Saturday, July 24, 2010

Winner: What's Wrong With This Picture?

hey y'all,

thanks for the comments and emails on the granbury posting. those of you who guessed were all correct!

but dana was the first to guess correctly. :) congrats dana!! i'll be sending your prize in the mail this week.

hubby in the mirror, on the computer, while on vacation. but in his defense, i'll admit that i brought my laptop as well. what can i say? i guess the honeymoon's over. heh heh

just returned from a 3 day junking adventure! stay tuned!

love and hugs,
terry lee


Dana said...

Yay me! Can't wait to read about your 3 day junkin adventure. Have a good week!

Mollye said...

well now I get it. THAT'S why Punkin and I bombed on our vacation. We left everything electronic at home. Who knew! Love you!!!