Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And Sew It Goes ...

hey y'all,

how many clever ways can you use "sew" in a sentence or blog title? i guess we'll never know. because they keep on coming, don't they?

wanted to update y'all with the latest regarding my on-going sewing saga: terry lee in search of a sewing machine that will sew a simple seam, a stitch or two. if you need a review, please refer to my "life should be sew easy" post.

two things:

1. while on a recent 3 day long junking adventure with pal bonnie (sans jannetta who was on vacation in the land of daaa-vy crockett, ♪♫♪ king of the wild frontier), i found sewing machine #2 in marble falls. it's a singer, sew it has to be better than the stinky "sew easy" machine, right?! we can only hope. $35 for model 2517c (for you sewing-types who might have a notion to look it up).

2. i called the woman who sold me sewing machine #1. you might recall she offered a money-back guarantee. she made good on that promise and returned my $15. i was never so happy as to hand that piece of you-know-what back into her hands ... and i didn't even have to needle her!

3. sew, as i see it, i'm at -$25.00 and in possession of a sew-far-sew-good singer sewing machine.

it does seem to be working fairly well. i had to replace the light bulb ($2.99) but was able to download the manual online for free. i love the inter-webs!

mainly, i've just been playing around with it ... which after all, is all i wanted it for anyways. to play with. it's a little unseamly to believe in jinxing things, but i'll say it anyhow: it hasn't jammed ONCE! it just sews and sews and sews like a good little machine. of course now that i've said that, all hell will break loose.

have been making some fun little card/collages using recycled greeting cards, scraps of vintage lace, material, pictures torn from vintage year books, etc. i LOVE using the sewing machine for these creations. it gives the pieces a different look and feel than when just using glue.

(she says, as IF she knows ANYthing about crafting).

found this wonderful set of stamper words at a "divorce estate sale", along with some other stamps and stuff ... for practically nothing. it's an ill wind that blows no man good ...

here are some of my faves (but then, i'm a little biased). i keep making them ... for what, i do not know. it's not like i have a shop or booth. i guess i do it because it's therapeutic. and sewing is cheaper than a shrink. heh heh

my personal favorite ... i crack myself up sometimes

love and hugs, y'all!

terry lee


vintagesue said...

OMG....I LOVE THOSE CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your tags are SEW COOL!!!! seriously!!! way to go. it is about time you found a machine you can trust.
i'm so out of the blogging loop!! i have way too much going on this summer. i'm trying to let the kids come first and the rest of the stuff second. blogging is one the back burner right now, but i plan to catch up soon!!!!!
good post. good art. great finds!!!
take care terry lee....

cindy said...

i can come teach you how to use it without it jamming. kids start school on aug 13 so after that i am yours from 9am-3pm any day you wish. some to me or i will come to you.

if you want to sell some of those cuties you are making i am happy to put them in my booth and see if they sell.

i moved downstairs in nellies (now called moore garrett co) and have a slightly larger space. hope that sells more since sales have been so pitiful lately.

Dana said...

love your collages! I am so glad you finally found a good sewing machine--have fun with it and show us all of your projects!!