Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Turning the Tables

hey y'all!!!

oh.my.gosh. i've been v. bad. AGAIN.

i know i'd promised to blog more often, but more often than not, i don't. whaa??

i don't know. life is so crazy. either i'm too tired, too bizzzzy or something else comes up.

ANYway, what drew me back to blogger (gahh gahh gahh!! it took me THIRTY minutes to figure out my login and password!!) was my most recent project(s).

recently, as i was driving down a neighborhood road, i spotted two cafe tables, sitting pretty as you please, curbside. naturally, i slammed (er, i mean slowed down) on my brakes, hit reverse and backed up to the aforementioned cafe tables. not ONE, mind you. but TWO of them. CURBSIDE!!!! (read: FREE)

i don't know about YOU, but my heart goes into v-tach (that's like real fast thumpety thump-thump for you non-medical types) when i see "stuff" that has been tossed out and kicked to the curb.

i mean, one man's trash, blah blah blah, and all that jazz, right?!?!

so i jumped out, hauled the not-so-light tables to my camry, arranged them nicely in the backseat and headed on my merry way.

let me interject here and say that these cafe tables were UgLy!!! if i had no motivation or inclination to paint them, I'D throw them out too.

case in point:

seriously?! red and silver metallic stripes! what was this USED for?! WHO used it?? looks like something that belongs at the north pole, no? ho-ho-ho!!

and then THIS one:

metallic silver with an attempt at trees on the top! what. the. WHAT?? maybe the tin man from the wizard of oz lost his table along with his heart.
well, i've been wanting to do a chalkboard project for the longest time. yes, folks. that's right. i'm the LAST person on planet EaRtH to use chalkboard paint. so before i even got home, i knew that one of those tables was doomed, i mean, destined to have a chalkboard top.

ALSO, i've had it in my crazy tow-headed/gray brain to paint something ... ANYTHING ... a lovely robin's egg blue. i've fallen head over heels in love with it and thought it'd be a nice change-up from my usual PINK. yes, i know ... a moment of silence. she's not using PINK.

over the last four days, the project has finally come together (after only 3 trips to walmart, several naps, multiple xanax and more than a few cuss words!).

the gawd-awful red and silver metallic table (henceforth to be known as table 1) was converted into a chalkboard table. i used the robin's egg blue for the heavy metal base.


the metallic silver table (table 2) has been transformed into a lovely cafe table. it has the robin's egg blue top and white for the heavy metal base.

i think they both turned out pretty well. i love it when i can rescue an old, thrown out, kicked to the curb piece ... and give it new life. makes me just a tad sentimental for some reason.

together, before:

together, after:


with any luck (blogger is imPOSSible to work with ... slooooow photo uploads, weird screens, ack!) my next post will be about another recent rescue rehab, a bad-a$$ old screen door which was teetering atop another pile of junk, on another road, awaiting another life.

til then!

love and hugs,
terry lee

let's have a cup of tea!


Laura said...

You did a great job on the tables! I am inspired- and I was laughing out loud about you forgetting your log in info.
I haven't been blogging either- but fun posts like this make me want to more.

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Tara said...

The tables look absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! You're so good at bringing other people's dead curbside TRASH back to life, and to become lovely painted TREASURES!!! :-)

Dana said...

Hi Terry Lee
Love what you did with café tables. I also love that you POSTED something on your blog-I've missed it.

Mollye said...

Get back to blogging sister. I miss you like crazy. Blah Facebook!