the sweet miniature roses at a yard sale. perfect together!

lordy. isn't this pretty? i'm a sucker for anything with pink roses on it. fitty cents. estate sale.

here's the decorative rose plate i mentioned up yonder ... from the estate sale. sweet, no?

this is prolly one of my fave finds of the day ... a v. sweet handcrafted musical (!!) wooden jewelry/trinket box, with an inlaid wooden rose on the lid!!! 50 cents at the GW barn. i adore musical boxes ... and roses!!

here it is opened. the engraving says it's handcrafted by roy and nell mason. wonder who they are. it plays "how great thou art" ... so sweet.

WTH?! is this tray not the cutest thing?!?! i love it!

lovely little marble-top table. $2 at GW barn. she'll be pink soon!


Betty said...

Wow Terry Lee, some great finds. Hard to pick a favorite but if I had to it would be the tray. I love how the pink and lilac colors blend together so well. Good to see you posting again. Glad your hubby is doing better. Hagd.

Dana said...

Hi Terrylee!
as always-enjoyed your post. I too, love anything with pink roses-reminds me of my daughter Savanna. Someday I hope to go "barnstorming" in your area. Have a great week!

Michele said... Terrylee..I so would have been right there with you hittin the sales! Wish I lived closer!

I'm so in love with that little egg shaped, I wish we had some good sales here in Wisconsin. It's been slim pickins I tell ya!


vintagesue said...

hey terry lee....
i love the new blog. you will be a rock star soon when folks figure out you are here now!!!!
i can't wait to see what you found!
haven't had any time to junk. no room...blah, blah, blah.
i'm having so many hot flashes these days, i just need a good estate sale to get me all charged up in a good way!!
need to get together one more time before i split.
come get some more goodies if you have time. i am fixing to clean out the craft area tomorrow!!!!!