Friday, April 8, 2011

My New Baby!

hey y'all,

another looooong lag between posts and i'm terribly sorry for it. have missed bloggieland ... writing, reading, lurking.

this will be a quickie because i'm half-dead and have a full day of junking ahead of me tomorrow (yes, with the FAGs!). whoop!

thanks to everyone who came out last saturday to the american cancer society's relay for life garage sale, sponsored by the shine team realtors! i could not believe how many vendors there were in that huge building! we were packed!! the poor shoppers didn't have much room to mill around!

it was, in one word, AMAZING!! such a success! i sold tons of junk ... er ... lovely vintage treasures! what a blessing to unload all of that so i can buy more! heh heh

it was crowded and we were busy from 7am until after 2pm. wow. thanks to my helpers tara, jannetta, bonnie and matthew. couldn't have made it without yous guys!!

so much for making this a quickie, eh? i do tend to ramble. what i really wanted to share with you (see subject title) is my new baby! no, not the screaming, wetting, bawling kind. this one just sits there, is v. quiet and oh-so-lovely!

while on my wednesday junking rounds, i eyed this extraordinary piece at the AS IS lot of a local goodwill store. i made a beeline to it. i just KNEW someone was going to knock me down to get to it. but nope. not a soul around to fight with.

it's a 1925 brunswick panatrope with radiola ... minus the radiola equipment ... but the chest/cabinet is gorgeous, is it not?!

had to go inside to get a price check on it and all the while, i was deathly afraid someone was going to get it first. after several attempts, i finally got an employee to walk out with me and give me a price.

she inspected it, checked her clipboard multiple times and couldn't seem to find it on the list. finally. FINALLY. she said, "well, i'll take $6 for it. it doesn't have the insides to it, or i would've charged you more."

i do believe my heart went into a mild tachycardic arrhythmia. whaaa?! $6 is all she wants?! i heard myself say, "i'll take it!" and i don't remember a thing until after matt and i hauled it home in the truck later that afternoon.

i am in love. truly. who cares that its innards are missing?! i mean, yeah, of course it'd be a hellavu lot more valuable if the stereo/radio equipment was there and working. but it's still a lovely antique and i love it!

happy junkin' this weekend, y'all. hoping to capture some bluebonnet pics this time.

love and hugs,


vintagesue said...

awesome find!! see...soooo worth unloading a bunch of stuff and selling it all so you can bring yourself home something totally wonderful that you love!!!!!!!
gorgeous!!!!!!! can't wait to see what you do with it. i know it will be amazing. $6!! i miss those goodwills!!!! have fun.

Dana said...

Oh I wish I could have been able to go to the sale!! The pink cabinet is so cute. The picture of the belle looking in the mirror-gasp! So many things I would've brought home with me!
Love the cabinet you got!
Thanks for your prayers.
Have fun with the fags

Mollye said...

help.......come back to me on FB. I cannot find you!