Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break-down

hey y'all!

can't believe spring break is over. already. hubby goes back to work tomorrow, matt and i are back in the home-school saddle and we all head off into that loooong strrrrrretch till summer break!

anyhow, here's a little recap of my SB, 'cause i know y'all are dying to know what kind of trouble i managed to stir up ... what with all that free time and all. heh heh

monday: my sister got married!!! woohoo!! congrats to you and teddy, dear sis! i served as maid/princess of honor and official photog. i was a bizzzy bee. but i loved every minute. they had a simple, short, sweet ceremony in their church with family and close friends in attendance. oh, and one dog. domino (our shared, joint custody long-haired chihuahua ... technically, belinda has complete custody now but we babysit him occasionally).

belinda surprised us all with limo service for the day! having lived a v. sheltered (and boring) life, it was a brand new experience for me. it was lots of fun except for all the scooting one has to perform when getting in and out of the limo. ack! my poor old bones and well, my, er, lady-like sensibilities rebelled. all i can say is, thank gawd i was wearing pants.

anyway, after the ceremony, the limo took us to sundance square (downtown fort worth) to the lovely restaurant, reata. beautiful, with yummy food!

it was a v. special time for my sister and teddy. i'm soooo happy for both of them. theirs is a sweet, romantic love story which you can read more about at belinda's blog.

tuesday: i honestly can't remember a dang thing. i was exhausted from all the traveling and festivities on monday, that i think i slept most of tuesday ... or rested in bed watching the office reruns. oh! hubby did find a double-yolked egg while cooking his dinner! that is all.

wednesday: bonnie and i (2/3 of the FAGs, the other 1/3 was in new mexico with family for SB) went to gatesville, via a winding out-of-the-way country road. we were in no hurry and besides, we were on The Watch for bluebonnets.

came upon the pearl community, which naturally included a cemetery. i'd never been there but i know of it v. well. my children's grandparents are buried there (their father's parents). we decided to take a looksee around the old graveyard in hopes of finding their graves. no luck.

BUT ... as i was walking back toward the car, i noticed some tiny blue blossoms on top of a grave which was covered in seashells, of all things. i stopped dead (no pun intended) in my tracks. whaaa?! stooping down to get a closer look, i almost couldn't believe it.

"bonnie!! these are baby bluebonnets!"

i quickly snapped some pics (as evidence for yous guys) of the sweet lil bonnets and then left, not quite certain how i felt about my first official sighting of bluebonnets for this season.

on. a. grave. hmmm. one can only hope that isn't a harbinger. you know how i get with signs and all. a little spooky.

found some bling in gatesville at a little shop called, appropriately, debbie's bling bling 'n more

also got this beauty. all jewelry was 1/2 off. so i had to get two pieces!

a killer hatbox, found in a shop on the square

back in cove, we visited sue's booth at crafter's and ohdearlord, did i find some delicious delights there! ahhh. love my sue-fix. always.

sue, your collages make me crazy. how? do? you? do? it????

sweet lil white basket with flowers. too cute!

thursday: another blur of a day. are you seeing a pattern here? one day of activities, one day of recovery. welcome to my world.

friday: hubby and i drove to west, texas which happens to be about the half-way point between fort worth and killeen, to return The Dog to the wedded and blissful, post-honeymooned couple. all were happy to be reunited. hubs and i were happy to get them reunited. heh heh

saturday: bon and i had flirted with yard/estate sale-ing on saturday but honestly, i was worn out from the week and besides, the weather had gone south, so the mission was scrubbed.

however, around noon-ish, cabin fever got the better of me, so i hit craigslist and found two inside sale listings. one a church jumble, the other an estate sale.

got my junkin' mo-jo on ... and off i went, solo, to conquer the world. well, two sales anyhow. first stop, the church jumble. which happened to be held at the first baptist church benefitting the youth's summer mission trip to alaska. now that sounds like a real mission trip (as opposed to baylor).

the church priced this tole tray (!!!) at 50cents. felt like i was stealing from God. yikes! isn't it lovely?! also found some linens, including that turquoise tablecloth on the right

pink basket of lace-and-things ... sweet!

while there, i ran into an old grade school chum, karen. we hadn't seen each other in decades, but what a fun experience to catch up on each others' lives. insane how you can live in the same town as someone for 40+ years and never see them.

these are identical (except for the wear) miniature silver-plated trays. strangely, i found the first one at the church sale and the second one at the estate sale! weird.

second stop was the estate sale out in harker heights. unfortunately, i couldn't stay long because there were smokers (one cigar, one cigarette) in the house and i simply couldn't breathe. ack!! as cool as it looks to smoke, it's not much fun to breathe. just say no, kiddos. heh heh

however, between holding my breath and masking my face with a scarf, i managed to score a few really sweet pieces. total cost: $5 and an increased risk of lung cancer. not bad.

vintage tin of cookie and sandwich cutters. pretty cool at $0.25!

for some odd reason, this is one of my fave pieces of the weekend. an old, old box with roses on it. it has a little drawer that pulls out ...

... and it has letters and other papers inside!! i didn't take the time to go through them at the sale, and i still haven't. but i'm looking forward to sitting down with my newfound treasure to see what i discover.

today's sunday and i'm layin' low. the sun is shining but that horrid wind is still howling like a monkey. or whatever it is that howls. and it's brrrrrrr cold.

damn groundhog.

love and hugs,
terry lee


cindy said...

Terry Lee that flowered box with drawer is my favorite also!
Those baby bluebonnets are called grape hyacinths and I know from experience that they are NOT poisonous to your oldest baby who might eat them from your flower garden.
And, yes, the scooting in as limo took all the fun out of it for me too!

vintagesue said...

NO YOU DIDN'T find that rose covered box at a rummage sale????????? THAT IS GORGEOUS. that tole tray too and those cookie cutters??? worth the waiting to inhale.
you make me laugh. wedding? tole trays? a day of the office? double egg? spring fog? lol. i love reading your posts. they are so entertaining. i am waiting on pins and vintage hatboxes for your next post!! so funny.
take care and i love the new background for your blog. i had to go to the website and be a copy cat...sorry.

Michele said...

Oh scored big time! I love that box with the roses...and those cookie cutters. Ah heck, I loved it all. Why don't they have sales like that here?!!!

Congrats to your sister...they look very happy!

I say damn groundhog was 70 on Friday and then we had 3 inches of snow on Saturday...grrrrrr!


Dawn said...

What a beautiful blog you have, Terry Lee, I am so glad that you found me, which gave me the chance to come and find you!! I look forward to chatting with you over posts in the future!

Paula said...

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Take care.