Sunday, March 7, 2010

Diversity Day

hey y'all!

i rounded up the girls saturday morning and we took off on the junkin' trails o' central texas. the following is my version of the story ... and i'm sticking to it.:-)

first stop was a church jumble, south of town ... benefitting the youth's mission trip this summer. to where, you might ask? well, i did ask one of the teens helping out at the sale. she excitedly replied, "BAYLOR!!"

that would be baylor university in waco. when i asked her what, pray tell, would their mission trip to baylor entail, she shrugged, "don't know." but boy, was she excited!

i ventured a silly guess: "sharing the gospel to some cute baylor guys, perhaps?"

a sincere seriousness fell over her face. "oh no. i have a boyfriend, right here."

alrighty then! moving on ...

this was a great first stop because we hit the mother lode early in the junkin' day. at first we were puzzled by the unusually high sticker prices on the items. when i asked an Adult-in-Charge, she waved her hand, dismissing the amounts.

"the youth priced everything because they're trying to raise money for their trip. we'll take whatever you offer us."

well, you'd think that would be music to a junker's ears. but not so, my friends. in fact, when i hear something like that, i break out in hives and end up in a flop sweat because of the internal struggle of wanting a bargain and not wanting to appear frugal. cheap. and the worst of all: non-altruistic.

for example. last week i was in cove and stopped in to my newly-found thrift haunt, the optimist club thrift store. i'm all for optimism, especially if i can find a treasure at a bargain. anyways, when i first visited there, i had no idea of their pricing policy.

after a couple of minutes, noticing that nothing had a price tag, i asked the clerk for a price on something. that's when i heard the dreaded words:

"we accept donations only. just pay us what you feel is right."

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! say it ain't so!!!!!!!!!

then she adds insult to injury:

"all the money goes to the children.



the. children. with cancer.

nope. no pressure there. who doesn't love children? whose heart doesn't break for children. with cancer?! i honestly don't want to shop there anymore. sure, you can get bargains, but you feel so guilty, it's not worth it. i mean, honestly. children. with cancer. sigh. just give them your credit card and bank account information and be done with it.

okay, back to the church youth mission trip sale. i found TONS of great stuff!! two gorgeous vintage white chenille spreads (!!!!!), lotsa sweet vintage rose cups, saucers, plates, several pieces of vintage linens including a killer tablecloth, beautiful yellow roses (cemetery-bound), a huge, old frame ... and a cute lil white wicker desk/vanity that belonged to the aforementioned teen with boyfriend.

beautiful, yummy white chenille bedspreads, in excellent condition! got the pink rose and several others at another sale. gorgeous!

i managed to fill up two boxes with goodies (not including the frame and wicker) and then faced the music at the check-out station. stupid inner demons vs. angels just going crazy inside my poor brain. they finally cut a deal with each other and i sent them packing to their respective corners.

i paid the lady (an amount which shall forever be on my conscience, for better or worse) and began the arduous task of loading up the camry. yes, it all fit. including The Girls' purchases too. but the car was already bulging. after the first sale!

that's the top of bonnie's head. poor thing. she gets stuffed into the backseat with the junk!

second stop: a yard sale in harker heights. for reasons i will never fully understand, i bought these two creatures. an indian man and woman, wearing pink:

they rather remind me of voodoo dolls. i might pull out my straight pins and start gouging, er, i mean poking. heh heh

the back story: the seller got them 25 years ago while vacationing in new mexico. the real indians made and sold them on-site. i never knew they wore pink. maybe that's why i couldn't resist them. i promise it had nothing to do with smoking a peace pipe. nothing!

bon finds an adorable basket ("it's not longaberger, but it's german!" seller's words, not mine) while jannetta munches fritos.

pit stop time for The Girls. okay, i needed the lil girls' room as much as anybody, but i have a thing (no surprise) about gas station restrooms. so i stayed behind while The Others went inside. and i am soooo glad i did.

while sitting in my camry, i watched the sweetest ragtag, motley crew since the little rascals playing in front of the convenience store. on a whim, i hopped out of my car and started snapping pics of them. they finally noticed and began moving in my direction.

"hey guys! whatch'all up to?"

"just waiting on our friends inside," the designated spokesperson responded.

noticing their attention was focused on a clear jar one of them was holding, i asked about it.

"what's in your jar?"

"oh, just some snakes," jar boy replied. then began inching closer to me, so as to afford me a better look.

"yikes!!! back up! i'm afraid of snakes!!!" i screeched at him.

poor little guy seemed taken aback, so i (sacrificially) relented and said, "okay, just a little closer and i'll take a picture of them."

"how many are in there?" i asked.

"don't know. let's see." he proceeds to stick his hand down inside the jar and pulls out a slimy, writhing fistful of snakes to count. "looks like 5 or 6."


"umm, just put them back in the jar, please. put them back inside!!" i hear myself saying.

by now, their inside friends have finished their business and join the rest of the gang. as they're leaving, the lead guy looks back at me and proudly announces with a gap-toothed grin, "by the way, i'm mike!"

"bye mike! y'all be careful with those snakes!"

grimy, snotty, unsupervised wild creatures with snakes. gotta love 'em!

moving east, we found a sale in nolanville. wasn't looking very promising from the car and we almost did a drive-by. then something caught my eye. a vintage-looking gumball dispenser.

so i ventured out and left the two slugs (a tired jannetta and bonnie!)in the camry.

how much how much how much how much?! was expecting something ridiculous because these things are sweet. $5, the seller tells me. because it's not functional. mechanical innards are broken or missing or whatever. but it looks wonderful! am disappointed that it's a vintage-reproduction, but still.

suddenly, i have visions of painting the red parts PINK or antique white and filling the glass bubble with vintage buttons and lace and pearls and photos and ... and ... and ... sold!

after the sweet seller/soldier guy loaded it up for me, more ideas starting popping around in my head. i could rotate little vignettes inside the glass. seasonal displays, etc!! can. not. wait. to. get. started. on. this. project!!!!!

after re-fueling (lunch at taqueria el mexicano grill) our last stop was nellie's, downtown belton. while i was parallel (ack!) parking, jannetta screams out, "there's sharon!!!" and then leans over and bears down on the steering wheel to honk at her.

poor sharon, crossing the road, jumps about 5 feet into the air. she finally sees the culprit and starts laughing. old friends who haven't seen each other in a while.

bon, jannetta, barb (relative of sharon) and sharon

inside nellie's, we cruise around ...

... and then head upstairs to our intended destination: cindy's booth.

lovely, yummy stuff! bought this adorable lil pink birdhouse.

while waiting for jannetta to finish her shopping, bonnie and i rested our weary soles (and souls) at the little coffee shop.

on a dare, bonnie even takes a "nap" on a vintage sofa in the window of nellie's.

yep, we're tired. very very tired. junkin' is hard work, folks. but somebody's gotta do it!

love and hugs,
terry lee

what happens when The Girls eat too much mexican food. Official group photo of the day.


Dana said...

Funny story about the Waco-bound teenager! Snakes-yikes!
I used to have the gumball machine and the white wicker vanity just like the ones you scored---now, of course, I'm rethinking about having given them away. (grammar?)I cannot be a FAGS groupie anymore because I would select the same items to purchase as you and it could get ugly. Seriously, very pretty items. So glad you were well enough to have a good time with the FAGS!

vintagesue said...

crap...i just wrote a bunch of crap and lost it all. crap.
okay....i'll just say this post is the best ever. so funny. those boys w/o supervision stress me out more than their snakes. yikes.
you hit the mother load. put some margarita mix in that gumball machine and call it a day. can't wait to see what you do with it all. so sweet!!! what i really can't believe is that it is hot enough for snakes?
better go hang out with the kids.
fun faggin post
take care

craftymarta said...

Terry Lee, you and the fags really know how to party! I wish I got junking buddies like yours. I used to do the same thing before I got the store, but the junking turn into "let Marta drive us to the sales". They will jump out of the car before I even park, so at the end of day I will be frustrated and empty handed. So my point is you have something really special. Your fags are indeed really good friends. You know who was like that to me? Sue, she was the most giving person to me and not selfish at all. I wish you and the fags many more treasure hunting expeditions and the kind of friendship that last forever. Blessings, Marta

cindy said...

Terry Lee,
YIPPEE if you gals went by the booth then I had a good day in sales.
Thanks for the plus in your blog.
I love the story about the boys and the snakes. The way kids used to be able to play...outside all day unsupervised and yet the whole world kept an eye on them to keep them safe.
After watching the Natalee Hollaway movie last night about the girl who disappeared in Aruba. I think Waco is plenty far enough for those kids!
And Marta is absolutely correct about Sue. Hey, maybe the three of us need to make a junkin' trip to Maryland to visit Sue? Now that would be a blog in itself!

Library Lady said...

Hey Little Sis!

Another great blog! Loved the story 'bout the little ragamuffins. So sweet. Reminds me of days when we'd play up and down Redondo unsupervised. Back then it was safe(er).

Ha! Mission trip to Baylor, indeed. Well, perhaps those Baylor students need some ministering to. After all, someone has to minister to the rich and affluent!

You got some good stuff. Loved the little birdhouse. You'd better anchor it down or it MIGHT come up missing when I next visit your place. heh, heh

Lov eyou!
Big Sis

Jamie said...

Sounds like a fabulous day to me, all but the snakes anyway.
I had grand plans to go junkin' and such Saturday morning but Man O Mine took us to San Antonio instead. It was a blast!
LOVE that gumball machine! And here I was excited about my plastic repro I picked up the other day at a thrift store for $2.

Jamie said...

That wold be the Goodwill at WS that sad excuse for a mall in Killeen. I hit it on the day they were restocking! Woohoo!

Laura said...

What a blast!
I am a Texas blogger too- down in deep South Texas.
I will be back-
your adventures sound like mine.


White Spray Paint

Tara said...

I love the weird, yet beautiful! My favorite is the vintage gumball machine transformed it into a gorgeous work of shabby chic art! :-) And the little rascal gang was too cute...aww! Boys will be boys...bad boys...bad boys...with snakes...And I hope to be able to join y'all on a FAG trip soon. I don't wanna miss anything else! :-)