Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shake, Baby, Shake!

hey y'all!

if you've been reading my blog, you already know that when the girls get together for a junkin' saturday, we usually stir things up. and by stir things up, i mean something always happens ... an altercation (okay, that may be too strong of a word), an unfortunate incident (meaning, it's never our fault) or just simply an encounter with your regular run-of-the-mill yard sale seller or shopper that drives me to the brink of insanity or homicide.

you know, that sort of thing.

however, the saturday sale goddess smiled down upon us this weekend. our general plan was to head east to belton and temple for some estate and yard sale listings i'd gleaned off craigslist.

our very first stop was at a belton house listed as an estate sale. as you probably know, we prioritize our list, hitting estate sales first, then yard sales, then thrift shops if there's time.

but i digress.

we've been doing this for so long that we can usually tell from the car if it's going to be a good sale or not. our spidey senses were tingling on this one and we were not disappointed.

the gentleman running the sale greeted us immediately and warmly. he was johnny-on-the-spot too with any questions we had. best of all, he had some great junk with great prices to match. our kinda sale!

all of us loaded up on stuff we couldn't live without (including some killer LPs for $0.50 each!!) while we chatted up (or was it the other way around?!) the seller. his name was jerry and as it happens, he's a pianist/musician/singer/former 60s band member/songwriter/you-name-it (click on his name for more info about him).

he invited us inside to see his piano and to hear him play and sing. i played a little ditty first, while he was tending to some other customers (sheesh), then he joined us and took the stage.

first song: desperado by the eagles. one of the albums i'd bought from him was the eagles so maybe that's why he sang it for us. then he ripped into jerry lee lewis' "whole lotta shakin' goin' on".

well! you would've thought we were teenaged girls the way we started dancing and shakin' to the music. what frickin' fun! afterward, he whipped out his trumpet and played something bluesy for us. wow! a very talented singer/pianist/musician!

jerry walked us out to the car and we thanked him for the personal performance in his living room. geeez. who would've thought something like that could happen while junkin'?! what can i say? we are the FAGs!! woohoo!

as we drove away, we knew it'd be downhill after that. in fact, somebody (who shall remain nameless) stated the obvious ... that we'd "shot our wad" at the first sale. so crude. so unladylike. so true.

but we still had a great time junkin', laughing and being together the rest of the day.

when i got home, i had a package from vintagesue in the mail! my friend dana ordered some goodies from sue ... beautiful and sweet little heart shaped cake tins that she embellished with vintage buttons. love love love them!! thanks again, dana. and to sue for the special touches and love she puts into her boxes. go check out her site if you haven't!

not a bad weekend! hope y'all had a good one too.

love and hugs,
terry lee

look at these two babies! gosh they were young. bookends!! from jerry's sale

here's another sale where i found several cool vintage things

sweet vintage bowls for $0.25 each at the GW bargain barn

purse with cool old flowers ... this is sooo sweet!

love these old cards and pics!

i couldn't resist this baby doll's head. i don't normally do this sort of thing, but she was so cute and i felt bad for her. so i brought her home. and the clock is an avon collectible piece. got them both for $0.50. total!!

found this adorable lil lamp (far left) at the barn. love its roses!

a basket of lovely vintage ornies!!! snagged them ALL for $1.00!

also couldn't resist this lil lady. it's actually a page from an old magazine that someone framed. not thrilled with the frame, but the pic was definitely worth the $2 i paid for her.

okay, this find nearly threw me into v-tach. i could NOT believe some crafty person didn't snatch these up before i got to the barn on friday!! a bowl full of glass prisms (26 of 'em total!!). all for ... are you ready ... you're not gonna believe it ... $0.50!!!! as y'all know, they sell for 10 times that, each! score!!!

vintage slip for $0.25. so lacy and lovely!!

official FAG ring photo


vintagesue said...

i officialy blew my wad when i saw those prisms and that damn cute purse!!!!!!!!!!!! i found, twice, prisms in the trash. once in columbus ga, a block from my entire cigar box full!!!! and i also found about 25 BIG prisms on the grass junking in germany. i dream of stuff like that.
okay....and that blue purse. can we talk about it's beauty?
i love this post. made me hahahahahahaha.
when i junked in germany once, a man brought me into his house to show me all his grandmother's old things. see....sometimes yard sales turn into robert altman movies and really do become really clear, fun memories. now you really can tell a story about the stuff you found at jerry's.
i still can't believe nobody picked up those prisms!!! you deserve them. good find.
blah, blah, blah

Library Lady said...

"Music to Shop By" is what I'd called your post! WOW! He serenaded you FAGS because you are all beautiful women!

Love the glass prisms! It sounds like you scored almost as much as I did this weekend -- and I didn't even have to go junkin' to do so, either! :-) Happy, Happy, Happy!!!

Love ya, li'l sis!

Big Sis

Michele said...

Love love love those prisms...I can't believe the stuff you got for CHEAP...sheesh. And what a hoot that guy singing and playing and you guys dancin! Sounds like a GREAT time!


Dana said...

Hi TerryLee! I would have giggled myself silly if I was with y'all and your little concert-what fun! I love the picture of the lady, the prisms, ornies, purse-all of it-what a fun day for you and the FAGS!!!

craftymarta said...

Hey girl; those are the prices I need. Good stuff for cheap. Maybe I start going to yard sales again. Got so fed up with the nasty clothes, the baby stuff and the bad junk. Buying @ the antique shops is braking my bank. The estate sales have gone soo high and the competition is brutal. I will follow the lead. Blessings, Marta.

Tara said...

Whole lotta shakin' goin' on!!! What an awesome day that turned out to be...I wish I could have been there to see everything y'all did. I was totally born in the wrong generation...I LOVE those old the Eagles, Chicago, and Simon and that is the BEST music ever!!! :-) And the Dollie head was cute...and yeah, you usually wouldn't like something like that, huh? Haha! ;-) Beautiful finds...