Sunday, January 17, 2010

Playoffs vs. Posting

hey y'all,

greetings and salutations! i'm writing this as dear hubby (and the rest of texas) watches the cowboys' playoff game. i can hear the announcers (blahblahdiddyblahblah) on TV and the crowd cheering like fools. ack!!!

i may have to finish this post later in the day when it's a little more quiet in the house. geeeez. oh gawd. something must've just happened because now the announcer is yelling.


okay, i refuse to let this post be a play by play of the game.

my blog title is all things terry lee and i can assure you that football doesn't fall into that catagory.

anyways, yesterday i had the most marvelous opportunity to meet and spend time with my new blogging and email friend, dana of dana's chicken scoop. we met in belton for a little junkin' at nellie's and the expo's city-wide garage sale.

it was SUCH a treat to meet dana. she's an angel and we had a blast together. kindred souls for sure. we love junking and we not only have similar tastes and sensibilities, but the exact same taste in vintage lovelies.

{{ hubby yelling to the TV: "BOOM!! get up!!!" (whaa??!?!) }}

our first stop: nellies in downtown belton. our main goal was to head upstairs to visit cindy's booth. it's a good thing we didn't have any other goals because we went directly upstairs and stood at cindy's for about an hour and a half, chatting and oogling the pretties.

great booth, cindy!! if you're reading this and are in central texas, go. check. out. cindy's. booth!!! it's a must if you love all things vintage, sweet, lovely, pink. as an added incentive, she has a few things from vintagesue as well.

sweet cards/gift tags made by sue. love 'em!

{{ hubby: low, sad groan to the TV. (that may not be a good sign for the 'boys) }}

after lunch at a lil bbq joint in belton (which, btw, doesn't offer an awful lot on the culinary front), we trekked over to the expo center for the city-wide garage sale. not sure how or why they call it a garage sale, because it isn't. it's a lot of vendors set up in the assembly hall, hawking their collectibles, antiques, jewelry, vintage linens, etc.

sweet compilation of lovelies. esp that darling lady with the eyelashes ... $75. ouch.

i thought this looked cool. not a lover of orange, but still.

very cool. i love me some elvis.

had to take a pic of this, under the disapproving eyes of the vendor. too cool, a painting (print?) of the rat pack.

oh, this is prolly why the vendor was scrutinizing my behavior. ack!! $350!!!

suh-weeeeet lil pink vintage piggy!!! i took this pic for tara, lover of pigs.

this was interesting ... a vintage hat with dolls placed on it. hmmmm. you could wear it to sunday school, right?

plenty of dolls at this place. was a must to take a pic of my dear scarlett. fiddle dee dee. i love her so much!!

lovely pink rose dinnerware. gosh, this was a pretty set!

vintage barbie and ken, cruisin' on down the road in their orange whatchallit. the woman kept yakking about the car but it was all lost on me.

still. it was interesting and we both found some cute things:

an adorable, unusual lil dress form. she came home with me and is happy with her new friends.

i also got this GORGEOUS noritake rose platter for a song. very very happy to have it.

see the rusty ornamental iron piece hanging on the pink door? i picked that lil baby up for $5. i'm sure i'll put it somewhere else, but for now, that's where i hung it. love it.

close up of rusty, crusty iron piece. love the curlies on it!!

of all my treasures on saturday, this lil piece probably captured my heart the most. there's just something about a vintage pink bird (albeit an owl, which i've never been fond of) that gets me every time. doesn't she have the sweetest face?! it's a little pitcher. all of $3. love her!!

here's dana with one of her treasure finds: a vintage thermos that she plans to display on her picnic table. perfect! can't wait to see pics of it in its new home, dana!

{{ hubby is mighty quiet. crowd is screaming like maniacs. uh oh. vikings scored. }}

i had a great day of junking and am very pleased with the treasures i brought home. but most of all, i'm so pleased to have met dana and am thankful for our new friendship. thanks for a wonderful day of laughs and junkin', dana!

{{ hubby: "honey?! dallas got a field goal!"
me: "that's nice, dear."

hugs to all y'all,
terry lee

dana, the gift-giver, gave me this precious lil card/collage she made. i adore it dana! thanks so much!

dana also gave me this vintagesue collage. killer, as always!

{{ hubby just growled at the TV. hmmm.

announcer: "vikings lead by 11."



Dana said...

LOL! Awww Terry lee! I had so much fun with you yesterday! But, girl! I thought we talked about photoshopping (sp?)my pics-I know NOTHING about photoshopping but could you have least photoshopped my hair into sleek tresses? Haha! Love ya and can't wait to see you and the FAGS in Georgetown!!! p.s. savanna was so mad about the Cowboys game that we all sighed with relief when some guy called her and asked her out on a date and she left the house-haha!

Tara said...

I wish I could have gone with y'all! Next time, I'm on board! Sweeeeeet little vintage piggie...thank you for taking a picture of her for me! :-) I also love your little sweet owl...whooo knew owls could be so cute!? Haha...too bad about the Cowboys...they have always been my favorite even though I know nothing of football! And "Offsides"!? I know about my sweet potato being OFF to the SIDE of my sirloin...that's about it! Love you Mom...

vintagesue said...

what a funny post. who needs football when there are blogs to read? i gave up on football years ago when the redskins started to suck.
can i write that?
you and dana needed a fun day together. wish i could have hung with you two for a while. what is up with those city wide yard sale prices?????? crazy. foolish.
go redskins!!! oh...wait....they aren't in the playoffs.
take care terry lee....
loving the hat with the plastic babies on it. that is so funky.

craftymarta said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting. I read your post about Roundrock. Yes, they are not the friendliest there. I asked one of the clerks to find out if one of the dealers will do any better and she will not call, she did offered 10 % but I knew I could have gotten a better discount since the dealer is a costumer and we do each other right. The pictures are not great and I tell you they were watching us like hawks, it gets very uncomfortable. I never find anything for resale since their prices are right on the money. I did buy some great keepers. I love the people and the shops in Belton. The citywide garage sale is just a name, nothing cheap there neither. Again I splurge in some keepers, gorgeous stuff. Everywhere I stopped in Sunday people were watching the game. Who won anyway? Blessings, Marta.

Mollye said...

Hey Terry Lee Girl, WOW did you ever hit the motherlode or what! Great stuff and greater prices. Love all the pics. Vendors just have that way about them don't they? I'm gettin ready to scour some of the thrift stores here in Hot Springs today. Figure since I'll be here another 6 weeks, might as well have a little fun before work.

Now bout the Boys. Don't let Hubby hit me but I bleed black and gold. Ya know I am a die hard saints fan cause Louisiana is my home. So if he want to cheer for a winner, tell him to tune in Sunday! Nope don't do that teehee.

See ya I'm off to grab my camera. XXMollye