Monday, August 24, 2009

And the Winner Is ...

... BETTY from over at Blossoms and Lace. Congratulations, Betty! Looks like you wanted the salt and pepper shakers, but send me an email to confirm (you can change your mind!).

Thanks to those who participated. Honey, I had to disqualify you from the contest since we're married (I don't think he really wanted to win anyhow). ;-)

We had a surprise visit from our grandbaby (oh, and his parents too) this weekend. Harrison's such a precious little man and we love him dearly. It was soooo good to see him, even for a brief time.

Love and hugs,
Terry Lee

breakfast boy ... too cute!!

harry and me (auntie princess terry lee grandmommy ... i can't decide what i want to be called!)

"here grandpa. you need to eat more!"

grandmommy's secret weapon: va-va-vanilla lip gloss. the perfect lure to get him in my lap. he loved it!

there's nothing sweeter than a sleeping babe. nothing.


Betty said...

Oh thank you!! I'm so excited to have won. I'll send you an email shortly. And that precious baby is adorable. I think we all want to shy away from that "grandma" tag at first, I know I did. But after 3 grandkids plus a few others that call me granny or mama, you kind of realize you have no
Thanks again Terry. Have a good week.

Betty said...

Hi Terry, its me again,my internet went down for a while and just came back up a few minutes ago. I'm still a newbie at this and cant figure out where to find your e-mail address at. If you could e-mail me at then I will e-mail you back with my address. And I still love the salt and pepper shakers, I collect them so they will have plenty of company here. Thanks so much.

mizmollye said...

Hi Terry Lee, I think this is my first visit to your blog and the little guy is a charmer. My youngest daughter Shari became a grandma at the age of 34 and didn't want to be called any of the grannie names, so she chose "Grand Lady". It stuck and now she has three and they all call her that. Her hubby is Grand Daddy. Whatever he calls you will be the sweetest sound you ever heard! Peace, Mollye